Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Powering Through!

Hey everyone and...

Happy What I Ate Wednesday to ya!

Mmmmmmm....Fooood. ;)

Can you believe I'm already...

17 sleeps away from competing at the OPA Ontario Championships?!!!


Holy FUreakin' moly!

Say whaaaaaaaa?
17 sleeps!

Needless to say...

I'm super pumped about competing and...

I can't wait for all the FUn to be had during the Toronto weekend!

SuperFit and I in Toronto just a couple of weeks ago :)

In case some of you don't know...

Two of my FFA Teammates will also be competing at the Championships...

Photo by Chris Kiez.


I can't wait for all the memories to be made as we embark on our journeys together! (This is one of the most special things to me about competing. The memories made and shared!)

Did I mention...

I have Family and Friends who will be coming out (and up) to cheer?! (I do and I was totally overwhelmed with happiness when they told me!)

Without a doubt...

I couldn't be and feel more grateFUl to be surrounded by such love and support! (And this applies to all those who have been and are cheering from afar and virtually! So, so grateFUL you don't even know! Your encouragement means so much to me!)


I can't wait!


Okay so...

Seeing that it's Wednesday and all...

Today I get to share with you a peek into my eats as of late!

Thanks Jenn for this great link up!

As I mentioned to you last week...

Things are pretty plain and simple...

I love me my Burnbrae Farms Egg Whites!


There's nothing toooooooooo exciting about what you're about to see!


Exciting or not...

It's what will generate the last few inches of progress we are reaching for...

Oatmeal and Eggs with Flax Seeds.
It doesn't look amazing but I love it.


I'm doing what I have to do get to myself to where I want to go!


What I'm cooking up doesn't taste bad at all which makes...

What I'm eating totally fine with me! (There's never a single bite left on my plate!)

Oven Baked Chicken.
Cumin and Chilli Flakes.
Rainbow Trout.
Cumin, Chilli Flakes and Fresh Rosemary
Steamed Chicken and Veggies.
I special ordered this dish on Sunday for Mother's Day dinner!

As my prep quickly passes by me...

You better believe...

I'm taking notice of all the changes my body is making while...

Appreciating every single little inch of progress as they come along! (Big or small!)

Needless to say...

I'm pumped, I'm excited and...

Reality has definitely set in!!! (17 sleeps friends, 17!!!)

Without a doubt...

I'm going to continue giving it my all and...

I'm going to continue powering through! (Knowing that I'm giving 110% of myself to my prep makes me proud of what I will be bringing to the competition stage. It's a goal I've set for myself and committed myself to so, I will be happy knowing that I have no regrets come the moment I step on stage! I am me and this is what I have to bring....FUFACE and all hehe)

Talk soon friends!

Questions FU You...

Do you have any races, competitions, events you are currently working towards?
Do you like structure in your meal plan?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. Count me in as a virtual cheerer! So great that you have all this support--you're gonna crush it.

    1. Thank you!!! I will do my very best and I will enjoy the experience for everything it has to offer :)

  2. you are going to rock it girl! (: Can't wait to see how you do!

  3. Holy Cow things are getting closer for you!! You are as I have said before so inspiring! I made your low carb berry bites the other day and showed the results on my blog. They are so great, I've frozen them and now grab a few as a snack, thanks for sharing the recipe!!

    1. Yes...SO CLOSE!!!

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Glad to hear the bites turned out and that you liked them! :)

  4. You've got to work for what you want and it certainly looks like you're doing that! Stick with it and you'll get there. Good Luck!

  5. i don't follow a meal plan, but i'm also not training for anything :) i know i've told you before, but your pre-competition eats look the best i've ever seen! not boring at all!

  6. You will have so many people cheering you on from cyberspace too! Your meals look pretty awesome to me. Especially that salmon.

  7. You are going to totally rock your competition!! So cool that you have friends and family who are able to go to Toronto!!
    I hope you post pictures so we can "see" you in the competition!!

    1. Thanks Kim! :) I'm looking forward to competing and the experience itself :)

      Will definitely be posting pics on twitter/instagram/FB!

  8. It all looks good to me! Time is FLYING! So excited for you. I love following your journey. Enjoy that pretty salmon. :)

    Im trying to get focused and you be like a laser.

  10. AnonymousMay 15, 2013

    I've never heard of "sleeps left" as a way to count down until this year... I'm going to have to use that phrase. Haha.

    Good luck with the final prep. You're going to be fabulous!

    1. USE IT lol hahaha

      Thank you :)

  11. YAY I love how excited you are, I wish I could be there...cheering you on in the audience with a HUGE Arsenio WOO WOO WOO WOO!! ;) xo and I need your ab secrets << post idea ;)

    1. Yes! I need to get back to you on that! Sorry for the delay!

      And, thanks Kat! xoxo

  12. You will do an amazing job! Your baked chicken actually looks very yummy...nothing plain about the flavor! :)

  13. Ohhhhh the comp is coming up so fast now!!! So excited for you.

    1. Thanks Heather! I'm really excited!

  14. Your dedication is so inspiring. Keep it up - you're going to be GREAT!!!

  15. I wish I could be there and seeing you rocking this competition live!!
    I totally think your food looks great, I love it simple and plain too! These oats&eggs remind me that I need to try this!

  16. Steamed chicken and veggies is one of my favorite combos!

  17. I really like to change up what I eat for dinner, but I stick to a routine for breakfast and lunch. Good luck in your competition!

  18. Your blog is probably my FAVORITE WIAW........ BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS have pics of salmon or trout! Yum yum yum, in my tum tum! :)

  19. i wish i could come cheer you on!!! THen feed you healthy bites after!

    1. Oh yes!!! I like that idea! :)

  20. WAHOO 17 sleeps!! I love that by the way..sleeps instead of days..ha genius!! It's going to be here before you know it!

    1. ahahhaa! lol

      It's going by so fast!

  21. I could eat the same meal, every meal, every day, for weeks on end! Bo-ring but easy:))) Training for first half marathon in October. Lord help me!! But cannot wait!! Keep up the amazing work girl!

  22. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to cheer you on from afar! You're going to do great!

    We used to always measure time in 'bedtimes' for my kids when they were little. Love that.

    1. Thank you so much!

      A kid at heart ;)

  23. YOU ROCK! I know how hard it is to do this so mucho respect!!!!

  24. Yay! You're going to rock the competition! I can't wait to read about it and see your photos from the competition!
    I'm working towards a half that's in about 11 days. Eek! It's going to be more challenging than I planned for, because of the hills and wind that are apparently brutal on the course. Oops. Oh well, I'll be happy to finish!
    I like structure with my food, but I've been ravenous lately, and eating a lot more than I usually do. I'm trying to gulp down more water to try to calm the eating-urge down, but I'm just hoping it's my body getting prepped for the 13.1 miles it has to endure.

  25. I'm Fu-reakin jealous of the yummy food you get to eat.

  26. AnonymousMay 16, 2013

    oooh not long til your comp now! Good luck!! Im sure you'll do great though :D.
    All your eats still look really good, sometimes simple is best. I love structure to my meals; Im always pretty organised with what Im going to be having.

  27. I am currently training and working toward FemSport in Calgary on June 22 and I love structure in my eating plan.

    Good luck with the competition, these next 17 days should bring some exciting changes :)

  28. Plain and simple is sometimes the most delicious. Keep on powering through, lady! :-)

  29. How long do you put chicken and fish in oven for and at what temp


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