Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Race Recap: Going Bananas!

Good morning everyone and…

Happy What I Ate Wednesday to you!

As mentioned to you yesterday…

Today I have my Goodlife Marathon/Loblaws 5K race recap to share with you all plus…

A few snapshots of what I ate leading up to the big event! (I can’t miss a food showing opportunity…common now! lol)

Thanks Jenn for this great link up!
You better believe the road trip to Toronto included
some Tim Horton's coffee!
And some oven broiled Trout :)

After meeting up with some amazing peeps at the race expo…

We made our way to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a traditional ‘carb loading’ fest!

Krysten with her spag and meatballs!

Seeing that I’m pre-comp and all…

I knew that I couldn’t partake in the spaghetti eating so…

I called the restaurant ahead of time and special ordered a meal just for me! (I don’t shy away from asking for what I want especially when it comes to my food and keeping on track! I’m 4 weeks out of my competition and there’s no way I’m messing with my progress! I haven’t ever and I’m not about to start!)

It was as good as it looks. lol
Good thing I had another meal later on in the evening to make up for this one!

As for SuperFit

He definitely enjoyed a healthy serving of pasta with meat sauce!  (He really loved the sauce and handled the heat very well! The spicy sauce was spicier than he had expected lol)

Did I mention Krysten made us all Clif Bar Goodie Bags?!

Race Day Sparkle!
How awesome is this?!
These are safely stored away for post-competition FUelling ;)

After a great night of chatting, laughing and getting know a number of blogger friends on a more personal level…

It was time to go and rest up for race day! (Mr. FUntastic, my brother, lives in Toronto so we stayed at his place for the night!)

The morning of the race…

I got up extra early and made myself some breakfast!

Oatmeal Protein Bites!

I also made sure to try on my Banana Costume to ensure I could actually run in it without it getting in the way of my strides!

One jog down the hallway later…

I was ready to go Bananas!

Just so you know...
I was representing the Produce section at Loblaws ;)
I mean...
It was the Loblaws 5K after all!

Once SuperFit and I packed up…

We made our way to the race! (I’ll have you know that on our way there, we had a little car mishap. Let’s just say, SuperFit was less than impressed with his backing up skills.)

As soon as we arrived to the race location…

I texted Morgan to see where she was at! (She hadn’t yet arrived but would be there with Jess, Robyn and friends shortly!)

As we still had about an hour to spare…

We went to the start/finish line where I would come to see Pavement Runner finish his FUll marathon! (SuperFit had wanted to see him cross but missed him by mere seconds. He was on a hunt to find water…which he never found!)

Checkout the Tutu Krysten made for him!
He totally rocked it!

As PR crossed…

I yelled out for him!

We chatted a little, he flashed me a FUFACE and moments later…

I think he's mastered the face ;)

He was off like a flash of lightening!


Before long…

It was our time to line up for the race!

Time to get suited up!
I wore my Asics and locked myself into place with my LockLaces!
I need to fix the length of the laces. Oopsie!

Jess tweeted me…

So we made our way to find her and other FitFluential Peeps amongst the crowd or racers!

Once we located her…


We snapped a few photos before the countdown to the race began...

Jess, Me, Morgan and Robyn!
Love this girl!
The Crowd.


That’s when I bumped into some blog friends and followers I’d just connected with about a month ago!

Gail and me!

Needless to say…

It was an awesome encounter amongst a group of thousands! (I mean, what are the odds of that!)

Amanda and I FUFACING! :)

As we were standing in line chatting with everyone…

I was asked what my goal time was.

I had none.

My only goal for this race was simply to have fun and enjoy! (Just like any other race or event I take part in!)

And to be honest…

I had no idea how fast I even run a 5K seeing that I never time or pace myself so…

Whatever time I would end up finishing the race in would be a welcoming surprise!


This would only be my fourth run of the year so…

I didn’t expect to be flying either! (lol)

As for SuperFit

He simply wanted to run the race by my side! (This was our first race together!)

I did tell him he could go off without me but…

He insisted on running the course with me! (Awwwwwww…I know! I was super grateful knowing that he’s a super fast runner and could have jetted off without me right at the start. He can run a 5K in like 18-20 minutes so there’s no way I could have ever stayed by HIS side lol)

With just seconds before the start…

We snapped one last picture together...


We were off!

**I should tell you that right before the start, we took a moment of silence to honour those affected by Boston. Together, we stood strong.**

In the first 500 metres…

I saw Pavement Runner and Krysten cheering us on! (I loved it!)

The temperature was just right and…

I wasn’t too hot in my Banana suit!


The breeze from the water helped in keeping me cool!

One cool banana.

As I found a pace I could maintain (without over doing it)

I continued running along the course with SuperFit beside me!

Photo from David L.
Thank you!

I’ll have you know…

As I was running I kept on thinking “How in the world did I run a half-marathon?!”…

Apparently I said this out loud because SuperFit responded by saying…

You trained for it! (lol)


As we reached the 4KM mark…

SuperFit told me to give it my all (the Coach within him!) so…

I amped up my speed a tiny bit! (I've never done speed work so, I wasn't going about to go bananas...uhhhh wait a minute lol hehehe)

As we approached the finish line…

I put on my Banana top (like the head portion of my costume) and...

SuperFit and I grabbed each other’s hand where we then…

Crossed the finish line together! (At 27 minutes and 35 seconds)

I breathed, I smiled and…

We kissed :)

But there was a lot more of this going on! lol

Soon after…

Jess came flying through too!

I started congratulating her and…

I immediately asked for a post-race picture with her! (Without giving her time to breathe! Call me annoying eh?! I was so excited! lol)

As we proceeded onwards…

We got ourselves our medals...

Some water...

He found some lol

Where we then…

Headed towards the food tent where SuperFit would grab himself a banana! (No, not me!)

I gave my banana to SuperFit :)
I had egg whites ;)

We talked about the course, the race and…

How much fun it was to have completed this event together! (It was sweet and we really enjoyed it!)


We would not have a chance to see anyone else after this but…

The memories from the weekend were there to stay!

All in all…

It was a fabulous time filled with fun, friends, motivation and inspiration!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met and connected with everyone and…

I can’t wait until the next time!

If you want to connect and checkout some of the awesome peeps I came to meet this weekend, here they are:

Krysten: Darwinian Fail
Janice:  The Fitness Cheerleader
Jess: Truly Jess
Morgan:  Life After Bagels
Christina:  The Athletarian
Danielle: Work it Wear it Eat it

Brian:  Pavement Runner
Angela: Eat Spin Run Repeat
Lisa:  Tea and Giggles
Axel:  Iron Rogue
Robyn:  Robyn Baldwin
Pheadra: Blisters and Black Toenails 

Questions FU You…

What’s your favourite distance to race?
Have you ever run in a costume? Would you?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. FUn runs are the best! I love your banana costume, that meetup looked BANANAS ;)

    1. Oh it was soooooooooooo FUn!!!

  2. I love that you ran in that banana outfit! haha you are too cute!

  3. you are hilarious. Love all the fun here and the people. Was it hard running in that outfit? P.S way to stick to those pre competition eats!

    1. It wasn't hard at all. The costume itself was pretty light :)

      And, thanks! 3 weeks to go!

  4. haha that is totally awesome!! i made one pair of my lock laces too long too... have you tried to take the clip thingy off the end and redo? i'm scared to break it if i take it off!

    1. I tried but I need something sharper to open it up! I know my bf did and he had no issues!

  5. LOVE IT GUYS!! So sorry to hear about the car mishap (jamie told me about that after the race). Glad you got home safe. So happy we got to spend the weekend together~!

  6. I would say my favorite distance to race is a half marathon...I run 5ks but I always feel like I'm going to yack on the course!!! I've run a lot in tutus but never a full costume. I love the banana!

  7. Love it! Looks like it was an awesome experience!

  8. I FU'n LOVE that you ran in a banana costume!!! Congrats on a great race. 5Ks were always my favorite. :)

    1. Thanks Laura! It was definitely a blast!

  9. Seriously, awesome. Way to run a great race in a banana costume! The photos are great!

  10. Reading your posts always makes me feel so happy :)

  11. Love the banana costume!! And that's a fantastic time for never doing speed work... such a fun weekend!

  12. FUn FUn FUn!!! What a great time for all! I enjoyed looking at all the Instagram pics & now reading about it - so cute - you & SuperFit & the rest of you!

  13. SO FUN!!! I love this and your banana costume. Looks like an epic weekend.

  14. That is awesome! Can I borrow your banana costume for a race??? ;)

  15. Loved the recap - huge smile on my face reading!! Just sounds like such an incredible time (and not just your race time!).

  16. What a fun run! And I love your commitment to your competition eats. Def inspiring!

    1. Thank you Carissa! 3 weeks to go! :)

  17. I think the half marathon is my favorite distance, although no distance running for me right now! And I love to race in my rainbow tutu, that's my typical costume choice. :)

    1. I'd love to run in a tutu! Perhaps my next one :)

  18. How fun! Love the banana costume and I love that you called ahead your food order. Your dedication is very motivating!

    1. Thank you Betsy!

      I gotta do what I gotta do to stay on track with my competition! I can still go out and have fun...I just gotta plan ahead :)

  19. So, so jealous of you all--how much fun that had to be! And I LOVE that you did it in the costume. Awesome!

  20. love, love, love the costume! You GO girl!

  21. Effing banana... love it!!! I did a run back in September (or October) last year with Cait (Cait Plus Ate) and we wore capes like superheros... in pink (obvi) but I think thats the best I could do. I would find it difficult to run in anything too bulky! I was also quite annoyed with the cape as I felt I was choking at times!

    It looks like you all had a fabulous time! Hanging with blends is always the best!

    1. Ohhhhhhh I'd love dressing up as a superhero! I can see the cape being a choke hazard! The banana suit was pretty light so it didn't get in the way :)

      It was definitely a fabulous time!

  22. You may not time yourself, but 27 minutes is a great time (especially for a banana!).

    The whole weekend sounds like so much fun. I wish I could have been there.

    A few years ago I would have said marathon was my favorite distance, but I'm enjoying half of that right now. I also like 10 mile races, but there aren't too many out there.

    I plan to run in costume in my next race, but I've never done so before. You sure looked cute as a banana!

    1. Thanks Debbie!!!

      The weekend was a blast! It was so amazing to meet and connect with those I'd been following and loving for so long! Totally wish you could have been there too!

      I really enjoyed my of my fave races yet for distance!

      Looking forward to seeing your costume!

  23. I had tons of friends running the half too in TO last was a HOT one!
    Glad to see you had such a great time!
    xo Tara

  24. Great recap!! That is so sweet of Krysten to make the goodie bags and it looks like you guys had such an awesome weekend! And great time on your 5k lil' speedy banana! :)

    1. I know! She's a total sweetheart!

      And, thanks! :)

  25. Looks like so much fun! My favorite distance is a 10k! You are one dedicated FUreaking awesome athlete and competitor!

    1. Thanks Kelly!! Thank you so much! xoxo

  26. I wanna run a race with you guys! How FUN!!!! I wanna try your oatmeal protein bites...looks yum!

    1. That would be so much FUn!

      Try them, you will love them!

  27. I don't even know where to start with this comment. First of all..Spag Factory is THE best pre race meal. I go there ANYTIME I can before a race. SO much bread. Secondly..your banana outfit..AMAZING! I love it, LASTLY GREAT JOB and great timE!

    1. hahaha! Thanks Brittany!!! :)

  28. OMGOSH late to this party and love love loved it.
    I ROCK AT ASKING FOR WHAT I the restaurant and in life :-)


  29. Sounds like fun; love the banana costume :)

  30. omg, you had me at banana suit. haha love it.

  31. WOW I feel like I haven't stopped in for a visit in awhile and I apologize!!!

    PS: We need to go shopping together!! lol ;) I want a banana or maybe an eggplant!

    1. If we ever race together, we much coordinate our costumes!

  32. OMG I can't believe I missed this!!! It was seriously an AMAZING AMAZING weekend <3333 The best run EVER <333 So so happy to have met you <333 CONNECTION!!!! Cannot wait to see you in 3 short weeks!!! AHHHH!!

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooooooooo!!!! I can't wait either! Luv ya girl! xoxo

  33. Congrats! 5km is TOUGH. Definitely not my favourite distance - there's no easing into it! I'm glad you had such a great time with the bloggers.


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