Thursday, May 16, 2013

Craving It!

Hey everyone…

I hope all is well with you and that this week has been treating you with all sorts of goodness thus far!

As for me…


All has been great but... 

I will admit...

I was hit with dose of tiredness amidst the excitement of my competition coming up! (Hey, we all get tired sometimes!)

Nothing a little rest and coffee can't fix ;)

As I’m now 16 days away from hitting the stage

I’ve been making sure I have everything set and scheduled before the big day arrives!

This would include such things as…

Scheduling my appointments to get my hair and nails did (you know it’s competition season when I get my nails done lol) and…

Getting myself some Jan Tana! (For my competition colour! This stuff is soooo easy to put on and incredibly easy to wash off!)

I've also been exfoliating and moisturizing like a mad woman so that my skin is prepped for the colour application!

You know…

It’s kind of surreal to think that I have two workouts left per muscle group from now until the show! (My training continues post-show (because I LOVE TO TRAIN) with a small rest period in between to recharge!)

I mean…

When I break it down like that…

Everything seems so much closer than it actually is! (Wait, it is close!)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! lol

Did I mention I’m actually (like really actually)

Picking up my competition suit from Joan tonight?!

She sent me a few teaser photos earlier this week and…

A tease she was because I’ve been craving to get my hands on it ever since! (She put the ever so shiny finishing touches on it! Yeeeeee!)

In addition to all of my organizing for my competition…

I’ve been practising in my heels non-stop (we have a group practice session coming up this weekend!)... 

I've only had to put on band-aids once! hehe


I’ve bought and borrowed all the necessities I need for the big day! (Well, aside from a few sweet & salty's I plan on bringing with me which, I have a date set aside for! The tradition is that we go to Bulk Barn to pick up a few of our faves so I’m looking forward to Bulking up…lol!)

Last year's bulk barn trip :)

Oh and...

I ordered me some...

Post-show Healthy Bites I ordered last year.
I have an order in the mail as we speak ;)
Looking forward to noshing on them LC!

But I’ll be honest in telling you that…

My food cravings aren't crazy or anything (actually not at all)(Although I've been wanting to try Kombucha ever since I've come to learn about it!)

I mean…

I’m totally looking forward to some post-comp eats (and noshing on Healthy Bites no doubt!) but…

It's not like I'm sitting here food-dreaming! (lol)


Because I’m craving to reach my goal more than anything at the moment and really…

I think it’s the most perfect and suitable thing to be craving right now! (Wouldn’t ya say?!)

So in the time that remains until show…

I will continue working towards my goal of bringing out my very best to the stage (both mentally and physically) and...

I won't stop until...

My craving has been satisfied! (And, I think this notion would apply to all things that I put my mind to!)

Staying STRONG and PROUD the whole way through!

Sound like a plan?

I think so! (It’s so close I can almost taste it!)


Have a great Thursday friends!


Don't forget...

This Friday (tomorrow) is #RECIPEFRIDAY so be sure to link up to a recipe you've been making and loving!

I'll be doing a few round ups from now until the show (seeing that I'm not creating anything new in the kitchen on my end) so...

I want to gather some recipe inspiration from you all!

Questions FU You…

What are you craving right now?
Have you ever tried Kombucha?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. Can't believe you are so close, you are going to do awesome!

  2. You are going so well! Can't believe it is almost just 2 weeks to go!


  3. I've never tried Kombucha!
    I love that last picture of you with your hair all straightened - gorgeous!!!
    I always wonder, when y'all eat after competition, does it make you sort-of sick or do you ease back into some of the foods that you haven't been able to have?

  4. i LOVE kombucha! just wish it wasn't so expensive!!

  5. YAY SO SOON!!! Can't wait to see you strut your stuff!

  6. LOVE!! Broken down that way, your workouts are almost done. I love the Bulk Barn plan!!


  8. You are so close!! The finish line is in sight and then REST. :)

    I love kombucha. I brew my own and have the best time making new flavors. I finished my rosemary-ginger-cinnamon last night.

  9. 16 sleeps!! SO CLOSE!
    These Healthy Bites look delicious, perfect postcomp-food!

  10. Woohoo! So exciting!

  11. You're doing so awesome and those HBs help cravings for sure!

  12. Mmm, healthy bites...!! You're gonna be amazing!!

  13. Oh my are so close to the big day!!! You are going to rock that stage!!! Kombucha made me gag...and then I found out what it came from and yeah I've been trying to calm my gag reflex ever since!!!

  14. So so close! I think that sometimes you get used to your diet after a certain point and no longer crave some of the things you might have previously. Like I can turn down a bag of Cheetos now ;-) Though, i just finished a 10-mile run and I think I could down a few bagels. And I never eat or want them. But we passed by a bakery....

  15. Love that you are craving the competition--good sign! And craving Healthy Bites after isn't such a bad thing either--love them!

  16. It's getting so close! Love that you have a shoe practice GROUP session. You and your girlfriends are so supportive of each other!

  17. my cravings have dropped off a lot lately and i think it has to do with a change in mindset... ok and I totally ordered healthy bites too :) so I did have something that still felt really good when I wanted it.

  18. Ohh man your healthy bites from last year look so good!! I have been dying to try those. I love that you are getting everything squared away early, minimal stress!!

  19. You are doing so amazingly awesome! Home stretch!I might need you to teach me to walk in heels, I'm not doing a competition or anything, I just really stink at it! :):):)

  20. I am so excited for you. Time has passed so quickly. I wish you all the best (though I'm sure I will comment several more times before the event :-).


  22. You're going to be amazing Kierston!


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