Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Putting Life Back into Living!

Hey everyone and...

Happy Tuesday to you!

I'm currently in Toronto.
I'll be here for the week!

If you remember...

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my need to give my mind a break and, if anything...

I've been putting my words into practice! (More often than not!)

Like I mentioned...

There have been moments as of late where I've felt...

Outside of myself (disconnected I guess you can say) and...

I know that as a result of it...

I haven't been putting enough of myself well, into myself! (Spiritually speaking.)

Because of those feelings...

I know it has taken away from my ability to really be present and live (and I mean really) live in the moment! (As I do my best at being in tune with myself as a whole, I knew something was off so, I've been working on turning things back on again!)

In other words...

I was doing but...

I wasn't really living! (To the FUllest or as much as I should have or would like to have been!)

I found that I was going with the motions of daily life (perhaps focusing more on things that weren't or shouldn't have felt like a priority) without really...

Putting enough of myself into what I was doing! (A part of me just wasn't there!)

It's like I cut myself off from truly being.
Being me right here. right now.
I was there, I was everywhere but...
I wasn't still. I wasn't FUlly present.

Since realizing that not only does my body deserve a break (as much as I love being on the move, taking a break is a necessity) ...

I've been taking the time required, mentally, to shift things back into focus!


Making and putting in the effort to step back and...

Really look within myself for clarity has been such great and important exercise for me to do! (A practice I will continue exercising!)

By doing so...

I've been able to lift myself from the weight I've been feeling and overall...

Bring life back into me! (In terms of coming back to my senses about living out my priorities!)

Even if  I'm always on the go and doing things (I love)...

I have to continue making a conscious effort to remember that I need to pause and stop too! (That, I can't always be doing. That, other parts of myself and my life need more attention and focus too!)

Whether that means unplugging, disconnecting, breathing, doing/working on something different (whether it be passions, how to better my relationships with myself and others etc...) and/or stepping away from it all...

This I know will allow me to simply live and recharge my inner-batteries so that I continue moving forward! (And, put life back into ALL that I do knowing that I am living out all of my priorities while giving each the attention they deserve!)

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

As great as it is to always have something to work towards...

It's also nice to just be.


It's also nice just to give myself time to rest, relax, live (in the present moment) and simply...

Enjoy what life has to offer...

Right now!

If anything...

I'm making a point to put more...

Life back into living! 

Questions FU You...

What are you doing to put more life back into living?
Mental rest, are you taking any?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. xoxoxoxo

  2. Good for you to not only realize you need time for you but to put action to the words (the truly hard part!).

    1. Thanks Kim!Definitely putting my words into action!

  3. Amen, girlfriend. Amen. Being present has been a big goal of mine lately...and life is much easier when I am.

    1. Being present is such a gift to oneself xo

  4. Love this!! I totally tend to run around and lose my inner guide. I do meditate every morning 15 minutes, but I feel I need to work harder. I live almost AT a lake and my favorite thing to do is just sit there and watch the scenery.

  5. I hear ya and am so guilty of this as well...but I'm getting much better than I have been. Over the past few months I've really focused on it and I see a difference. So important!

    1. I'm getting better too! It's definitely been a work in progress...I'm progressing and I'm enjoying xo

  6. I am definitely starting to learn how to clue in to the mental rest and give myself that break to regroup and be present :) Days like this previous Sunday where I just unplug and live in the moment - taking in the sea, wind, and sun - totally put me at ease!

  7. I love everything about this post! In fact, I am about to hop on a plane to San Francisco with my hubby to decompress, relax and just BE. Sometimes it's necessary to just unplug and give yourself a break :)

    1. Have a fabulous time just BEING :)

  8. This hits home for me too as this is exactly how I have been feeling lately. I haven't figured out how to fix it completely yet but I am working on it.
    Thanks :)

  9. YES!!!!!!!!!!! I am on board! So many people think something is wrong with them if they are not always working toward something. Me, I think we need to have times to do just nothing but be... :)

  10. We are very on the same page lately!! as i posted today I"m getting rid of A LOT of stuff so that I have more free space mentally and physically

  11. YES YES YES! I LOVE all of this! Just focus on being present!

    And I am focusing on being present by getting excited to see you in 2 days!!!!

  12. Such a great reminder! It is so easy to get caught up in the business of life and go through the motions. I'm working on learning to just be as well.

  13. um, yes, so perfect! we often miss out on the now when we focus on the when, how, etc. Right? Live and let go.. ahh beautiful

    1. Live, let go and enjoy. So much love xo

  14. Always a a great reminder during the work week. I need to work on relaxing more.

  15. So inspirational as always. I am trying to put more fun and happiness in my life as I know that its a choice that I need to make. It's not that I am unhappy, I just need to make more time to enjoy the things that I do and not just go through the motions.

    Enjoy Toronto! I love that city!

  16. LOVE THIS - seriously, every post of yours is inspiring. In order to put more life into living, I'm trying hard to be more spontaneous... I'm too much of a planner.

  17. I've set myself a goal to try and meditate more as well as be more present.

    I also write down every day 5 things I was grateful for.

  18. I have been taking the time to 'simply live' and it isn't easy when your mind is always looking for something to do. Reminds me of the move "Eat, Pray, Love" - and the art of doing nothing.

    Yay! to giving your mind a break.

  19. Great point!! Sometimes just LIVING can be the most fun :-) well said!

  20. Yes! I've definitely been feeling like this a lot lately - going through the motions but not fully living. I noticed that this past week and I am really trying to simply live. Love this.

    1. Thanks Christine! It's been so amazing to just live...right here, right now.

  21. Love this!!! I too fall prey to the disease of needing to check off more items on my list. Slow down, breathe - all great reminders.

  22. AnonymousMay 01, 2013

    I don't think I needed as much of a rest as you! Right now I'm feeling like the more I do the better I feel. When that wears off I'll take a nice break.

    Great post!


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