Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Your Choice...

Hey everyone...

I hope this day finds you well!

It finds me with a Starbucks in hand.

As I'm inching closer and closer to my competition date...

I'm getting ubber excited about getting on stage and best of all...

Wearing my brand new Daydreams Fitness Wear bikini made by my lovely sponsor...

Joan MacDonald!

I met with Joan this past weekend for a fitting and...

Holy FUreakin' moly am I ever happy with what I saw and tried! (Yeeeeeeeee!)

I can't even begin to tell you how pumped I am to go back for my next fitting to see and try the finished products!!!! (Joanzeee I am so grateFUl for what you have put together for me!)

In speaking about the competition...

If you're in the Toronto area and want to check out the Toronto Pro Supershow and the competition...

You can get your tickets here. (FFA Teammates Marie-Pierre, Sue and I will be competing at the OPA Ontario Championships - You have two options for tickets - Saturday Pre-judging at 8:30 am and/or the Finals at 1:00 pm)

Let me know if you're going!


A couple of weeks ago...

I wrote a post over on about...

Transitioning into a healthy style, taking charge and owning your goals...

And today...

I just wanted to reflect a little on it.

I gotta say...

Writing and updating you on my Health and Fitness often makes me look back and appreciate how far I've come since I first started on this journey of mine (not just to the competition stage but to the lifestyle itself!) and...

To be honest...

Never would I have thought to come to love healthy living as much as I do today! (I probably would have been in disbelief if someone told me years ago about what I would end up doing because I was just the opposite of that. I simply had no interest in the lifestyle whatsoever!)

As you can see...
A lot of things have changed ;)
The first pair of running shoes I got when first I started on this journey!

As I continue moving forward with my goals (and in life)...

I am reminded to be grateFUl for every step taken and...

For all that I've come to learn about myself over the past three years! (It's hard to believe that it's really only been 3 years!)

My choice to live and be healthy has shown me a whole side of myself I never knew before and...

For every day that goes by...

I am so happy for the decision I made to take care of myself! (And, I'm grateFUl for those who encouraged, supported and continue to support me along the way!)

All to say that...

At the end of day...

We have a choice.

We have a choice to take care of ourselves and our overall well-being!

I mean...

No one has the ability the put things into motion better than we do!

And don't get me wrong...

Like anything we do...

Things take time,  effort and commitment but...

Our consistency and our willingness to work at it is...

Totally worth it all! (I would never go back to the sedentary me!)

All in all...

Change is possible no matter when it is you start...

All you have to do is take one step forward in the direction YOU want to go and keep on going! (Best step I've ever taken!)

It's your choice!

The first step is the biggest step :)

Have a great day :)

Questions FU You...

What do you love most about healthy living?
What choices have you made?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

**It's already been a week since the Boston Marathon tragedy. To honour those affected and to give thanks to all the helpers, I am dedicating my group cycling class that I'm teaching tonight to them. I will pedal strong.**

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  1. Good luck at your competition!!

    I love the results I am getting. It makes all the hard work definitely worth it.

  2. Yes, we can do anything if we take that first step -- and keep forging ahead.

  3. I choose me.
    so I can then serve others.

  4. You are so right. It's a choice and we are crazy not to make the healthy one! Keep up the great progress.

  5. Can I come up there to see your competition! that would be awesome!

  6. i love how healthy living makes me feel and look (let's be real here). i have way more energy when i workout, get enough sleep, and eat healthy. the more i live a healthy life the more i WANT to live a healthy life!

  7. When I decided to make changes for the positive, the first thing I did was cut out all fast food like McD's, Wendy's, Chic FilA (which I ate EVERY SINGLE DAY), etc... It's amazing to see how my energy soared and how much better I feel not trying to fuel my body with junk and empty calories.

    I can't wait to see which suit you picked... is it the purple one with the rhinestone rings I saw on your IG?

  8. So so true!! We ALWAYS have a choice! I love the way I am feeling, the way my skin and body looks when I live healthy. At the moment I do the Whole30 challenge and my determination gets stronger every day, it is such a great feeling!!

  9. I have always ate healthy, but my cancer journey left me very sedentary for the last 4.5 years,I feel the best i have in 4 years and am hoping for great results from my new found friend the ELLIPTICAL MACHINE, so far its working, hoping to see big changes by summer. Thanks for all your encouragement. I am glad I made the CHOICE now to start exercising again, I'm loving it.

  10. Always love!!! Yes, it is all about choices & willingness & hard work & consistency & patience & life! :) You made the choice to change your life & boy did you! :)

    I am happy I have been at this for so long - keeps me strong & taking care of myself rather than others taking care of me.. :)

  11. I would never have enough energy to keep up with my kids if I didn't live a healthy lifestyle. Plus, I just love healthy food and exercising! So excited for your competition!

  12. LOVE this post! The story is a great inspiration to anyone looking to get started and make the CHOICE to be healthy! Thanks for sharing :D

  13. Wow, I don't know that I would recognize the old you if I passed you on the street!

    I am so happy everyday that I take care of myself. Especially when I see other women my age that do not. They move, feel, and look so much older (or maybe I move, feel, and look so much younger :-).

  14. I have become to love watching my upper body workouts in a mirror so I can see my muscles moving. Really inspires me. Now I need to learn more about eating for muscle building.

  15. i have one word for you... AMEN! you MADE the choice, and EFFORT and ALL! Keep CHOOSING wisely!

  16. Looks like you've made some amazing healthy choices in your life. Good luck in your upcoming competition!!! I look forward to reading how it goes!

  17. I think the biggest choices I have made, is to continue running and keep challenging and pushing myself. Not stopping when I reach a goal, but pushing forth and setting new ones once a goal is reached. Good luck in Toronto, sending lots of Positive vibes your way!

  18. I love the way I feel. I, too, made the choice to have a healthier lifestyle. While it's not always easy and sometimes cravings are hard to beat, I know that I am adding years to my life and loving the way I feel.

  19. You are doing so well and are so inspiring I can't wait to see how you go.

  20. It's definitely a choice to live healthy! I love it because it makes me feel so much better and so much stronger!

  21. OOh! You're so close! I can't wait to see how you do!

  22. I would love to see the Toronto Pro Supershow! I know that it's a big show and I love reading the recaps in oxygen and other mags. But unfortunately not in the area.

    I think this is the first time I've seen a "before" picture of you. While you were a tiny girl then, you can see the dedication and commitment that you have put forward. Wonderful!

    The thing I love most about healthy living is inspiring others. My cousin told me this weekend at Zumba that when she looks over at me and thinks about what she's working for. So sweet!

    I am definitely coming to show!! We will discuss on May 4th - which show option do you think is best? I can do either for both!

    PS can't wait to see you and SuperFit!!

  24. Making myself a priority was the toughest and BEST choice I have ever made!

  25. I sort of asked this same question yesterday after the drunk girls at Jillian Michaels! SO GLAD I made the choice to get off the unhealthy train. I can't imagine where I'd be right now... but I'm SO glad I'm far away from it!

  26. Love that mindset. It is our CHOICE! Every excuse is a choice. Every step in the right direction is a choice. And it all adds up. Cannot wait to see how things go with your show!

  27. Love this Kierston! It's definitely our choice. And that picture of your feet and Teddy's feet? LOVE!

  28. Amen to this!! So perfectly said :).

  29. I love that I made the choice to make me a priority! For so many reasons :)

  30. Great Post! It is always our choice.
    I feel so much better overall in all aspects of life since I started my healthy lifestyle :)


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