Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Your Choice: You Make It What You Want!

Hi Everyone and...

Happy April FU's Day to you! (I'm off today, woo hoo!)

As I am now, officially, 9 weeks away from the OPA Ontario Championships...

I must say that I'm getting more excited as the event nears!

9 Weeks to FUreakin' Go!

I have to be honest in saying that...

I'm really enjoying my prep!

I'm really enjoying the opportunity to be working with
Joan from Daydreams Fitness Wear as a sponsored Athlete!

I mean...

I love to lift and train hard (which is why I've never stopped training since I started three years ago) and...

I love the food I eat! (Yes, contest dieting has its limitations but, I make the most of the options I have to work with! I make it what I want and I choose to make it good!)

Sure do!

Which brings me to this...

I often get asked how is it that I endure contest prep and, to put it simply...

I just do! (My first year competing, even though it was all new to me, I still just did it! Through the ups and the downs, there was no other way to get myself stage ready then to just do it! Not buts about it!)

Yep ;)

If I put things into perspective...

Competing is my choice and it's something I've chosen to commit myself too!

So, no matter...

The length of my prep or how strict the diet may be...

The decision to compete is/was mine to make so...

It's my responsibility to make it a positive experience!

Love group cycling class...
Especially with the FUmily :)


There are good times and hard times but, at the end of day...

All of these experiences put together make me stronger as an individual! (Both inside and out!)


Don't get me wrong...

Preparing for a competition isn't easy as...

There is a lot of physical and mental strength that goes into it but...

It's in my hands to stay strong and...

To make the journey as amazing as I want it to be! (And, to learn from what it has to teach me!)

FUn training legs with Little M!

Knowing that by following and doing everything my Coach tells me to do is what will get me stage ready...

That in itself keeps me motivated and...

It keeps my eye on my goal!

I mean...

Knowing that each day I stay on track and give a 110% to my prep is another day that will bring me closer to the results I seek...

How can that not get me pumped up to keep on going?! (Literally sometimes too hehe)

Coach :)

At the end of the day...

You make your journey towards your goals what you want so...

Why not make the view and the experience an incredible one?!

Questions FU You...

How's the view from where you are?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. It all about the journey. Ups and Downs it all teaches you so much! LOVE THIS!! So proud of you!

  2. great post! and yes itz definitely a choice... as is everything in our lives. some choices have a bit more or less leeway, but itz still a choice. if i didn't love my job, i could choose a different. itz all about what you make of it. well said, lady! :)

  3. THE VIEW ROCKS---because Im choooosing to see it that way.


    1. I always love your view(S) :)

  4. I love the perspective here. Yes it's hard work, but like you said, you chose to do the comp (or even when you do a race). Why not try to learn to enjoy it rather than hate it. Then, it just becomes part of what you do. You don't have to think about it. Everyone always asks how I can run so much or workout so much. I don't stop and dwell on it or think about how sore I might be, how tired I might be. I think about how much better I'm going to feel afterwards.

  5. You are so right - it's all in what we make it! I get excited about the cut and the training... it's a new challenge every time and results will surely follow! :)

    1. Totally Laura! It's exciting and we grow (literally too) as a result of it! ;)

  6. I'm listening to Miz And not worry about looking in the rearview mirror and only looking forward. Perspective is usually how you get your best results

  7. Love, love, love this!!! You've got to enjoy the scenery along the way because there really is no finish line.

  8. The journey is what makes it girl! What an inspirational post!!!

  9. Such a good post! You are so right that everything in life is a choice and we need to focus on the positive.

  10. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get the whole contest prep cause I have been there before - yes, you just do BUT I LOVE YOUR LIFE ATTITUDE!!! You rock Kierston!
    Got to love SuperFit surrounded!

    1. Thanks Jody! So grateful for SuperFit!

  11. I love your positive posts! Keep up the great work!

  12. You are always so positive and upbeat and I do love how you are able to focus on the prize! Great job and keep going strong girl. You are amazing!

  13. I'd like to stand up and applaud right now, but only my cats would see i won't. I am always telling people they don't have to run if they don't like it, people seem to feel compelled to do things they hate to reach a fitness silly!! Choose what you love and then well love it!

  14. I have come to love the elliptical machine, it is so easy on my painful joints, do I wish I had discovered it a year ago, sure I do, but I wasn't physically or mentally ready to start my journey, thanks Kierston for your inspiring blogs, I so enjoy reading them and they give me purpose, I know I will never look like you, lol I am far to old, but I will get to my goal if it takes me all year. I am continuing to keep my blog up and be accountable to me, thanks for your encouragement.

  15. Love the quote about your view! I am working on my attitude!

  16. Great post... really hope you win:)

  17. My view is good... except for the rain.

    It's funny that once you have done the training before, it's just a matter of going through it again. You know you can do it, it's just getting that mind set back. At least, that is how I view running training.

  18. Love this outlook!!! Totally going to tweet that quote about the view being what you make it. Again, you bring more positivity into my days, thank you! :D

    The view here is AWESOME - and my 25th birthday is in 5 days, so the future view is even better.

  19. Exactly! You find what is important to you and follow through... you're a great example, and have such a great perspective!

  20. Love this post it is so inspiring! I've often wondered how people preparing for comps feel and how they can be so dedicated. But it is like with anything it is all the attitude that you have about it and the fact that it was your decision to do it really is true :)

  21. you have a good mindset, a goal, and you are going for it! that is key! and attitude! YOUR attitude!!

  22. Love this post. It IS a choice and it is about the journey and all the incredible ups and downs and views along the way. I love the picture of your family.

  23. So good to throw your heart and body into things you love!

  24. I can't help but feel like you have one of the best attitudes ever! I am feeling good about where 2013 has taken me so far and my mindset. I'm seeing progress slowly but surely and as long as I keep feeling that way I'll just keep going. :)

  25. Love your outlook! So true for anything in life, isn't it. Nothing worth while comes easy and when something takes commitment and devotion, it makes the victory that much sweeter! You're so tough! LOVE you beautiful girl PS. I love your food too and I'm not in competition!


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