Monday, April 15, 2013

Mental Rest: 5 Ways To Give Your Mind A Break!

Morning everyone and...

Happy Monday to you!

I hope you all had a great weekend that included some...

Nice Spring weather too! (We had a winter storm on Friday. lie! Ice pellets, snow, you name it lol)

As for me and my weekend...

It was spent training and relaxing!

Trained Arms with SuperFit :)
Practised in my competition heels!
Trained legs with Little M!
My legs killed after trying out our new routine!
(They are still sore today!)

It was also spent catching up on a few things I wanted to get done as well as...

Catching up with friends and...

Catching up on some much needed 'mental' rest!

Mental rest? Yes, mental rest.

I've been giving my mind some resting time because I know that lately...

I haven't been giving myself enough time to pause and  stop! (Which has been putting me in mental unrest I guess you can say lol)


I'm not talking about my competition prep here! (Not at all actually.)

As I've been taking my prep day by day, week by week, month by month...

I've been appreciating my journey to the stage the whole way through! (Being grateFUl for all the things my body has shown me it can do and the progress it has shown me it can make!)


My mind has just been craving a break from the feeling of having 'to do' or plan out certain things! (Which has required me spend much of my energy focusing on things that aren't necessarily at the top of my list or at least, shouldn't feel like they are! I know I'm not putting enough time into my inner-self and, I can feel it which is why I need the mental rest!)

Give me a break ;)

Because I've come to this realization...

I've been making a point to put aside certain things that aren't a priority right now (re-prioritizing if you please!) so that...

I can just let my mind be! 

Yes, let my mind be.

As much as I need to give my body a rest...

My mind needs one too!

It needs time to rest and recharge so that it can come back with...

Fresh ideas and a clearer focus! (A refresh I guess you can call it!)

That being said...

I'm going to be taking more of these 'mental' rest days as...

I'm already feeling the benefits from the breaks I've been giving it!


We just need to plan on not having a plan, simply be and...

Allow yourselves to just  naturally do! (The mind is something that's always working so, it deserves a break from time to time!)

Having said that...

Here are:

Questions FU You...

Do you ever take give your mind a break?
If so, how?
What did you get up to this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Sometimes I feel like my mind won't give me a break, but this weekend I was oddly at peace despite everything I have going on this week. Go for a run, watching my son's lacrosse game, going for a bike read - these things give my mind a break!

    when Im completely present I simply CAN NOT be mentally fretting or anywhere else...

  3. i spend a lot of time walking outdoors when i need a mental break. just walking, enjoying the scenes, and stretching my legs always makes me feel better!

  4. One way I love living in the moment is getting outside in the fresh air.

  5. My mind rarely gets a break with my two little ladies who never.stop.talking. When I'm in the car alone (it's rare, but does happen occasionally) I keep the radio off and just enjoy the silence.

  6. I LOVE that!! Mental rest is SO important. My restweek last week gave my mind a break too. I meditate daily which is so helpful and much needed. And plugging off from the computer at least 30 minutes before bed!

  7. We all need a break to get realigned for sure!

  8. yes, i fully believe in the need for a mental break!! I have been meditating daily and love it, I also read each night to unwind...but at some point I always find I need a whole weekend of just nothinginess to really recoup :)

  9. I am not good at taking breaks, but always happy once I actually do it. Right now I take Sundays off to play ball in the sunshine. :)

  10. I think the concept of mental rest is so smart. Good for you for taking the time. It's something I need to work on!

  11. Great post- we all need more mental rest, especially with our constant access to social media. Love your tips!

  12. I paint, I find it lets me shut out all the things going on outside my four walls. And talking a nice walk along the Ottawa river often helps too. When I was sick I use to use visualization to get me through the treatments, my favorite was always riding on a merry go round with my granddaughters, when I was better and able I made sure I did just that.

  13. I paint or take long walks along the Ottawa river, I use to find that using visualization therapy when I was sick was very helpful. I use to visualize myself with my granddaughters on a Merry Go Round, it use to relax me. So when I was healthy and able, I made sure I made this visualization come true.

  14. Mental breaks are so important. I find yoga to be very helpful for me. I would like to try meditation too, but haven't taken the time yet. I'm glad you found time for some mental rest.

  15. I do believe that down time and mental breaks are very important to avoid burn out. Good for you for listening to and being aware of your own needs.

  16. This year I have been practicing 'living in the moment'. Its so not easy to do. But one I am welcoming it and am enjoying at strengthening the task. You begin to see/connect with the people around you so much more when you are in the moment.

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  18. I really need a mental break, thanks for this! I was telling me mother in law last night that I really need a break! lol. Those heels are serious!

  19. Oh yes, I definitely try to give my mind a break - especially when I start feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. I do that by getting a massage, reading (even though my mind is working by reading, I'm distracted by the content of the book, haha), and deep-breathing exercises.

  20. Some companies have "mental health" days where they allow employees to schedule a day to rest or do what they need to feel caught up (off work). I would kill to have a few of those! I like to lay on the couch and watch really crappy tv (since it requires the least thinking involved). Sitting outside unplugged and just watching nature is always really helpful for mental rest as well for me!

  21. Yahoo for "mental rest"! I'm craving some right now! After travelling last week & over the weekend for work, I'm so on overload it's not even funny. Hoping to UNplug for a few days at the end of this week to take a breather. Great tips!

  22. LOVE!! As you know, I tried to do that sabbatical last week - not that good but I did do "OK". I plan on taking a couple more days this week - I need more breaks from this - at 55 I don't have tons of years left so I need to realize that this ain't the end all... :)


  23. Disconnecting is a huge one for me! Sometimes I just need to get away. I can see why you need a mental break though with all that you've got going on. You're always pushing yourself, blogging, and are so motivating to others. It's hard work!

  24. LOVE THIS POST!!! I feel like we are always so caught up in everything going on around us that we don't ever take a moment to relax our minds and our bodies...until sometimes it is too late! I have been doing yoga and that 90 minutes a day really helps me clear and calm my mind. I don't know what I ever did without that time before!


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