Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Locked Into Place!

You know when you tie your shoes and the last thing you want to do is...

Crouch down and tie them up again moments after doing the very act?

Or, worst case scenario...

You find yourself in the middle of a run or race and BAM...

Your shoelaces have untied and your groove and/or time have now been thrown off due to a footwear malFUnction?

FU's on a mission...
Don't mess with her groove ;)
Pretty sure I triple tied my shoes on this day!


LockLaces have you covered from anything coming undone! (And from putting you in a situation that would be deemed less than favourable!)


Yes, it's true. 

LockLaces have come up with an amazing solution to any shoelace malFUnction you may face! (No matter the type of exercise you're doing!)

You're looking at the solution right at my fingertips :)

Aside from the following advantages they have:


You should also know a few more things about them...

So, with all of that being said...

Let's get...

Or perhaps it's the other way around lol ;)

Trying out my own pair!

Of course...

Having read and heard such great things about LockLaces...

I, myself, had to put these to the test! (As did SuperFit!)

Going down memory lane...

I know when I first started running (let alone started wearing running shoes on a regular basis (which was 3 years ago!))...

The very first thing I noticed was how often my shoelaces untied themselves and loosened up! (On their own! I mean, it was like magic! lol)

I realize my socks are slightly different colours.
I am responsible for throwing in some red with the whites! :S
Not magic. Human error.

No doubt...

I found this to be annoying (especially while on the treadmill!)...

Please hold while I tie my shoe.

Let alone...

A tad scary if I was, in fact, on the treadmill! (As the risk of injuring myself heightened due to my clumsy self  unlaced shoelaces! I mean, tripping over my feet laces was definitely up in the running...literally!)

Needless to say...

I never felt FUlly locked into place!

No..I did not.


After a couple of years of double and triple knotting my laces...

LockLaces would end up finding their way into my heart on my shoes! (And, on SuperFit's too!)

I gotta say...

They were incredibly easy to put on...

SuperFit did the both of ours :)


They literally worked like magic! (I mean, I haven't had to tie my shoes since putting them on! In addition to that, they tighten and loosen up as I please! They just can't come undone!)

As for SuperFit...

He feels the exact same way! (Also, I think we both agree that the array of colour options there are to match your shoes is really neat too! I mean, we both love colour coordinating!)

Needless to say...

We love our LockLaces and so do our feet and shoes!

Oh and...

We're not the only ones!


Want to get locked in too?!

Then enter the...

The friendly people over at LockLaces would love for you to try out a pair!


One luck winner will get a chance to lock themselves in with 3 pairs of their own! (Not 1 but 3!)

Interested? Then...

All you need to do is tell me if you'd like to win some and what colours you'd like to sport!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Question FU You...

Have you ever heard of or tried LockLaces before?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

LockLaces is helping out my friend Kat over at Sneakers and Fingerpaints throughout her journey to the Marine Corp Marathon. By entering code: TLT4C ~ LockLaces will give back 20% of all proceeds to The Little Things for Cancer Charity throughout her training. With this code, you will also get free shipping on your order :)

**Disclaimer: LockLaces provided me with product to lock myself into. Giveaway is open to Canadian and U.S. residents only. The winner will be contacted by email for shipping information. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are, of course, honest.**


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  1. the older I git the further away my feet feel :-)

  2. I would love to try these. My shoes are always to tight at the end of a run and I readjust them. I would love the apple green!

  3. I like the purple, pink or royal blue. Such a pain to have double knot everything!

  4. I would love them. I am doing HIT training nothing worse than getting in your groove and noticing your laces are undone...having to stop or jump to the sides.. or tripple tying to only fight to undue it at the end of the workout!
    I would love black, Orange or white!

  5. I would love them! Pink and purple would be my fave colours :) and maybe lime green....

  6. My top color choices would be pink, yellow, or blue.

  7. Jason has something similar that he uses - mostly started using when he was doing triathlons and needed them for faster transitions. I'd love to not worry about my laces coming undone - normally I double knot them. I think I'd go for pink, white and black.

  8. These are great! Using the code TLT4C peeps can get FREE shipping AND Lock Laces is giving 20% of sales to my MCM marathon training charity!

  9. I LOVE my Lock Laces and can't believe I waited so long to get them :)

  10. I would love a pair of these! Purple is my favorite color

  11. 1) you are too dang cute

    2) I wonder if you are as peppy in person as you seem to be!!

    3) I have 22 pairs of sneakers and as a triathlete have NEVER tried these...so I do want to try. I would pick lime green, yellow and hot pink!

    THankS :) you are fabFUlous

  12. I want purple, orange and green!!

  13. Pink, Yellow, Black please!

  14. I hear so much about them would love to try them.

  15. I love lock laces! Yellow, pink and orange for me!

  16. Those would be fantabulous to triathlons, anything to save the time in transition!

    I'm all about color corrdinating so would have to go with blue, black and white!

  17. My winter runners have a similar technology... would LOVE to convert my summer runners and my puppy walking shoes to do the same! Navy Blue, Cool Grey and Black. :)

  18. The fitness inventions these days, GENIUS!!! Where can I patent some of my ideas! lol

  19. I would love to try a pair in orange or pink

  20. Shoes coming untied during a race! Ugh!

    I would love to try pink, green and yellow!

  21. Karine LamarcheApril 02, 2013

    I would love to try them :) I would enjoy pink, purple or blue :)

  22. These look great shame it's only for people in US and Canada. Ill have to see if I can find them in Australia :)

  23. I'd like to try some in pink, purple and green!

  24. I love all the colors!! I would take purple, blue, orange pink green yellow - heck I love their build your own pack!!! :)

  25. hot pink, obviously :) but I love the bright green and yellow and purple too!

  26. The royal blue are my faves! I would have to pick those!

  27. sorry didn't include my second and third faves: 2nd would be Orange Creamsicle and purple third! :)

  28. Ugh. My Saucony's never stay tied! I'd like pink, green or blue!

  29. Love your pics! Hot pink, purple, and royal blue. :)

  30. I would love hot pink, white or cool gray. I pretty much wear pink and black for races.

  31. Oh man, my shoe laces make me crazy! I'd love black, grey, or blue!

  32. I would love to win some, like seriously! Now that I am doing more than just running, constantly switching from biking and running (turning into a triathlete this year), these would be an awesome addition. I'd love some bright orange or bright pink ones, then they'd match my shoes and my awesome new road bike!

  33. Glad I'm not the only one who has lace trouble! green, pink & blue would be cool

  34. My 3 colors would be Black, Purple & White.

  35. Love these! My top three would be Orange Creamsicle, Royal Blue & Sour Green Apple.

  36. I would love to try these in my Rugby cleats...nothing more fustrating in the middle of smashing someone and you trip cause your laces have been untied or even worse your own team-mate steps on them and trips you...lol! My top three colors would be Blue, Purple & Red!

  37. Black, Red, or Blue!

  38. Blue is my fav color and breast cancer pink,,

  39. blue and breast cancer pink are my favorites


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