Monday, April 8, 2013

Charging Ahead!

Gooooood morning everyone and...

Happy Monday to you! (Perhaps I sound a little too excited that it's Monday because trust me, I wish it were still the weekend!)

Did you know I'm officially 8 weeks out to my competition?

Just to give you a quick update on how my workouts and things have been going over the past week (as I get closer to the OPA Ontario Championships!)...

I have to say...

They've been going pretty FUreakin' great!

Post-Chest workout with Coach SuperFit and some of my FFA Teammates!

If there's one thing I can tell you...

I've been feeling stronger than ever and...

I've been hitting PRs on a number of exercises! (It's great knowing that even though I'm carb cycling, I'm still just as strong if not stronger on both my lower carb days and carb days!)

I dumbbell pressed the 45lbs on my last set for 6!
(I did the 40lbs prior to that for 12)
Love these gloves!
I squatted 185, rock bottom, for a set of 8 and 6!
Little M PR'd too with her squaaaaaattttting!

I will admit though...

I did take me a little while to recuperate from my Dad's Taekwon-Do class (midweek) as the class left me feeling pretty pooped (for a good day or so!)...

The Masta had us do over 1000 kicks in less than 45 minutes!
There was definitely no FU'ling around!


I took an active rest day the day following! (I trained my shoulders hard and called it day on the exercise front of things! I've got to listen to my body and not push it too far knowing that if I do, it won't benefit me in any way, shape or form!)

In addition to that..

I was happy it was time to switch things up during my Biceps and Triceps workout with SuperFit and Little M, meaning...

It was time for a...

Light weight, high rep (to failure) training sesh! (I was feeling somewhat charged up and ready to give it but I knew going high rep would probably be best to prevent over exerting myself!)

Girls of FFA with Coach SuperFit :)

Trust me...

That little switch in my arm routine plus...

The added zzzzzzz's and no big plans from this past weekend left me feeling charged!

It's true.
Just gimmme more cooofffffee ;)


I'll stress the importance of listening to your body because if you don't and you run out of FUel...

Your body and mind won't benefit whatsoever from running on empty! (As difficult as it may be sometimes to step back and relax, it's got to be done! And I won't deny, even I have to tell/remind myself to pause and chill because I know how easy it is to keep on going and going and going and never remembering to put the breaks on!)

All in all...

I'm glad I made the time to charge up my bodytteries this past weekend because...

I'm feeling well rested and...

I'm ready to charge forward in this new week ahead of us!

Questions FU You...

Do you schedule your rest days?
How do you know you're in need of rest?
How was your weekend?

Stay Tuned FU  More On *CaNdY FiT*

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  1. I follow a mellow running schedule with active rest days already set, but Sunday is usually my TRUE rest day.

  2. i don't schedule rest days, i try to listen, like you said. And i totally agree, it's hard but WORTH IT! sometimes more than one day and sometimes not. But staying in tune is key, yes?

  3. the older I get the more rest I NEED.
    I workout intuitively--just like I eat.

    1. I like that Miz. I like that a lot :)

  4. sleep is a magical thing isn't it?! Awesome job on the PRs, you lovely beast you!

  5. you are seriously the cutest thing ever. i don't schedule my rest days because they seem to pop up unplanned anyway, so i just go by how my body feels!

    1. That's how I'm doing it lately too. Going with how my body feels but ensuring it's not too late. Staying in tune :)

  6. You're doing amazing!! Totally love th approach of listening to your body. I am currently taking a full RESTWEEK. It's needed.

  7. UMMMM Your arms look AAAAAMMMMAAAZING!!!! Seriously girl! DAMN!

  8. I usually do one rest day a week, but if I am feeling super sore then I will take more.

  9. Good for you for listening to your body! I usually rest on Fridays, but occasionally take another easy active rest day if my body needs it. So glad your training is going well!!

  10. Well since it has taken me 4.5 year to feel well enough after cancer to work out, I try to listen very intently to my body, I work out Monday to Friday and have weekends off, now, if I am feeling charged I will try to slip in an extra work out after dinner or do 90 minutes on the elliptical, in 30 minute increments, at a resistance of 3 - 4. It's working, I have lost 5 lbs so far. My weekend was great we have started looking for our retirement home on a lake somewhere. You are going to do amazing at the comp, if I am around I may just go and watch, or maybe I can play water girl. lol Keep up the good work your such an inspiration.

  11. I DO schedule rest days. At least 1-2 per week is necessary for me to recover properly and rest my body. usually an indicator to rest for me is multiple bad runs in a row or when I start losing motivation to go to the gym. Look at your awesome arms! Woo hoo!

    1. The body definitely needs resting. So very important.

      And, thanks :)

  12. And you're looking pretty badass, I must say! Glad you are feeling rested and recharged!

    I do schedule my rest day and am always willing to take an extra if necessary!

  13. I'm not always good about scheduling rest days...BUT when I need one, I def take it. Have a great week, glad you are well rested.

  14. weekend was great! hubby did his first tri and I did a zombie run!

  15. I took a few days off when I was sick and I felt 6000X better afterwards even if the workouts were a bit harder after I got back into it

  16. Yay for PRs!!! I finally hit a new incline DB press PR last week. I had been stuck at 35s FOREVER.

    My rest day's aren't scheduled. I know I will take 1-2 each week, but I wait for my body to tell me when those days will me. Usually it's 2 days after leg day. :)

  17. THANK YOU for emphasizing the importance of rest in order to keep on moving forward and being energetic.

    My weekend was awesome! I turned 25 on Saturday :) Even posted a video about it, haha. Haven't posted a video in ages.

    1. Yeeeeeeeeee! Happy Belated birthday!! How come I can't see the video? Is it on your blog?!

      I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeee!

  18. I am so excited for you - you are looking amazing! I have 2 planned workout days per week. They work for hubby so I make it work for me.. if the bod says more or less. I TRY to listen. ;)

    1. Sometimes we just HAVE to listen to our bodies :)

  19. Rest days happen but not always when I plan them to. Sometimes I am feeling good and want to get something in on a rest day and others I will turn workouts into rest days because I am not feeling great. This has really helped me run by how I feel and avoid injuries.

    You training for your competition seems to be going very well, you must be PUMPED!!! (literally, PUMPED, name it) You're awesome! I wish I could lift like you do!

    1. Ha LOVE it...I'm totally pumped! ;)

      Thanks for the great energy! I'm super excited! I actually can't believe it's 8 weeks away! Time flies!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Usually one day per week rest for me unless my body tells me otherwise.
    Ur looking great :)

  22. I love the positivity on a Monday!! :) Glad to hear you are feeling rested. I try to go hard all week and rest on Sunday. Works for me.

  23. I don't really schedule my rest days because sometimes life gets in the way and I don't have much time to workout or if my body and mind are feeling physically and mentally tired, I'll give it a rest. If I do make up a week with a scheduled rest day in there then I may use it as a makeup day if the above happens.

    Listening to your body is the best thing to do!

  24. I try to schedule 1 rest day a week on Fridays. Any more than that and I feel a bit antsy!


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