Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time To Lace Up: Doing What Feels Right!

At the beginning of the year...

I talked about how I didn't have any concrete plans for 2013! (That, I didn't have any goals set out before me!)

I also said that...

I would let myself go with the flow and do...

Whatever felt right!

If anything...

I was in no rush to commit myself to a goal as...

I wanted to digest 2012 for everything it had to offer before I made any decision to do anything!

To be honest...

There was a need for me to slow down and catch my breath until I was ready to get after it again! (Whatever that it would end up being in the end!)

As you know...

I already committed myself to the OPA Ontario Championships (just a couple of months ago) but, after thinking things through...

I've also come to commit myself to a few new things that feel right! (I sure have!)

Those being...

Things I know I am ready for both in body and mind!


Knowing that...

My decisions were not rushed and that...

I thought out my plan of action...

That made me realize that yes...

I am prepared to put things into motion!



Here are a couple more things I will now be working towards this year! (This list may grow as time goes on!)


After meeting up with Krysten from The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail back in January...

She mentioned that I sign up for the Goodlife Marathon in May (in Toronto) alongside many other FitFluential Peeps that would be coming down! (That includes Pavement Runner from San Francisco!)

I wasn't quick to commit to running (although I committed to going for obvious reasons) because, well...

I hadn't run since my half-marathon back in September of 2012! (And, I still haven't yet!)

With that in mind...

I've registered for the Loblaw 5K! (It's not a long distance but I am A-okay with that as a FUn starter race!)

And, to make things even more awesome...

SuperFit signed up for it too!

Without a doubt...

I can't wait to get my sneakers back on...


To be running a race with SuperFit alongside some amazing FitFluential Ambassadors!!! (I seriously cannot wait!)

My first pair of real running shoes!
Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s!
Oh the memories :)
My second pair of Waves! (Inspire 8s!)
I received them as a gift from Mizuno before my half-marathon!

What a great first event of the year don't you think?!

And for my second scheduled race...

SuperSly approached SuperFit and me last month about signing up for the Super Spartan Race in June in Mont-Tremblant! (If you don't remember SuperSly, he is one of my friend's with whom I ran the Spartan Beast with last year!)

He proposed that we run together as a team of couples (3 couples total) and that...

We stay the night in Mont-Tremblant after our race! (The idea is to race, have a nice dinner and stay the night!)


We couldn't reFUse that idea! (I mean, how could we?!)


We registered for it!

No doubt...

It's gonna be FUn!



Having shared with you my current plans for 2013...

I know I'm doing exactly what feels right for me and...

I look forward to everything I have committed myself to thus far! (Maybe I'll add a couple or few more things as I go along but, for now, this is what I've got going on!)

I must admit...

My feet are ready to FUreakin' run again!

Questions FU You...

Are you racing this year? If so, what's your next race?
Do you have any goals? Fitness related or not?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. FUN!!! Sounds like you are going to have a blast!

  2. Hooray! Back on the road :-). The best sport. That is all.

  3. How fun to be up and running again! Especially with friends!

  4. haha your mud pictures are so fun!! good luck with your races - they'll be awesome!! i love racing but unfortunately am on a running break right now. boo. just gym time for me. :)

  5. This is awesome!!!! You will do great in all these fun things, making 2013 even better.

  6. How exciting!! And to be running with some awesome FFAs as well - I call that a double bonus ;-)

  7. Yay for lining up races! It's kind if hard to balance it all ...I really want to focus on my strength and cross training, but it all makes us stronger somehow! Beast mode is how well kick off 2013 right?!

  8. Congrats!!! I so miss racing... I'm going to make my trainer promise to let me race after my next competition if I promise to keep gaining. :)

  9. YAY I am of course super excited about this news!

  10. Good news for you! You're going to feel so accomplished with all these races and competitions.

  11. Awesome K! You're seriously a complete workout package! Dominating them all :) Can't wait to follow along on yet another awesome journey! I haven't done any kind of Spartan/Savage/Tough Mudder runs yet. Perhaps 2014 will be the year.

  12. Oh yeah!! Look at you?! You're going to have a fabulous 2013! Can't wait to see you achieve!

    I am racing...later this year but I can't wait!

  13. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!

    No races for me. I have to be careful with my feet & when I get in those things, I want to compete! ;)

    I have some thoughts of things for this year but I go with the flow at my age. Ya just never know what is around the corner. ;)

  14. That spartan race is my kind of run!

  15. YAY YAY YAY 5km in Toronto!! Fitfluential FUn!! CAN NOT WAIT for your guys to come down next :)

  16. Awesome! That will be so much fun for you! And I am glad you opted for the 5k right now...with all the training you are doing for your competition, this will allow you to give both events the attention they deserve. Then Mt. Tremblant should be a ball--not to mention beautiful. Good for you!

  17. Yay!!!!! sounds awesome, good for you for getting back out there!~ :) -- Ericka @ the Sweet Life (sweetlifeericka.com)

  18. That sounds like an awesome year! I signed up for a Super Spartan this fall and am super duper excited for it. I also have two olympic distance and a half ironman triathlons on the docket for my year. Train train train!

  19. So exciting! You are going to rock both of those races! I signed up for my 3rd and 4th halves. Apparently I like to do them two at a time.

  20. Those are some awesome races that you have lined up! My next one is a half on the 24th! Woot!

  21. Whoa- those races sound like fun!! Spartan is hard core. I'd love to do one some day!

  22. what FUn plans you have! i remember reading your spartan recap and being in awe of you accomplishment - and you were so proud of yourself! i'm sure you're excited to get that rush again! i love that you are going back into running in a FUn way too with a 5k. love your glasses costume from your half. you rock!

  23. Sounds like FUn! I'd love to do a Spartan race one day (I think!). Glad you're getting back out on the road.


    That's all... LOL! ;)

  25. aaaaggggghhhhhhh

    I'm so super stinking excited. I'm going to practice my Fu Face....

    You are a beast for those Spartan races... no way Fu!

  26. I have two 10 milers coming up, but nothing yet after that.

  27. Good for you, that's awesome!! I have never done a race but I am not a runner. I have never really tried though and am always in awe over those that can! How fun! Cute shoes too!

  28. I'm jealous of your Spartan Race team and that its at Mont Tremblant. It's so beautiful there! You're going to kick major butt in your races!

  29. Yes. I'm doing a little racing this year. I can't imagine meeting you would be anything but fun!

    Enjoy the run!


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