Monday, March 18, 2013

The Comparison Trap!

Good morning everyone and...

Happy Monday to you! (I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!)

As for me and my weekend...

I spent much time at home, with friends, relaxing and of course...

Getting in a couple of workouts too!

I did Biceps and Triceps with SuperFit
We also spent lots of time playing with the puppies!

As I am I now...

11 weeks away from the OPA Ontario Championships coming up in June...

I'm watching my body transform and...

I'm continuing to learn about both my inner and physical strength all at the same time! (This journey is truly one that has opened my eyes to so many things both inside and outside of myself!)

That being said...

I'm grateFUl for what I've been able to experience and learn thus far! (You have no idea!)

Sure am!


Whether you're training/working towards a goal, an event or a competition (it doesn't necessarily have to be a physical thing of sorts)...

I find that it takes a lot of mental strength to keep yourself away from the comparison trap!

The trap that...

Leads you to believe you're not...

  • Good enough
  • Smart enough
  • Fast enough
  • Lean enough
  • ResourceFUl enough
  • Muscular enough and, not limited to...
  • Strong enough (I don't just mean physically)

In comparison to others!

If one thing's for sure...

I know it can be easy to fall into a place where we start 'comparing' ourselves to others and...

To start second guessing the efforts we are actually making! (Which would make us feel like what we are doing is so small in comparison!)


I find it easy to find ourselves in a situation that makes us think and believe...

We'll never get there or be like 'this person' or 'that person'!

I won't deny...

I've found myself in the trap before and...

It's definitely not a place I want to go back to! (Nuh uh!)

And, I'll be completely honest with you...

When I've found myself there...

So began the self-doubt! (When I got caught in this trap, SuperFit asked me where these feelings were coming from because it was so unlike me. He was right. This is why I took some much needed time to pause, think things through and do some self-reflection. I needed to ask myself why I was doing this to myself and where it was all coming from!)

So grateFUl to have him in my life.

At the end of the day (and what I've learned in all of this) is...

It really doesn't matter what anybody else is doing! (It really doesn't!)

What matters is...

What you are doing for yourself and your overall well-being! (No one else is responsible for what you do and what you are capable of achieving except for yourself!)

What matters is...
I'm doing what I love.

No matter what it is I set out to achieve...

This is my body, my life, my goals and...

This is who I am!

FU :)

I work hard, I train hard and I give 110% of myself to everything I put my mind to so...

I reFUse to think that what I'm doing is not good enough! (In comparison to others!)

Working hard and pushing myself to my own limits!

This is my journey and...

I will not compare my efforts, my body nor my myself to anyone else's as...

I never began on my path to health and fitness (to races, competitions etc...) to start...

Bringing myself down by falling into this comparison trap!

I started on this journey to be healthy and to discover parts of myself I never knew existed, not to...

Compare what I'm doing to others!

This is my journey to explore and discover.

That being said...

I will continue along my very own path being grateFUl for everything it will come to teach me, instead of...

Comparing myself in any way shape or form! (I will not lose sight of myself and who I am nor what I'm doing!)

No matter the goal and...

For each step taken...

That in itself should be...



Stop comparing and start...

Celebrating! (Yourself, your efforts and all that you've been doing in working towards your goals!)


Questions FU You...

Have you ever fallen into the comparison trap?
Have you ever felt like you're not 'insert what you've felt' enough?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. you know, as I age I tend to look BACK and think IF I COULD ONLY BE AS XYZ AS I WAS AT, say, 22 etc.
    even that can be a "bad" trap.


    may I blog about this and link you?!

  2. Oh yes - gotta keep fighting off the "comparison trap" and the self-doubt. Keep on fighting and staying positive and let those negative thoughts fade away! Power on.

  3. Yep! It's very hard to as a new runner/athlete to not compare yourself to everyone else. You are so right! It's all about finding the line of inspiration vs. comparison and learning to respect your own hard work.

    1. Exactly...inspiration is grand until you start comparing yourself to it! We have to remember who we are in all of this and not get lost in who others are and what they are striving for. We are all so different that we cannot compare.

  4. I have all too often fell into that trap! I even did it yesterday as I watched another post baby mom KILL in her race while I came in good enough for me. It made me feel like I was not pushing I am a slacker. But I needed to hear this today because you are right! It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing because this is ME!! Keep rockin it!!!

  5. For sure - it's so easy to look around or online and thing that someone is lifing more or looking better or eating cleaner... but in the end we all have to do what's our best is. That's ont a one size fits all thing.

  6. self doubt is our biggest road block. It takes courage to break through it and we ALL CAN!

  7. Gosh I love you girl ... you GET IT. Great pot for everyone to read :)

  8. I tend to like this all the time and I know it's a bad thing a lot of us fall into. Weatherby running her body image I find myself comparing myself to others which is a very bad habit. I see myself getting older which isn't horrible but going from your 20s to 30s your body does shift a lot. I have to learn that I have my own body it's nobody else's and the only I can control it and it's unique.

    1. YOU are YOU and there is nobody else like YOU!

  9. Please excuse my crazy talk to type from my iPad lol

  10. All so true , comparison traps I think comes and gets everyone at least one time in there life time. And it's not a good feeling but when you have great reads like your blog to adventure in and make you think and then react it helps people be more positive ! :) and who cares if we can't all have soft long golden curls like teddy , he doesn't even have abs :))) poor puppy

    1. It sure does Nookie! J'chaime xoxo

      Teddy does have great curls doesn't he? ;)

  11. A GREAT MESSAGE Kierston!!! Love this post. I have been fighting the comparison trap my whole life - always a work in progress for me!

    I read what Carla wrote - I get that but mine is more if I only knew then what I know now I could be in a different place in life...

    1. But we are where we are based on the experiences we have lived through :)

  12. Such a great post! It can be so hard to not fall into that trap sometimes. But the second you do, all the doubt floods in and you second guess yourself. Such a slippery slope.

    1. It truly is which is why we have to keep afloat :)

  13. Thanks for that little pep talk, needing all the inspiration I can get,,I'd rather look for inspiration than to try to compare with others, I know there is no going back to when I was 20, I don't want to go back to where I was 4 years ago, that's my inspiration to keep trying to get fitter, I know I will get there, not over night, it took me 4 years to get where I am, so tomorrow is another day to work out and feel inspired by others. Thanks,, Sandy

  14. Yes, such an important topic!! I love the quote,"comparison is the thief of joy"... rarely does any good come of it.

    1. I do love me that quote! Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Great topic and one most of us fall into. It's is a constant battle not to do that to ourselves.

  16. ahhh the comparison trap is such an ugly, terrible thing that most of us fall prey to all too often. boo. thanks for bringing attention to this.

  17. love this post! thanks so much for the reminder that we all need to stopping comparing ourselves to others.

  18. Great post Kierston! It is really hard not to fall into the comparison trap and it really does rob us of joy, doesn't it? I try to come back to me - why am I doing this and what does it mean to me

    1. It does and I refuse to let it!

  19. I think we all go there from time to time. One of my favorite mantras is "I am enough" that always helps me refocus regardless of the situation. Great post!

  20. GREAT POST! You are so right! It doesn't matter although it's really easy to do.

    You're spirit is what makes you so fabulous! Keep it up lady! Happy Monday!

  21. I love love this post. The comparison trap always finds a way to weasel in for me, but then I remind myself..."Am I happy? Am I living a life I love?". If I am, then that's all I need to know. And if I'm not...then I need to take a closer look at why and do something about it for myself. Not for someone else's ideal. Great post!

    1. Exactly! If you are happy then that's all that matters. If you are not, then it's finding, for yourself, what it is that will! :) xo

  22. Pinterest really makes me feel like a terrible mother. I know that I am not, but who has time for all these activities with their kids!? Or the money even? Thanks for showing I am not alone.

  23. I just came across your site and I am in love! What an inspiration you are! And your attitude about it all, especially in this post, is amazing! I love that you do it for yourself, not for a crowd or for applause! So glad I stumbled across your site! I look forward to reading more from you!

  24. My brain loves going to comparisons. Thank you so much for posting this. I always love your honesty, and this one is pretty straight up! Go Superfit for being there to help you out.

    And comparisons? I'm never thin enough, fast enough, pretty enough, smart enough, calm enough, tolerant enough, and oh, did I say thin enough?

  25. What a totally wonderful and excellent post! I am always comparing myself to others but I was also compared to others by my mom. Now that I am older she realizes that was wrong and is sorry she treated me that way but it's hard for me to change a mindset that was ingrained into me for twenty some odd years. I would love to have your wonderful attitude!

    1. I do hope you stop comparing yourself and start seeing the wonderful person YOU truly are xo

  26. Great post! I had similar thoughts today and I think it's time we all just focus on ourselves. It's so hard when we're so connected to others via facebook/google/twitter/blogs but I need to do better at remembering the only thing that matters is what I am doing for me and how it makes me feel.

  27. I love how honest you are are in your blog posts! I appreciate your advice not to compare yourself to someone else. It's great advice...just hard to do sometimes! Thanks for being so inspiring!!!

  28. Great post! Very well spoken. It looks like you have the right attitude and great support. Shouldn't be anything that stops you. :)


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