Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reppin' It Out with #StrongerRx!

Once upon a time...

I got these StrongerRx Training Gloves in the mail!

I was so FUreakin' excited about them...
I could barely contain my #FUFACE!

After reading about the gloves and...

Learning that they were specifically designed to give you the most natural of grips and...

Provide you with a level comfort far superior than any other training glove...

I couldn't wait to put these babies to the test!



Also reading that they were made to help athletes maintain their grip when executing certain exercises like...

Chin ups (pull ups too). hanging leg raises and deadlifts...

I knew exactly when and with who...

I would bring them out to play with! (I was most interested in testing them out for my deadlifts as my grip is what tends to give out first rather than my strength!)

Little M!
My little leg partner in crime!
Time to play with the strong girls ;)

The day I would end up wearing my StrongerRx gloves...

I'd never tried FUll fingered gloves before this day.
I wore them throughout my workout to test out the comfort.
(And have been for the past several weeks)

I told SuperFit that this would be the big test!


If I could maintain my grip on my deadlifts without slipping (and perhaps for more reps that I normally do using the same weight)...

That these gloves would in fact be...

The FUreakin' bomb diggity! (Same went for Little M!)

Little M putting her #strong to the test!

Fast forwarding to our grip test...

Two heavy sets each later...

We both held our strong and form for more reps than we ever have before! (No doubt, we felt powerFUl!)

I mean...

We were able to hold our grip far longer than what we usually do! (We 'high-fived' countless times!)

We both hit a personal best (and have been ever since this day) and...

The StrongerRx gloves proved to hold true to their word! (Just look at us reppin' it out!)


They were incredibly comfortable and the grip was beyond anything I'd ever tried before when it comes to training gloves! (I've been through my fair share!)


I will continue to wear my half fingered training gloves....

I will, most definitely, wear the StrongerRx's for those exercises that require a better grip! (They proved to hold strong when I needed it most!)

Needless to say...

I was really impressed by them and...

Without a doubt...

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great training glove! (Whether you're looking for good grip, comfort and/or to better protect your hands from blisters or calluses!)


Are you ready to get #stronger?!


If you're interested in getting a pair (available in both women and men's sizes)...

StrongerRx is offering free shipping until the end of March 2013...

Enter code: SRXFIT and get your #STRONG on!

Questions FU You...

Have you ever tried StrongerRx Training Gloves?
What do you look for when shopping for a training glove?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

**Disclaimer: StrongerRx provided me with the RTG training gloves in part of the FitFluential Ambassador Program. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are, of course, honest.**


  1. AWESOME training gloves! I need a pair of those, I get such bad blisters from barbells and all that.

  2. Those gloves look great! When my current pair wears out I know what to replace them with.

    1. They are super comfy and fit like...wait for it...a glove! ;)

  3. thats where i need more grip too! deadlifts!! i must get StronerRX hehe

  4. i don't wear gloves to lift weights. i should though because my grip often hurts and i have callouses on my hands. i need to check these out!

    1. Ya...this would definitely help!

  5. I love wearing gloves to lift weights because my little Hands Slip off easy

  6. Nice! I love that they say 'Stronger' in big print - of course they make you stronger!

    Great job on the personal bests in weights. Keep it up!!

    1. Me too...so bad A$$! ;)

      And, thanks!

  7. I love wearing gloves. I've been using Versa gripps and have been pretty happy with them!

    1. Haven't heard of those before! Happy to hear they are working for ya :)

  8. I've not tried that brand, but I love having training gloves. I have 3 pairs actually. I mean, a girl can't ever have too many shoes or lifting gloves right?? ;-)

  9. LOVE the video! I need that grip help too!!! So ignore my comment on Instagram now that I read this! ;) Sound really cool!!!!

    1. They are really comfy and have a great grip. Where I would normally slip with my other ones, these ones give me a few extras :)

  10. Glad you liked them! I don't know how people workout without gloves.

    1. I know! I don't go anywhere without them!

  11. What's up #strong girl!! You were rocking those dead lifts! I always rip up my hands when I am doing legs because I can do such heavier weights. I will have to look into these....even though the hubby might make fun of me wearing gloves!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I definitely felt #STRONGER ;)

      Hey, they are your hands! Protect them lol

  12. I used to wear gloves all the time when lifting and I lost them in one of our moves, my hands are getting beat up!

  13. If there's anyone who is more perfect to try these than you, I'd be amazed! Great review--glad they lived up to your toughness!

  14. Nice gloves! I'm still picking off calluses from the 6x I went to Crossfit!

  15. Currently OBSESSING over your pants in the last picture!! The pink swirl... I wonder if there is a pair with a green swirl! FUN! :)

    1. Hmmm..perhaps you can ask to make a special exception?

      www.daydreamsfitnesswear.com :)

  16. Awesome... i bet you could really give the best high-fives in those things... like a billion high-fives and still have the energy for more.

    Cool video. You are both banging out reps like it's nada!

  17. Those look like some great gloves. I'd be curious to see how much I liked them. I don't lift as much as you do (you're awesome), but I do have gloves for when I do. I finally found a pair I like that work for me( after going through many I didn't like). My hands sweat at lot when I lift so I need a good pair that's breathable and it helps minimize the sweat, but still gives me good grip.

    1. You don't have to lift heavy to benefit from a great love :) I really like these ones. They FIT really well and I have them HANDy whenever I need to bring 'em out and rep it out ;)

      And, thanks :)


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