Thursday, February 7, 2013

Power, Strength and Will...

Over the past few days (actually, much longer than that)

I have been witness of the power of will and...

The power of strength.

The will to push through weakness and…

The strength to keep on going!

I can honestly say that…

My eyes have seen that…

Anything is truly possible! (Time and time again have I been witness to this, especially lately!)

FU eyes.

It’s quite amazing how much the power of the mind and heart has over us and...

How much our...

Will to be;
Dream and 
Live has the ability to...

Strengthen our entire being as a whole as well as...

Influence those around us! (Sometimes, without even saying a word!)

I really can't begin to tell you...

How much strength I have come across and felt over the past little while and...

How much I can attest to the fact that...

When you think there isn't any more strong left in you...

There is! (There really is.)


When we commit ourselves to certain life goals (I will use Health and Fitness as an example) and…

We are ready and willing to put the effort into reaching them, then…

The strength to get after those things will come and follow naturally.

I committed myself to health and fitness knowing the benefits would be endless.
Each and every goal I have set before me, I've had to work at.
In working towards whatever it is I set before me, I have learned a lot about who I am both inside and out.
I've also realized how strong I am as a person! (And not just in a physical sense!)

Even when things prove to be difficult (or we get discouraged because things seem to be going nowhere)

You have to find the strength within yourself to push through no matter what! (You don't quit, you push harder!)

I’m a firm believer that…

Nothing comes easy.


We have to work for what we want!

(My own journey through life, health and fitness has had its ups and downs. That being said,  I refuse to let the not-so-good-things stop me from achieving my overall goals. Instead, I've taken all of my experiences (obstacles included) to strengthen myself in every sense! (No matter how difficult it may be at times!) In other words, I learn, I get stronger and, I keep moving forward!)

If anything…

I believe we all have power and strength to accomplish whatever it is we set out to achieve and that...

It is our responsibility to take charge of ourselves so that we can put our words into play and our plans into action! (No one will do it for you!)

We, as individuals, are strong and...

We have to learn to see this within ourselves, at all times! (I remind myself of this daily!)

Like I’ve mentioned before…

Question FU You...

Define your inner-strength...what does it mean to you?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. This is incredibly inspiring. My inner strength is defined by my confidence, will, and drive to succeed each and every day, no matter how small the task at hand might be.

    1. Thanks Liz :) Love your definition!

  2. to me it just means TRYING TODAY going to bed and TRYING AGAIN tomorrow...

    1. I always love and appreciate your perspective on things. It makes me think then, think again. So much wisdom. xo

  3. So love this. I've been focusing more lately on talking positively to myself. It's amazed me how it affects what I can do in the gym when!

  4. Inner strength? Hmmm...confidence, willing to try no matter what the outcome might be. Great post!

    1. Willing to try no matter what...Love that Mama! xo

  5. Great post! And I agree, when we think we have run out of strength there is always more there than we expected. That is when we find out how strong we really are!

  6. Inner strength is finding the will to do things you thought were unthinkable! Itz also staying true to who you are!!

    1. Stay true to who you are is so important!

  7. Great post babyyyy! I have noticed my strength recently too! I have a very strong mind and if I want to do something I can

  8. What an inspiring post! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  9. POsitive speak is happy speak! ;) And, to me, you looked amazing before AND after ;)

  10. I hope all is OK with you Kierston since you have been writing about this a lot - anything I can do, let me know!

    I love this post because it so resembles my life & my life NOW! You wrote this: I refuse to let the not-so-good-things stop me from achieving my overall goals. Instead, I've taken all of my experiences (obstacles included) to strengthen myself in every sense! (No matter how difficult it may be at times!) In other words, I learn, I get stronger and, I keep moving forward!)

    I feel the same way. Many days I just want to say F it but I don't & keep moving forward a step at a time! :)

    1. I appreciate that Jody. I really do :)

  11. Such a great reminder that nothing is easy, that you do have to work hard and it's ok for it to be tough to be difficult. It makes it that much more rewarding to overcome it don't you think? And it teaches us that we are stronger than we imagined. You just have t believe in yourself a little more sometimes.

    1. It definitely makes it so much more rewarding. I can't begin to tell you the feeling :)

      Believing in yourself is key.

  12. Good reminder about finding strenght from within and facing adversity HEAD on ... you go!

  13. Can't agree with you more. I needed to hear those words this morning.

    Thank you!

    1. Happy to hear that Caren. Thank you :)

  14. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I've been training for my half marathon and haven't been having good runs lately. What you wrote reminds me that there are ups and downs in our training (and life) but to keep your head high and you'll achieve anything!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

    xo Lauren

    1. You are so very welcome!

      I've had my bouts of terrible runs when I was training for my half. But, at the end of the day, I pushed through and I did it! :)

      You got this Lauren xo

  15. I love this! Nothing is without of our reach so long as we have the strength to persevere!

  16. Thanks for sharing this. Strength is very hard sometimes. I know I feel weak & helpless somedays and I have to dig deep. I also know that I've been through a lot and I can get through anything.

  17. Inner strength is obvious when we do the work regardless of whatever tricks/obstacles/problems might be getting in our way! Nice post!

  18. Like Kat, I think you look amazing before and after too!

    Great post, and a really important one. I'm so glad you've been inspired so much lately! I think my inner strength shows when I don't give up on things - I find alternative ways to deal with roadblocks.

    1. There's always an alternative. It's learning how to make it work, for you :)

      And, thanks Kate!

  19. "Nothing comes easy." = TRUTH!
    You looked *great* before and holy smoking after!That inner strength definitely shows on the outside too pretty lady!

    Confidence, perserverance, determination (as said above) definitely help define inner strength, but without the biggest inner strength of all - MOTIVATION the other three wouldn't be so strong right?

    1. MOTIVATION is definitely so important!

      And, thanks xo

  20. SO SO SO TRUE! You can accomplish so much if you just put your mind to it. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! LOVE THIS!


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