Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gratitude and Food.

Good morning everyone...

I hope this day finds you well :)

It finds me filled with gratitude for the life I have and the love I am surrounded by.
It finds me grateFUl for the extra time I get to spend with those I love and...
It finds me grateFUl for the food I have to eat to keep me healthy.

In keeping with Wednesday tradition...

I'll be linking up to Jenn's What I Ate Wednesday!

By doing so...

I get to share with you my eats which...

I obviously enjoy very much!

I mean...

I love food so...

Why not make it tasty?! ;)

That being said...

I should let you know that...

I've started a new program so...

My eats will be a little different next WIAW around! (I'll fill you in soon as to why the switch!)

But until then...

Please drool over my food that...

I will now put on display for you!

Oatmeal Banana Protein Bites
Natural Greek Yogurt and Pomegranate Seeds.
Chicken, Hummus, Lettuce for lunch.
Random snack I pop into my mouth sometimes.
Vermicelli Rolls from New Mee Fung!
So so so so good!


The last two I did not make but...

I did enjoy very much!

All in all...

I am grateFUl for all the eats I am able to feed my body with that no doubt...

Keep me strong and healthy day to day :)

What about you...

What food have you been enjoying lately? and...
How does this day find you?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

p.s. Don't forget about #RECIPEFRIDAY! If you have a recipe you've been making and loving and, you want to share it, feel free to link up to it! Check back to see what others have cooked up, including me :) (Grab the button below, plug it into your post and let everyone know about this recipe exchange!)




  1. wait
    did I miss it??
    whats our new program?!
    must know :-)

  2. Yes, very curious about your new diet plan! In other news, that picture of you is gorg!

  3. So curious about your new plan!! Can't wait to hear about it! I am loving those banana bites!! Lately I am loving this stuffed kabocha squash recipe that I have been making with turkey sausage, an apple, and yummy!!

  4. I'm excited to learn more about your new plan! Everything looks delicious though!

  5. Ooh - a new program - can't wait to read about it. Your food looks amazing as usual. Love the chocolate covered bananas. YUM!!

  6. I love your positivity! Some yummy eats, as usual. I've been craving sushi lately. We have a date night Friday and that's where we're headed!

  7. I am with the others! Can't wait to read about your new plan :)

  8. ALL LOOKS AMAZING! Can't wait to hear more about the new program!

  9. I really need to make your muffins! :D

  10. OH MAN! Why have I never thought to put pomegrante seeds in my yogurt?! Seriously, that looks so yummy!

  11. I always drool over your eats!

  12. Spill the beans now on that new program! ;)

    Always love your eats!!!! What do the pomegranate seeds taste liker, There is a beery blend at Costco that has then in it but I don't know if I will like them..

  13. Making the chocolate dipped bananas as I type! YUM

  14. Spill the beans! What's going on????

  15. chicken muffins??? Wow I am interested in that!!! cool!

  16. Everything looks delicious as usual, and I am now craving sushi!

  17. Looks so yummy and now I am craving sushi!! Can't wait to hear about your new program!


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