Monday, February 11, 2013

GrateFUl: Smiles, Fun, Love and Laughter...

Good morning everyone and...

Happy Little Things Monday to you!


In keeping with Monday tradition...

Today I get to share with you all the little things in my life that make it whole! (Just little things that bring a smile to my #FUFACE!)

When I take moments out of my day to reflect upon the things that...

I am grateFUl for...

I am simply filled with gratitude!

From life, to family, to love, to friendships, to health, to every single little thing that surrounds me...

There's not a day that goes by that I am not appreciative for having these things in my life!

And, to be honest with you all....

Certain things that are happening in my life right now are reminding me to...

Live life to the FUllest, pursue my dreams and take charge of them! (No matter what!)

A lesson from my Grampa

They are are also reminding me to...

Be grateFUl for the time we get to spend with those we love! (And not to take that time for granted!)

So my friends...

Here are just a few little things in my life that make me appreciate...

My life, my health and those who surround me!

My Family: It's amazing how fast the little ones are growing! I can hardly believe it's been 14 years since the oldest of the youngest was born!


My Grampa: My sister and I came across this picture of my Grampa the other week! Look at how FIT he was in his 50's! I mean, I knew he went to the gym a lot when I was younger but never did I realize he was this buff! He was definitely rocking it! It's amazing all the little things we come to learn about those we love, at any age!

FIT Grampa!

He was also a model for a local gym too! (And for some major department stores like The Bay!)

He's the one on the right :)

Spending time with friends: I love all the smiles and laughter I've been able to share with my friends over the past little while. I'm definitely grateFUl for the time we spent together!

SuperFit, PiNK and Me :)
We spent hours talking over hot and cold coffee and...
*CaNdY* too ;)
Movie and dinner date with Nookie and Matt.
We played games while we waited for the movie.

Please enjoy this dancing video...

I think our moves deserve an award ;)

Awesome workouts: My workout routine has been a little bit all over the place over the past week or so, but I'll tell you one thing, I've been making the most of my time in the gym!

This is how I felt after SuperFit treated me to a PT session.
He always kiiiilllls me on legs!
TKD class with The Masta!
My Dad killed me too lol!
Little M, SuperFit and I trained Biceps and Triceps together.
We had a great workout :)

We made a video post-workout (this dates back a little while now)...

We aren't normal! (But, that's a good thing!)

All in all...

Just sharing these little things with you brings...

A smile to my FUFACE!

And Teddy Bear's too ;)

Without a doubt...

I'm grateFUl for everything that I've been blessed with and...

I cherish every single moment I get to spend with those I love!

What about you...

What are you grateFUl for and what's been making you smile?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. truly Im happy JUST TO BE HERE today.


  2. I'm so happy to be healthy and strong! I hope all is well up there with u girlie! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Kat!

      Great things to be happy for :)

  3. lol!!! your videos cracked me up!!! the boys dancing compared to you girls dancing!!! and i love the canadian "eh!" in your video!

  4. Haha - love the video you're so cute! Hope you have a fantastic week!

    1. lol thanks!

      Hope you have a great week too xo

  5. What a nice way to start my rainy dreary Monday morning! I've been grateful for the conversations that I have been having with my Mom lately. We've been able to open up and discuss the plans for our future, because life is short and you need to be happy. Our relationship is growing and I'm grateful for that! XO

    1. I love that! Thank you for sharing that with me xo

  6. I always love your Monday posts! And gosh! Your grandpa! AWESOME :)

  7. Loveeee! So many things to be grateful for:) <3

  8. Oh man, I have so much! My boyfriend Mike, great friends, family, my boyfriends family lately have made me smile all just this weekend! And of course there is always my lil fluff ball that knows how to get my attention no matter what I'm doing!

  9. Thanks for bringing a Teddy smile to my Monday morning coffee! Always love to see his sweet face. And read your blog post too, of course! :)

    1. Teddy definitely makes me smile too :)

  10. You are so cute. I am Thankful my grandma survived her heart attack this weekend. Family <3!

    1. Oh my too!

      Thinking of you and your family!

  11. I love your positive perspective, and that you have such a close-knit family! Fit grandpa indeed!

  12. I LOVE these posts & you sharing it all with us!!! So much love & fun!!!! I want to ask you if everything is OK because you have been hinting at something but if there is "stuff" going on, sending HUGS!!!!!

  13. Your blog always makes me smile! So many colors, beautiful and funny pictures - great way to start off the week! :)

    I am grateful for absolutely EVERYTHING in my life, EVERYTHING! I am also very grateful that no one was hurt in the car accident I was involved in yesterday!

    1. I'm grateful you and no one was hurt as well!!!


  14. Watching the little ones grow up is making me smile this week. My kids, nephews and nieces are growing up so quickly and it's just amazing to watch them grow into their own personalities.


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