Monday, February 18, 2013

Simply GrateFUl.

Good morning everyone...

I hope this Family Day finds you well! (It's a statutory holiday in Ontario (and many other Provinces at that!))

It's true...
It's a real holiday.

In keeping with my Little Things Monday theme...

I thought I would share with you all the little things I am grateFUl for when it comes to Family.

To be honest...

The past little while has brought me so much closer to them and...

The time spent with my Family has made me that much more appreciative and grateFUl for the love I am surrounded by!

I mean...

I can't even begin to tell you how thankFUl I am to have such an amazing Family! (Words cannot describe!)

Even though...

I don't get to see my Family every day of the week...

Never once do I stop thinking about how precious they are to me...


Does the love I have for them ever slip away!

Needless to say...

I am beyond grateFUl for...

The time we get to spend together...

The laughs we get share with one another...

The meals we get to enjoy together...

Eating chocolate as a Family never gets old ;)
Salads for all!

The FUn with have with one another...

Exercising is FUn.
Shopping is too!

And of course (and not limited to)...

The love & hugs that make their way round!

All to say...

I am simply grateFUl to have such an incredible Family and...

For every moment I get to spend with them...

I am filled with nothing but gratitude!

Questions FU You...

What do you love doing most with your Family?
Do you get to see your Family a lot?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Love this recap - so much to be grateful for, for sure!

    I'm very blessed that I get to see my family all the time. I love celebrating holidays with them and even just the weekends with them. Very grateful.

  2. Family Day sounds like fun! Man we need one of those days!

    one here too....

  4. I never heard of family day! Happy Chinese new year to you and your family!

  5. Such a fun weekend!! Families are the best!! I do get to see mine fairly frequently but my little bro and my hub's little bro both live in Arizona so we don't get to see them quite as much. But we are going to visit them in March!! Yay!!

  6. Family Day is awesome!!! You look like you have an awesome family! I LOVE family! I don't get to see mine as often as I would like but LOVE the time I do get to spend with them. :-)

  7. LOVE this post!!! So nice that you have that there & your pics - I always just love them!

    I don't get to see family often - it is hard & so many gone too... :( Grateful for those still here...

  8. Family is so so so important and its wonderful that you are sharing these happy moments with us. I just recently lost someone I loved so I know just how important it is to not take anyone for granted and tell them you love them. PS I have a giveaway happening right now! hope you'll enter SO Fresh and So Clean Giveaway

  9. Happy New Year!!! I think family day is such a nice idea. You + your fam are adorable!
    Family is important. I talk to my mom and dad almost every day even though I don't see any of my family very often.
    I moved to FL on my own - no family here at all,except my friends and the boyfriend's family- which I consider my own now:)
    I travel home 1-2x a year to see them. Whenever I'm home we have a big cookout/family get together so I can see them all. It's a lot of fun!

  10. ohmygosh I love all the pictures of you and your family!! Love this post because we're out in California right now spending lots of time with family. There's nothing quite like it, especially now that I have kids - I want them to have that time with their extended family.

  11. You look great with straight hair.

    BTW, I'm noticing a constant stream of cake and chocolate in this post. You're a girl after my own heart. lol

  12. I live about 20 hours away from my family so unfortunately I only get to see them once a year or so. :( BUT when I do, I love just doing nothing. Getting caught up on everything I missed and, as silly as it sounds, I love being treated like a kid again. Nothing like some parental doting to make you feel good, eh?

  13. Nice post! Family is the best; other than my husband who lives here in fort McMurray with me <3, I only see the rest of my family a couple of times a year. They are in Newfoundland. It's tough but we make the most of it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. i love seeing such a close knit family! and I love the hugs, those are priceless!

  15. I wish I lived physically closer to my family- I'm especially close to my mom and sister. Love this reminder to celebrate the gift of family!

  16. Is that beautiful blond your Mother? Wowzers...

    Hope you have a lovely Family Day, and enjoy your time off... we had Family Day last Monday here in BC.

  17. Such a fit family! Love that everyone looks terrific. And I agree with Elle, your mom is just gorgeous.

    My mom and daughter and grand kids live close but the others are pretty far. My family always put others before themselves which is great for me (and others) but not always for them.

  18. I love that Family Day is a holiday! I wish I got to see my extended family more. We are all over the place so our visits are mostly through Skype these days. But when we do see each other in person, it's very, very special!

  19. It's awesome how you can feel/see the love emanating from your photos.


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