Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIAW: Mr. FUntastic Takes Over!

Good morning everyone and...

Happy What I Ate Wednesday to you!



I have something special for you because...

My brother...

Mr. FUntastic...

Will be taking over this edition of Jenn's WIAW!

That's right...

My brother has given me all rights to share some of his eats that he's been having over the past little while! (Those of which he' been sharing with me in light of his new venture to healthy cooking and eating!)

By sending me his pictures (I'm slowly turning him into a Foodie lol)...

It's been holding him accountable to his goals....

Older picture


Making his little sista very proud!

I shall treat him to a Robot dance upon his return home from one of his great geological adventures!

I mean...

He's been grocery shopping and filling his fridge with good, wholesome foods...

He's been cooking...

On top of...

Meal planning and prepping all at the same time! (Well, figuratively speaking of course lol)

I must admit...

Every time he calls me (or texts) me for meal ideas, recipes or to ask me questions about what to eat based on his goals...

I am totally, totally excited! (I mean, my big bro is coming to me for advice on cooking, let alone healthy eating and menu planning! The sister who never lifted a finger in the kitchen until just three years ago!)

Making Protein Cupcakes.

Needless to say...

I'm totally proud that my brother, Mr. FUntastic, has been taking it upon himself to...

Cook, eat well and enjoy it all at the same time!

All of that being said...

Here's a look into Mr. FUntastic's eats!

2 eggs with roasted flax seeds and...
Toast with his favourite toppings :)
Dijon Mustard Grain Chicken on the right :)
Oven baked Potato Chips.

And just when you thought the deliciousness ended...

Mr. FUntastic is sharing one of his latest creations!

He's sharing the recipe for his...

So without FUrther ado...

Here it is!

Mr. FUntastic's Chicken Vermicelli Noodle Bowl

by Mr. FUntastic
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 15 Minutes

  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1/4 red and 1/4 orange peppers
  • 1 handful of broccoli
  • 1/2 zucchini
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 tablespoon of Omega Crunch garlic roasted flax seed (amazing stuff!)
  • Cilantro (to taste)
  • 1 chicken breast, diced
  • 1 cup cooked vermicelli noodles
  • Korean BBQ sauce (to taste) (President's Choice Brand <--- if you're into sauces, this is the best! I told my Bro he'd love it and he sure did!)
  1. Heat a teaspoon of oil (olive or canola) in a wok or fry pan
  2. Add the garlic, cook for a 20-30 seconds
  3. Add vegetables then diced chicken
  4. Add the Korean BBQ sauce once chicken is half cooked
  5. You may add the flax seed at this point or wait until the end
cooking the noodles
  1. In a separate pot, bring water to a boil and add vermicelli noodles (these cook incredibly fast). Be sure not to overcook, otherwise the noodles will disintegrate and turn into mush
  2. Once cooked, drain
Putting it together
  1. Once everything has cooked, add in the vermicelli noodles to your pan and mix it all together
  2. Slice your avocado into chunks and top
  3. Add cilantro to your liking
  4. Bowl and enjoy!
  • The most time consuming thing in all of this is the preparation. The rest is easy smeazy :)
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Looks amazing doesn't it?!

Thanks Mr. FUntastic for sharing the recipe with us!

No doubt about it...

It's never too late to introduce healthy lifestyle habits into our daily lives!

If there's a goal you've been wanting reach...

It's up to you to make it happen! (Take the steps needed to get yourself there!)

And if you don't cook...

Try it! (You may surprise yourself!)

Until next time...

Let's all put our hands together and applaud Mr. FUntastic's official debut on WIAW!

Question FU You...

Have you always enjoyed cooking?
What is your most favourite dish to make?

Don't forget...

#RECIPEFRIDAY is coming up in just two days from now!

If you want to join in on the recipe exchange...

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  1. OMGOSH no words for how I love this.
    NEXT UP? your DAD?

  2. I love that you got your brother on here! :)

    I'm pretty positive mine would be totally against it. Haha. He hates healthy stuff, but he can cook and bake, so there's that. :)

  3. Fun post featuring your brother!! Great recipe too.

  4. Healthy families are happy ones! :)

  5. I love the family edition of WIAW! Your brother eats really well... you're a good influence. ;)

  6. you and your family are seriously too cute!!

  7. Wow I loved this post! Go big bro! I too, am new to eating healthier and WIAW so enjoying all the inspiration in this post - hoepfully the recipe will feature in one of my future WIAW posts!

  8. You and your brother look to have such a great relationship! I love the pic of you, your dad, and him in spin! Great recipe too. I am a huge fan of noodle bowls. Especially ones that include lots of peppers and garlic!
    I would love to have the same influence or commraderie with my brother and sis in law :)

  9. I hope my son and daughter stay friends like this into their adulthood. That's awesome!

  10. OH MY GOSH!!! You guys are too cute!!

  11. Mmmm his eats look just as delicious as yours yum :)
    I've always loved cooking ever since I was little!

  12. Going to have to try that recipe for sure :)

  13. Looks so tasty! It always makes me happy when family members get on board with healthy living.

  14. UH! You have a super cute bro... He single?? LOL!!!

  15. Looks like a great dish! I will definitely have to make it!

  16. LOVE your bro & all the fun pics AND the food!! FUn runs in the family!!!!!

  17. Woohoo, go MR FUntastic! I love vermicelli noodles. Yum :-). Thanks for letting Kierston post your pics!

  18. How fun! Vermicelli noodles are one of my favs!

  19. Brothers are the best! His recipe looks really good too!

  20. His recipe sounds (and looks) wonderful! I bet you do love the big brother coming to you for advice. FUn stuff! ;-)

  21. So awesome to see your brother make those changes! And wow, that noodle dish looks amazing.

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  23. Your family is a trip! I bet there isn't a dull moment with all that hilarity going on.

  24. Aww, love that you get to be a healthy influence on your bro! This is kinda the cutest WIAW ever--cute, but still full of awesome-looking food! Those eggs topped with flax look delicious. The yumminess of egg, plus you'd get killer flaxseed texture too!

  25. Yea! Love that being healthy and fit is a total family affair!

  26. Great idea...sticking those flax seeds into the eggs. Will try tomorrow! :)


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