Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ohhh I Love That...

Good morning everyone and...

Happy Wednesday to you!

It's Wednesday!


I thought I'd share with you things all the things I've been loving lately (in the food department) because...

Seeing that it's What I Ate Wednesday and all...

I thought it would FIT the bill just right ;)

Thanks Jenn for this awesome link up!

I have to be honest...

I got the "I love" theme for this blog post from my Grampa after the evening I spent with him, we talked about...

All the different types of food he loves to eat! (And the milk he loves to chug! lol) 

He has a sweet tooth just like me ;)
Thanksgiving 2012

You know, the FUnny thing is is that...

A lot of my childhood memories revolve around amazing food which is probably why...

I love food so much! (And why I talk about it alot! lol)

I guess...

It runs in the family!


To the things I love!

I love my morning Banana Oatmeal Protein Bites...

I  even like them for dinner!


I love my Greek Yogurt Snack!

I put my GY mix in freezer for about an hour.
When it comes time to eating it...
It's like Frozen Yogurt :)

I also love...

My chicken salads topped with hummus...


I love that first sip of my Starbucks drink whenever I have one in hand!

I also love...

The new restaurant I tried out with my Mom and Timbits the other day...

Zazaza Pizza
I had the Strawberry Fields Salad with Chicken.
My Mom and Timbits shared the Pizza!
My Grampa absolutely loves Pizza!


I love these frozen chocolate protein blobs I've been making!

Mmmm Mmmm.

I also love...

The sushi and movie date night I had with myself (while I was in Toronto the other day)...

I made the most of my free evening!
p.s. It was an AWESOME movie!

And that...

SuperFit and I had an omelette for dinner when I got back the evening after! (We lounged in our PJs and enjoyed a relaxing evening at home!)

And last but not least...

I love...

The Chinese dinner we had at Grampa's place (as per his request) the other night!

SuperFit, my Mom and I love the Steamed Chicken and King Mushroom dish from Jadeland and...
My Grampa loves the Sweet and Sour Pork :)

All in all...

There's been a whole lot of lovin' lately and...

I'm happy I got to share some of these delicious things with you all :)


Before I go...

Here's the recipe for my late night omelette!

Late Night Veggie Omelette

by *CaNdY FiT*


  1. In a bowl, combine all of the ingredients together
  2. Give it a good whisk
  3. In a heated, lightly sprayed Olive Oil fry pan, pour in your egg mixture
  4. Let it cook over medium-high heat until the bottom has slightly browned
  5. Turn one half onto the other - making a half-moon shape
  6. Flip the half-moon over to the other side and cook for about 1 minute or so
  7. Once the omelette has cooked throughout, plate and serve!

Powered by Recipage

Have a great day friends!

Question FU you...

What foods have you been loving lately?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. That omelet looks amazing! I love omelets for dinner. YUM!

    1. Ya...breakfast for dinner is sometimes the best thing! :)

  2. Great list of loves! Lately I've been loving the fact that winter is on its way out and the temperatures are rising; and I've been loving my progress in my daily workouts - more endurance and energy.

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Oh me too! Loving the slightly warmer temperatures! Great job on the workout progress!!!

      Hope you had a good Wednesday :)

  3. Yum! Particularly the strawberry chicken salad. Oh, and the protein bites. I still need to make them. And now I just want to go all Candy Fit and freee everything.


    And I love the pic of your adorable Gramps!

  5. so much love!! i've been loving almond butter!! i seriously cannot get enough!!

  6. that all looks so colorful and tasty! i freeze my greek for a fro-yo treat too. i've also been loving pizza lately i did the "real" thing this weekend and made a cauliflower crust one last night. never enough!

  7. Love all the love ;-) And I love salads with strawberries.

    1. Fruit in salads is sooooo good and refreshing!

  8. Breakfast for dinner is the best :) I can eat eggs for every meal - Love them!

  9. Food is tied to a lot of family memories for me, too... it's definitely meant to be a community activity! Love your frozen yogurt idea- I've been doing that for my daughter lately when she asks for "ice cream"-- works so far. :)

  10. Replies
    1. Oh me too!!! I could have it everyday!

  11. YES blueberries and Greek yogurt are the best combo! Sometimes I like to add a little honey and granola and it's FABULOUS. I LOVE pizza too! Delicious looking eats woman! XOXO

  12. That omelet looks like heaven. I'm definitely stealing your recipe and making it asap. Also the greek yogurt snack, I want like 5 of those lol

    1. Enjoy!

      I always lick my spoon's sooooo good!

  13. Whoa baby! FROZEN CHOCOLATE PROTEIN BLOB?!?!?!?!?! I must know more about this - Maybe I can make it vanilla!

    1. It would definitely be a super yummy vanilla blob!!!

  14. Yum! I am so going to have to try those frozen chocolate protein blobs. What's not to love there!

  15. YUMMM! That chocolate protein blob thing looks yummy! I'd like that right now please.

  16. I have been loving big orange sweet potatoes and all kinds of squashes and garlicky Babaganoush that I just made. Your Grandpa is a handsome man!

  17. Love your recipes!!!!! Love that you chat with your grandpa!

    1. Love all the chats we've been having lately :)

  18. Yay Grandpa! Love it!!! What a special granddaughter you are!

  19. I am definitely loving all these things that YOU are loving. Especially all the family time, fun!

  20. oh i miss my grandpa. But what a blessing you have to chat with him and enjoy good food!

  21. I loooooooove when your posts have pictures of your grandfather; he's such a doll! I have really been loving brussel sprouts lately. mmmmm-mmmm good!

  22. There are so many foods that are intertwined with childhood memories!! They bring a smile to my face! Your grandpa is so cute!! I absolutely need to try out your chocolate blobs! Lately I have been loving a huge salad with random stuff piled on! Like I'm just cleaning out the cabinet!


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