Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Life in Health and Fitness: Making It Stick

In the past....

I used to tell myself that come January 1...

I was going to get myself a gym membership and start exercising! (Probably because I gorged myself with food so I wanted to feel better about it by telling myself and others that I was going to do something to rectify the situation! lol)


It wasn't until 2010 did I actually put those plans into effect! (And not because it was a resolution but simply because I knew I had to start taking care of myself for a change!)

Learning all about clean eating :)

I swear...

The lifestyle I presently live seems to come so natural to me now that sometimes...

I forget that I haven't always been into health and my overall fitness!

I forget that...

I only started my journey back in February of 2010! (But I did and, it's all still very new! That said, I'm still learning every.single.day. in my efforts to be healthy and active!)

My first pair of Nike's I got for the gym!
December 2009
Spring 2010
Spring/Summer 2010 (ish)
Winter 2011
Winter 2011

I gotta say...

Committing myself to health, fitness and my overall well-being is the best thing I could have done for myself and...

To be honest...

I couldn't have done it without SuperFit! (I was so lost when I first started I didn't know a dumbbell from a barbell...I'm not joking! And of course, 007 for her never-ending support and belief in me.... and my strength!)

This year, like I mentioned last week...

I don't have any specific goals or resolutions!

But I know Teddy does!

That being said...

I may run a race...
I may do another fitness competition...
I may try out a new sport...
I may do a lot of things (or very few...who knows?!)...

But, for the time being...

My plan is to live in the moment and...

Welcome any new challenges and experiences that may come my way!

Right now...

I want to live, breathe, appreciate and be mindFUl of what I'm doing as opposed to focusing myself on a goal (with a deadline).

I'm in no rush to accomplish anything concrete other than...

Continuing to live the lifestyle I've been living for the past three years!

And to be quite honest...

I kind of like that feeling of the unknown!

Healthy living is...

An on-going goal I work at day to day! (And, it's a goal that I plan on carrying over with me as the days, weeks, months and years go by!)

All that being said...

What has helped me over the past few years in keeping to my goals and making them stick are the following tips I've laid out below!

By following these 7 tips...

I've been able to hold myself accountable and stay motivated to see them through...

Year after year! 

These tips are transferable with every single day that passes...
No matter the year.

Question FU You...

Have you always been into Health and Fitness?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


    for me it feels like always since I got on track 20 years ago--and yet in the same way it always feels like a NEW EFFORT.
    each morning I wake.

    1. It sure was!

      I agree, it is always a new effort :)

  2. i love that you almost forgot where you used to be, that just means your life know is that REWARDING! Way to CONQUER and OVERCOME!

    1. Thank you LC! It is totally rewarding!

  3. Props to you for keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Feels good, right?! I'm with you on living in the here and now. Here's to a fantastic 2013!

    1. Totally...here and now!

      Cheers to a FUbulous 2013!

  4. Wow you've come so far! Great job! I love living a healthy lifestyle - with the occasional treats of course - it just feels so natural now and makes me feel so much better for it!

  5. I kind of think you hit the nail on the head - it's a lifestyle. It's not temporary or a fad diet. You've changed how you live and look at foods and exercise. When you do that, you can't imagine changing back!

    1. Absolutely! Best decision I ever made for myself :)

  6. Wow--I had no idea you were so new to this healthy living! Way to go--clearly it is a natural fit for you now.

  7. It's so awesome to remember where we came from to keep going forward!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! So good! Its a lifestyle not a gimmick! So inspiring girlie! and look at those guns!

  9. Look at you!!!! Crazy ahhmazing transformation. :) Being healthy looks good on ya lady!
    I *know* you'll stick to it, too. I admire your whole attitude towards 2013 and just doing what comes naturally and feels good.

    1. Thanks Beka!!! Like you said, do whatever comes natural and feels good. No expectations, no nothing. Just going with the flow :)

  10. Love these tips!

    Isn't it funny how far away your former life seems? I can't believe how I lived 5-6 years ago... alwyas in the candy jar, smoking, and thinking the little bit of exercise I did canceled it all out. Oy.

    1. We have come such a long way! Proud of you Laura :)

  11. Hey hottie hot hot! You are SOOOOO right about all of this! Healthy living is definitely an ON GOING goal!! Every day I wake up and get working out, eat healthy, etc... If you make the goal on-going, it turns into a regular routine so you don't even know you're being healthy because you just think it's life! :)

  12. i may need to resolve with teddy :) If I stopped eating off my husbands plate I'm sure I'd be heave healthier :)

  13. Wow! I didn't realize that you haven't been involved in health/fitness for a relatively short time. You've done amazing things in that time! Great tips too.

    1. Thank you Tina! It feels like forever (in a good way) but no...just 3 years (almost!)

  14. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Such a change & love your thoughts for 2013!!!!

    I lost weight in high school BUT I had to refine & relearn & learn & learn thru many years but thru it all, it was just my life.. now even more so. It is the way I live & I don't look at it as a diet or anything else. It is just the way I am. :)

    Like Miz, it has been so many years for me - 30+ but as I age there is always new learning - always learning my life but that is in a good way!

  15. You look amazing!!!! Great job and I love your attitude!

  16. SO PROUD OF YOU SWEETIE! You are so inspiring - I think of you MULTIPLE times/day

  17. You can see the change just in your face - you are glowing and positively happy now. Great job on being a healthy living example to all!

  18. YOu look great girly! What a transformation into health! thanks for sharing your recap! I love reading blog posts like this, especally since I've been trying to get my body back after baby! 3 more pounds til I get to my goal!

    1. Thanks! Way to go on getting after you goal!

  19. Drop dead gorgeous! That's what you are! You're an inspiration girlie!


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