Monday, December 10, 2012

Little Things Monday!

Good morning everyone and...

Happy Monday! (In less than three days I'll be off until January 7th!!!)

How's that for a #FUFACE ;)

In going along with last week's theme, which...

Encompassed all the little things that make my life whole...

I'm going to start doing a little something every Monday called...

Feel free to join in#littlethingsmonday

I found that by consciously taking moments out of my day to appreciate everything that surrounds me...

I came to value (more FUlly) all the little things that are essentially...

The bigger things in life!

That said...

Here's a glimpse into those little moments I've been living and loving!

My Teddy Bear and SuperFit! (Precious moments one can never forget!)

Happy puppy :)

 Silly things! (That make my days that much more fruitFUl!)

Eat your veggies...
They're good for you.

 My workouts! (That make me see and believe both my inner and physical strength!)

I did two sets of 6 Triceps Dips when not long ago doing 1 was a challenge!
#strongissexy right Krysten?! :)
Killer spin class brought to you by SuperFit!

The food I eat and the goodies I enjoy! (That keep my body FUelled and my tummy happy!)

I had a groupon that I finally used at Menchie's Fro-yo!
I had Irish Mint and Red Velvet Fro-yo topped with
some little gummie bears ;)
I didn't even use the amount offered with the coupon...
I'm obviously a newbie at this! lol

An awesome new product I came across thanks to 007! (BB cream (also known as Blemish or Beauty Balms) has been leaving my skin feeling and looking great...and I'm only on day 2! It is meant to moisturise, protect, correct, brighten and even-out skin tones...just to name a few things! Trust me, I'm not one to usually fall for these types of things but this my friends, has really WOW'd me!)

Many lines carry BB cream.
I bought the Primer with a line I knew and trusted :)
QUO from Shoppers Drug Mart

Movie night with my sister Kiki and SuperFit! (When is a movie night with the people you love not awesome?!)

FUn times :)

All those who shared their awesome recipes on #RECIPEFRIDAY! (And those who stopped by to check it out!)

And finally...

Snow! (As much as I'm not ready for the cold and the tons of snow we will get, I can appreciate its beauty and the holiday spirit it brings out in all of us!)

Now it's your turn...

What are some of the little things you've been enjoying?

Have a great day everyone!

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. OMGOSH!!
    teddybear and superfit?
    beyond freakin cute.
    and me?
    Ive been treasuring every last littttle moment in the city I love.

    1. New treasures will be found in yerrr new place too :) You will have treasures all over xo

  2. Life is totally about the little things. They are what build a base for happiness! :)

  3. What a great idea!! I love reflection of the lil things!!! You're adorable! Spa <3

  4. I love your glasses! I want them! :D Always good to remember the little things--like the first doughnut I've had in months this weekend haha.

  5. How cool is the snow! It has been so warm here we will never get any.

    LOVE your glasses!

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend! Your dog is huge!

  7. Your pup is SO cute!! I like taking the time to appreciate the little things every once in awhile... Life would be so boring if we only sat around waiting for the "big" things!

  8. I love everything on your list (and want to try that skin balm) but the last one. Ick to snow!

  9. Awww great post! I'm thankful for a lazy Sunday and breakfast made by the bf. :)

  10. TEDDY BEAR. I WANT!!!! And that sushi, omg I hate/love you hahah! Thanks for making me smile on a monday morning :)

    1. You can't have Teddy Bear ;)

      Sushi is awesome. My fave meal out!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  11. Teddy is too cute! I need BB! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

    1. :)

      You must try BB! It's freakin' awesome!

  12. Oh, my little thing is a big thing... NO MORE SNOW!!! I grew up in toronto and HATED winter every single year. The gross snow, gray skies and frigid temperatures made me miserable for at least 5 months a year.

    Now I live in LA and it's sunny and mid 60's today. It will probably be warm enough to wear a t-shirt, and I look forward to heading to dog beach on christmas day with the pups.

    I adore canada and I'm so proud to represent, but dude... can't do the winters anymore :)


    1. LOL Our winters are definitely long and cold but nothing beats the first real snowfall (unless it's a big dump lol) ;)

      LA?! I must come visit one day...and if I do (which is is the plan for someday)I totally want to meet you...IN PERSON! (I'll bring you a bag of Timmie Ho's coffee!)


  13. Bet you are looking forward to your vacay! Love love your pics today.


    1. WOo HOoo! I may be coming down to T.O. soon so I'll be sure to message you :)

  15. I love those pictures of Teddy Bear and SuperFit! Adorable! I have been enjoying making Christmas crafts and food with my kids... love that one on one time with my babies!

    1. I wish I was good at making crafts...of any kind! One on one time is so precious..with anyone! Happy you are getting that time xo

  16. Love this post idea! Like Lisa, I'm enjoying seeing Christmas through the eyes of my 2yo. She's so excited. :) Can't believe you had snow, while we had 80 degrees yesterday!

    1. Thanks! I hope you will link up next week!

      Christmas must be so exciting for your 2yo. I mean, it's still exciting for me! :)

  17. Love the little things ;)

    I'm loving my time with friends & family being silly!

  18. Oh goodness I LOVE your hair and that picture of your dog is hilarious! I have been enjoying long walks in the afternoon with my dog in between clients. It makes her happy and it's a nice time for me to disconnect.

    1. Disconnecting is always a good matter how short or long we give ourselves (or can actually take). Glad you have that time for you and your puppy :)

      Teddy is huge and hilarious and my hair is wild and crazy...thanks! xo

  19. I love this - Monday is the perfect day to take stock (you know I love it ;-)).

    I am thankful for cups of tea, laughing with friends, and shorts (it's not snowing here!)

  20. OMG those pictures of teddy bear and superfit??!?! Too much. Yes, the little things are the best things.

  21. Love this post! The pictures of Teddy and superfit... AH! Awesome! haha.
    I was so confused on the picture of your "tongue"...I was like...wait, what?? haha. delish!
    And hope you had a great time at the movies! Which one did you see??

    Little things for me... George is pretty hilarious. He amuses me most of the time. Loving the Christmas decorations and Christmas spirit. I'm excited for the holidays :D And I'm excited for my hubby to be back from work... I miss him!


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