Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's All About YOU!

That's right...

It's all about YOU because YOU are the person who is in charge of making YOUrself better at what YOU do!

Let's rewind on this thought a little bit shall we?

Before I begin...

Let me tell you how sore my legs were after my first Taekwon-Do class which...

Dates back  to a week ago yesterday! (I've gone to two more since then!)

I mean...

I feel like I did a super duper legs workout! (And now, I'm feeling the aftermath of it!)

Don't worry...

I ain't complaining because it's truly an awesome feeling! (FUnny how we enjoy being sore from a workout...makes us feel like we really kicked some A$% lol)

To tell you the truth...

There were lot of things we did during the Taekwon-Do class that made me appreciate what we were doing, in the moment!

For one...

I've been meaning to get back into Yoga since I've been lagging on my practice...

And secondly...

I haven't ran once since my half-marathon (because I was in the final stages of my fitness competition preparations and then after that, I simply started spinning more often)...

But I'll have you know that in the first 15 minutes of my first class...

I got a mix of both of these things to a certain degree! (I really wasn't expecting any of it!)

I was able to calm my mind and be present whilst sitting on my knees with my eyes closed (right at the beginning) and through the various stretches my Dad (The Masta) had us do before we got started.


We ran for 10 minutes after that to warm up! (I realize it's just 10 minutes but in those 10 minutes I thought "oh yaaa...this is why I like running..."! It felt good.)

In addition to all of this...

The class opened my eyes to the fact that..

The Art in itself really pushes you to be in the moment and...

To focus yourself in every way, shape and form! (Body, mind and soul!)

Why? Because...

I never realized until getting back into Taekwon-Do that...

You have to be mindful of what you are doing every step of the way!

By doing so...

It will ensure that you are doing the movements correctly! (Just like Yoga or weight training (which is more specific to me). In order to get better, I have to watch, learn, focus and practice at getting better!)

At the end of the day, my getting back into TKD reinforced my belief that...

It's you and only you who can push yourself both mentally and physically to get better at what it is you do! (And this applies to life in general!)

FUnny how three classes have made me realize this in greater depth...

15 years after I stopped training! (There's a reason why I went back to TKD and I think this is it! Reconnecting has never felt so good!)

Although I never stopped being involved and helping out
at my Dad's TKD Competitions!

I swear...

After all of this time...

I feel like I'm learning everything in a whole different light and with much more appreciation and understanding!

To sum up all of these thoughts...

Here are a few things I've come to realize and reflect on since my return to Taekwon-Do!

So don't forget....

Questions FU You...

What do you do day to day that helps you focus and be present? Is there a sport, practice and/or thing that helps you reconnect with yourself?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Running, while new to me as of this year, is something that forces me to be present with myself. It is emotionally freeing in a way no other exercise I've tried is!

    p.s. that photo of you with your Father is *so* adorable.

  2. Another incredible post and message. I always have scheduled "me time" everyday - workouts, reading for fun, and listening to music. This helps me reconnect with myself.

  3. Love this - you sound so happy! So glad you started going back again.

  4. I'm working on getting back to being mindful at the gym. I found myself rushing through workouts and not taking time to truly focus on what I was doing. It does make a difference!

  5. It's pretty cool that you get two different experiences from it--one as a youngster and one as an adult (not that you're not still a youngster in my eyes!). Sounds like a great well-rounded workout.

  6. Love love love this! My kids both did Taekwondo for years (my younger earned his 2nd degree BB, my daughter her 1st) and I love the discipline and mental strength that they cultivated.

    For me, running helps me reconnect with my body. I have to listen and fuel properly or my body won't do what I ask of it. I love the cycle of that.

  7. Good message girl! Way to stay focused!

  8. Love this post Kierston and especially that picture with your Dad! I feel like I'm constantly working on trying to be more present and more focused. I need that and working out (running, yoga, lifting) all give me that time and space to focus. But I need to extend that outside of the gym or studio.

  9. Nice Camel pose! ;) Thanks for the reminders!!

  10. Wonderful post!!! I need to get back to my yoga as well!! It definitely helps center me!! I've slacked on it big time in the last couple wks! Thanks for the reminders! Spa <3

  11. That would have to be trail running. I call it "dirt church", it is the only thing that instantly clears mind mind and reconnects me with my true self!

  12. I nominated you for a leibster award!!


  13. It's great you were able to learn and discover more upon going back to TKD. That's awesome. And a work out is always better when you're enjoying it ;)

  14. just unplugging from the computer helps me to be more present!

  15. Awesome post girl! Cuddling with my boys helps me be more present! And running always helps me clear my mind and reconnect with myself.

  16. i've heard such good things about TWD. The mental strength and clarity. I'd say i just need fresh air and quiet moments. I need those to channel some good energy and strength

  17. for me it is MEDITATION.
    every morning.
    first thing.
    it centers my whole day.


  18. YES!!!!!!!!!! Been saying & writing this but in a different way for a long time.. it is about you & nobody but you for sure! I learned that later & the hard way! ;)

    Great post!


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