Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tips 4 Holiday Eating: Enjoy!

Good morning everyone and...

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Nothing like enjoying a hot beverage by Noel Sapinnn!

In keeping with Wednesday tradition...

Today I will give you a glimpse into some of my daily eats thanks Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!

In addition to that...

I will share you with a few tips and things on how I plan to stay healthy over the holiday season while...

Enjoying everything that comes along with it!

So lets start with the goods shall we?

Here we go!

You know I'm all over these right?!
Morning dose of caffeine.
Post-Workout FUel.
Chocolate Protein Shake made with
Revolution High Whey Protein Powder.
Chicken Salad with Hummus.
5 Spice Chicken and Spinach Stir-Fry.

If you're looking for the recipe for the Chicken Stir-Fry...

Here it is!

5 Spice Chicken & Spinach Stir-Fry

by *CaNdY FiT*
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes

  • 1 Chicken Breast
  • 2 tbsps Chinese 5 Spices Blend (you can get this at the Asian grocery store)
  • 3 handfuls of Spinach (or vegetables of choice)
  • Salt to taste
  1. Dice your Chicken into small cubes and place into a bowl
  2. Spray your Chicken with Olive Oil and add your 5 Spices Blend
  3. Mix together until evenly coated
  4. Set aside
  5. Heat up a medium sized fry pan with Olive Oil
  6. Add your Chicken
  7. Once your Chicken is about halfway cooked, add your Spinach
  8. Stir around
  9. Once Spinach has wilted and Chicken has cooked...
  10. Serve and Enjoy!
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In keeping with the theme of food...


This coming Friday is #RECIPEFRIDAY on the blog!

If you recall, last week...

I shared with you the recipe for a Low Carb 5 Spice Chicken Noodle Bowl:

And this week, ladies and gentlemen...

I have a super simple, high protein breakfast/snack recipe to share with you all!


Now don't forget...

Every #RECIPEFRIDAY you get to link up to your favourite recipe of the week too! (One you've posted within the past 7 days or one that is brand spanking new and you just can't wait to share with everyone!) 


Be sure to link up to yours this coming...

#RECIPEFRIDAY! (And, if you don't have a blog, feel free to to upload a picture to my facebook page with the recipe!)

Hope you join in on the Food FUn! (I'd super appreciate if you grabbed the button below and plug it into your post...if not this time then the next! That way, we can get the word out about this recipe exchange!)




When it comes to the holiday season...

There are bound to be a number of parties and get-together's!

Having said that...

There's also bound to be a lot of good food and beverages too!

In making this time of year the best that they can be...

I enjoy every aspect it has to offer! (And I mean, why wouldn't I?!)

The goal isn't to lose weight over the holiday season (nor is it to gain) but yet...

It's to savour and enjoy all there is to be savoured and enjoyed! (And, I'm not just talking about food!)

We love our Chocolate Fondue!
Cookies and Family time :)

But since today we're on the subject of holiday eats...

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy over the holiday season while still enjoying everything along the way!

Have a great day everyone!

Questions FU You...

What's your favourite holiday eat?
What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?
Do you have any holiday tips to share?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Yum yummy yum! I might have to have you come give me cooking lessons because my heathy baking is a toughy!

    1. I've never made 'unhealthy' cookies before...except for those we made last Friday (but the recipe wasn't mine lol).

  2. i have to watch myself on portion control... not because I over-fill, but because I like second helpings. :)

    One trick I use is to get up and brush my teeth or chew gum or - if the meal is over - go for a walk. something to change my thinking.

    1. or third or fourth helpings ;)

      I've heard of brushing your teeth before...never tried it though!

  3. I follow your tips Kierston! I am so all about portion control & not missing time to exercise or move & balance as well. I am mindful too - I don't eat just because.....

    COOKIES are my fav treat - I know you are surprised! ;)

    1. I used to be an expert at eating 'just because'. That got me into trouble ;)

      Cookies...I can't help but think of you every time I see cookies...especially molasses..or is it gingerbread? :p

  4. I'm looking forward to making up a nice brunch for my little fam of 4. I don't have any particular thing that I look forward to other than the company and excitement of having family together.

    1. Sounds absolutely perfect :) Happy holidays to you and your family xo

  5. I love your holiday goal!!! Mine is to enjoy the moments, too :) So nice being home after 2 months of crazy school!

    Love you girl

    1. Enjoying and cherishing the moments is so important! Glad you will be with your family over the holidays!


  6. Great tips! I love the one about sugary drinks... that can make a big difference.

  7. Nice tips. It can be so easy to over do it even when you're trying to behave.

    1. Absolutely! I'll have to print out my tips ;)

  8. Your posts always bring such a smile to my face! Great tips!

  9. Great tips! I make an effort to move more and just enjoy my favorites. It makes everything taste that much better.

    1. Definitely moving more! I can't wait to have my Mom's stuffing! :)

  10. Touche! Very good tips! Everything in moderation :D Only comes once a year after all ;)

  11. i will never get sick of you FU faces. LOVE them. and i love that hummus on the salad. GOOD STUFF.

  12. I totally agree about the alcohol moderation at parties--too much and I lose all food inhibitions!

    Love that spinach/chicken recipe. We have a few Asian markets around here so I might have to go find that spice and make it!

  13. My holiday tip to share is that you are eating the cookies all wrong. You put the whole cookie in your mouth and drink it with milk or coffee. Then you have cookie flavored drink. DUH!

  14. Great tips! Christmas is a time when it's easy to let it all go. The best tip I ever heard was simply 'eat the protein first'. It makes me fuller and less inclined to go nuts on the sugar!

  15. I love the tips! And the chicken stir fry looks yummy!!

  16. LATE TO THE SOIREE...but Id chime in with:

  17. Great tips!

    And that low carb noodle bowl looks fantastic.


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