Monday, December 17, 2012

Little Things Monday #2

Good morning everyone and...

Happy Little Things Monday!

If you're new to it...

Every Monday of the week I share with you all the little things in my life that...

Make it whole!


What this has been teaching me is...

To appreciate what I have (more so than ever before) and...

To be grateFUl for everything that surrounds me! (My Family, my friends, my everything!)

Because at the end of the day...

It really truly is the little things that are...

The bigger and most meaningFUl things in life.

Now, having said all of this...

Here's a glimpse into all the little things that have been making my life that much more special!


Bite sized goodness! (I love putting tasty things in my mouth!)

These little bites of goodness always satisfy!
(Tis a new recipe!)

My Teddy Bear! (Who loves unconditionally, will be turning 1 very soon!)

Nothing like starting off the day with one of these!

My workout dates with SuperFit! (Now that I'm on holidays, I've been loving that extra time I get to spend with!)

We trained Shoulders on this day (I think lol)
After a killer spin class that SuperFit gave!

Reconnecting with TaeKwon-Do! (And doing my very first Black Belt class since going back! It feels so amazing to be doing Martial Arts again...with my Dad!)

Life's little surprises! (Like the UPS man delivering a gift to the 'giftee' and not the 'gifter'! (Obviously not his fault! lol). Ah well, SuperFit is happy with the box and is excited to touch the goods come Christmas morning! lol)

We had a good laugh over this.

The food FUn I get to have with #RECIPEFRIDAY! (Thank you to all those who joined in and to those who checked it out!)


The time spent with Friends! (Sharing stories and laughing the night away!)

Before heading out :)
Lots of food, lots of laughs, lots to go around :)

Time spent with Family! (No words can describe how lucky I am to have my Family close to me. Although I'm sure I don't spend enough time visiting, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have them here, at arms reach!)

Baking cookies with my sister Kiki and my Mom.
At my sister's Christmas Concert with my Grampa.
She sang "Don't rain on my parade" by Barbara Streisand (who's her idol!)
She was incredible. Like really, truly, amazing.
I wanted to cry the whole time she sang.

And finally...

Putting up Noel Sapinnnnnnnnnn! (Yes, he's back!)

This will be Teddy's first Christmas!
He has no idea what to make of it but he was excited to see all the balls lol
And yes...
That is SuperFit's  Specialized Bike Seat at the top of our tree.
Makes for a great tree topper!
My Half-Marathon Medal was added as an ornament too!


I absolutely love having Noel in the house with us! (There's something about a Christmas tree that simply warms the home that extra little bit! I love it!)



Okay so...

Now that I've shared the little things (made big) in my life...

It's time for you to share yours! (I would love for you to grab the button and plug it into your post if not this time, then the next!) :)


Questions FU You...

What are some the little things in your life?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

**Friday's tragedy has left my heart broken. No words could ever express my sadness. I mourn for all the families and those affected by it.**


  1. This is such a good time to remember the little things after last week's sadness. Love that last pic of you too - too cute!

  2. This week I'm so very thankful for the wonderful friends I have made this year through blogging. For my boyfriend- who on his day off - makes me dinner.
    For the little nips of affection my lil kitty gives to show she loves me.

    You and Superfit are too cute. Beautiful tree! And Teddy bear has the sweetest face ever.

    1. So many things to be thankful for Beka! Thanks for sharing them with me :)

      Thanks for the sweet words too xo

  3. OMG I can't believe your dog is not even ONE! That blows my mind. Love it.

  4. LOVE THIS! I do Gratitude Monday as you know & it grounds me as a way to start out the week right.

    All your pics are so wonderful & so much fun & love in all of them!!!!!

    1. Thanks Jody! I love your Gratitude Mondays!

  5. so many great little moments! i love it!!

  6. Love the little things!!! This wkend I was able to have a lunch date my mom, and that was just spectacular!! Thanks for sharing all your little things!!

    1. Ahhh so fun!!! I love Mom dates :)

  7. Beautiful post! I definitely am thankful for my crazy pupsters - they've been keeping me company while I'm stuck at home. I'm definitely thankful that my boss is letting me work from home right now.

    1. Thank you Heather!

      I'm so happy you are able to work from home too!

  8. Great messages in this post, as usual. Happy Monday to you!! Here's to the little things in life that make it all so much better and be grateful.

    1. Thanks Liz!

      Cheers to the little things!


  9. I hope you all have a wonderful 'Teddy's First' Christmas! Looks like it's ready to go...

  10. LOOKS like a GREAT week!! So much to be thankful for! xox

  11. Very cool... I'm happy for a peak into the life of your silliness. I think we are meant to take a silly photo together. Teddy can be in it too!


  12. I love your Little Things posts! Teddy is adorable, it sounds like Kiki has some serious talent, and I totally agree that a Christmas tree makes a huge difference to the house.

  13. You're such a positive light girlie! Ooh and on deck for Friday: cookies!

  14. Love it! Teddy is so cute! (So are you though haha). Looks like great times :) I'm just looking forward to Christmas coming soon! This past weekend, I got to spend some time with my hubs, so that was definitely nice :)

  15. that child and I took it all offline yesterday and did LITTLE THINGS to surprise other people in their an effort to bring smiles to their faces.

  16. You truly have an amazing life!
    Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much Craig! I am so grateful for the live I have and live!

      Happy holidays!



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