Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kicking It Old School!

Good day everyone and...

Happy Tuesday to ya!


Last night I did something I haven't done in ages!


By ages I'm talking about almost...

15 years!

If you think about it...

It's amazing how fast 15 years pass when you look back at where you are right now.

I mean...

This is not how I had envisioned my life (I'm definitely not an Archaeologist or a personal shopper/stylist to the stars lol) but, you know what?

How I feel is what I had always hoped for and that is...

To be happy.

I am definitely...

Happy with who I be and where I be and...

That place last night was....

Back at my Dad's 'The Masta', Taekwon-Do School!

I got my 2nd Degree Black Belt back in the day.


After giving it some thought, talking about it to my Dad and after working out where I would FIT this into my current training routine...

I'm happy to share with you that...

TaeKwon-Do is now back in my life! (Twice a week!)

I'll be going on Monday's and Wednesday's! (I'll be cutting out my Monday evening spinning class!)

All that being said...

When it finally came time to...

Suit up and prepare myself for my first class, I was definitely...

Excited and a bit nervous!


Despite those feelings...

It felt good to be...

Kickin' it old school with The Masta!

And let me tell you...

The Masta definitely had my heart pumping and my sweat going through...

The combinations of things he had us do! (Like sets of 25, 75 and 100 of kicks and punches!)

Did I feel rusty?

Of course, but..

It's amazing how quickly things come back to you with a little practice and repetition!

By the end of the class...

I thought about how much of a great FUreakin' time I had and...

How totally excited I was to do it again!

All in all...

I was simply happy to be there and...

To be doing something I felt I needed to get reconnected with!

Until next time...

May the FUrce be with you! ;)

Haaaaa Yaaaa!

Questions FU You...

Have you ever done Martial Arts?
Is there something you'd like to get reconnected with?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I haven't done martisl arts but it's something I'd like to try. If I can get over people looking at my feet.

    1. We wear TKD shoes :) No one has to see your feet ;)

  2. So awesome! I've never tried martial arts but my mom earned a black belt when she was a teenager :)

  3. Fun! I've never done martial arts, but I used to love kickboxing. I was thinking about going back to it during the off season... such a great release, as I imagine this Tae Kwon Do is.

    1. It really is! I'm so glad I went back :)

  4. You are so awesome! Hubs did TKD but I never have..looks SO fun!

  5. we always go back to our roots, maybe I should dust my surf board off ;)

    1. I think you should...and then bring me to Hawaii with you!

  6. I took karate for a college credit class. Loved it until I found out I had to test for belts. Freaked me out and never pursued it. Maybe one day...

    1. The word test is a bit freaky...unless your testing a mic...1.2.3.

  7. How awesome girl! I've never done any martial arts...unless Taebo counts lol! My 7 year old son is begging to take karate though. It's just so expensive!

  8. Good for u , lovely!!! That looks like an awesome time!! I just recently took on kickboxing and I love it!!!! Have a fab day! Xxoo <3 spa love!

  9. That is so cool! My kids do TKD and I am too scared that I will dislocate a knee if I were to try! You're brave, bold, strong and beautiful. Knock em dead, um maybe not, maybe just unconscious for sec

    1. Thanks Lisa! What I like about my Dad's teachings is that he does not believe or tolerate any form of contact (gentle taps are fine lol). TKD isn't about beating ppl up :) xo

  10. Oh that's so cool! I wish I could take that spin class you're having to give up ;-) I've never done any martial arts. I would love to return to my ballet roots. It's been about 6 years now and I still miss it so much.

    1. I didn't know you did ballet! I did too when I was younger...I was absolutely terrible. I am not graceful lol

  11. I love how diversified you are with your training! You are all over the place and it's really cool. Enjoy your return!

    1. Thanks! I like to try everything :)

  12. so cool!!! I love picking up older fitness routines again! My most recent rekindling has been with dance/zumba!

    1. Ooooohhhh nice! I haven't yet tried Zumba!

  13. I love this! I was a dancer for 20 years and have been thinking about taking a class again... maybe I will! :)

  14. I have never done martial arts, but have always wanted to try kickboxing. I LOVE that childhood picture of you, by the way! I'm so happy for you that you are getting to reconnect with that part of your past.
    If I could reconnect with something, I'd sure love to play the piano again! I miss it so much! But alas, my piano is back in Arizona, where I had to leave it when I graduated from college and moved back home! :(


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