Thursday, December 20, 2012

All I Really Want...

As I prepare for the Holiday Season...

Making sure I have everything I need, everything bought, everything wrapped and everything organized...

I can't help but step back and think about what I really want. 

Which does include a Teddy Hug of course ;)

But before I get into that...

The holiday season is about giving...

And I love giving.

I love coming across special 'something's' for special 'someone's' knowing that that something is perfect for them! (Or at least I believe it is lol)

My wrapping skills still haven't improved.

And in the spirit of giving...

I simply enjoy the act of doing so! (Although sometimes I feel like I don't give enough which, is meant in more ways than one!)

To be honest...

I never feel like I have to give because...

I want to give! (And although I can't give the moon, despite my wanting to, I can always give my own version of it!)

And, if we are talking about giving for the holidays...

I just want to give gifts, not from a list, but...

Gifts from the heart. (Whether they be tangible or not)

Now, in speaking about what I want...

I can sit here and give you my holiday wishlist...

But at the end of the day...

These are just things.

Yes, of course...

These are things I know I'd love and things I know I'd put the use (great use!) but...

These aren't the life essentials that will bring me lasting happiness!

A good piece of cake can only last so long ;)

Now don't get me wrong...

I love presents!

We all love our box of chocolates :)


At the end of the day...

All I really want (this holiday season and every season) is...

To be surrounded by my Family...

All I really want is...

To be surrounded my Friends...

All I really want is...

For Teddy NOT to knock down Noel Sapinnn! (lol)


All I really want is...

To be surrounded by Love!

FUll house :)

What about you...

What do you really want?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. beautiful post! friends and family are the only things that provide us with lasting happiness! :) xoxo

    Love you

  2. AMEN.
    all I want for Hanukkah and 2013 is the love.

  3. Love this. All I really want is the quality time I get with my family over the holidays - it honestly is the best part for me.

  4. I completely agree! I can't wait for this week to end so I can go hang out in the kitchen with my mom and sisters!

  5. aw such a sweet post!! and i totally agree with you - friends and family are way more important than materialistic things!

  6. Your family is so cute! I love Teddy too!

  7. Could not agree more!! All I want for Christmas is to spend this week with my family! Just enjoying being together!

    And I believe teddy, that zippy was up to no good. ;)

  8. Cute! I'm so excited to see my family. They're coming to visit tomorrow.

  9. Aww I love this post :) You have such great pictures! Teddy pulls some super animated faces!
    I am staying in FL this year and not going up to TN, so I am happy to be surrounded by Mike's family and our friends. These are always more important that material gifts!

  10. You've got it all figured out! I'm with you on this.

  11. Great post, I can't wait to spend time with family & friends. PS I also can't wrap presents.

  12. Well said! But I do really really really love the giving presents part too :) The whole finding the *perfect* gift to make the people in your life feel how much you love them? It's my favorite.

  13. OMG, look at all those cute doggies!!! certainly have a full house. I love it!!

    I got everything I could ever want....and then some. Well....maybe there's one thing, but that will come.


  14. Love all your pictures! Looks like you and I learned to wrap from the same teacher! hahaa

    Have a fabulous Christmas!

  15. Love this! While I can't be with all of my extended family, I do have my hubs and kids to share and enjoy. That's all I need.

  16. I just love being surrounded by my family & friends! I love buying presents for everyone - I get so excited taking the time to pick out something special for them that I think they'll LOVE and I can barely contain my excitement for them to open the gifts!

  17. Too cute! Personally, I want to be surrounded by seafood and gelato, but love is good too :-D

  18. Oh Kierston, I love this. Those are the things that matter, right? Family, friends, love...not knocking down the Christmas tree :-) BTW I didn't realize how big Teddy was! He is the best.

  19. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ain't this the truth! I love to give & can't the past few years due to "issues" BUT it really is all about the love of family & friends!!! Thx for the beautiful post & love the pics!

  20. Likewise, all I want for Christmas is to spend quality time with my family. Since half of my family lives hours away, the last time I saw them was at my Grandfather's funeral in January.
    Whenever we get together it's always so loud and full of laughter. It'll be our first Christmas without our Grandfather but he'll still be in our thoughts.

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration and recipe ideas this year. I hope you, your family and friends have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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