Monday, November 12, 2012

Competition Season: A Recap

Good morning everyone and...

Happy Monday! (I think I could have slept in a little while longer as I'm still trying to rid myself of this terrible cold but it's a happy day nonetheless!)

Since my Competition season has officially ended for the year....

I wanted to recap the weeks in prep leading up to the big day DAYS in case you missed them (or wanted) a play by play!

Yes I did do the #FUFACE on stage.

I gotta say...

The past several months in prep really opened my eyes to so much that...

I will forever be grateFUl for all the things I've come to learn about myself and my body along the way! (I really wanted to focus on the 'in the moment experience' as opposed to focusing on what I'd look like come competition day! By doing so, I was able to take out so much more from this journey to the stage and really appreciate every inch of progress I made through it all!)

I realize I say this a lot (but I really, truly mean it)...

Thank you all for your never-ending love and support! (Your words of encouragement meant and mean a lot to me!)


My Decision to Compete...Again:

One Year Later...

Starting the Countdown at 13 Weeks Out (but my pre-contest diet started April 2012!):

13 Weeks Out
12 Weeks Out
11 Weeks Out
10 Weeks Out
9 Weeks Out
8 Weeks Out: There Is Balance To Be Found...
8 Weeks Out Part II: Being The Best Me!
7 Weeks Out: Turning Your CANT'S Into CANS!
6 Weeks Out: Breathe!
5 Weeks Out: Ready to Roll!
4.5 Weeks Out: Running My First Half-Marathon!
4 Weeks Out: Getting Stuff Done!
3 Weeks Out
8 More Sleeps To Competition Day!

The Competition DAYS:

Pre-Comp: Thoughts on Competition Day
Recap: SAF and Physique Canada
IDFA Competition
1 Day Out from the OPA Ottawa Championships!
OPA: Ottawa Championships

Thoughts and Tips throughout my Competition Season:

Post-Competition Blues: 5 Things I Learned
5 Tips To Rock Your Competition Heels!
Two Things To Remember Before Stepping On The Scale!
Being Proud!
Happy with Myself!

Question FU You...

When prepping for an event, do you take the time to appreciate every little bit of progress you make along the way?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Yes, I've finally learned not to be so hard on myself and to take the time to appreciate every bit of progress. The positivity and acknowledgement help a lot in the long run.

    Hope you feel 100% better soon! And thank you for continuing to be so inspiring.

  2. I should probably take more time to appreciate progress... I kept looking at myself during my competition prep and seeing how far I had to come still.

    Feel better soon! xo

  3. Such a long, but rewarding, process!! Props to you. I find it easier to stick to things when I have a clear plan and goal, but I still try to make time to appreciate the small things along the way!

  4. Honestly, I don't. Thank you for this reminder though.

  5. SO SO PROUD of you! I am definitely trying to make a shift, and appreciate my own journey, body, and progress better. We are on the same page here

  6. You're stinking adorable and I love how u recapped everything!! You're a rockstar! Spa <3

  7. I love that you focused on the moment rather than looking ahead to the end. We miss so much when we do that. I'm so happy for you and all that you've accomplished!

  8. Love that you did the FUface on stage! When training for races, I do try to appreciate everything - even the bad. I find that if I don't count my blessings (good/bad) than I can grow resentful of what I'm working toward. Happy Monday!

  9. Yes! My favorite quote: success is a journey not a destination! ;)

  10. YOU, my friend, ARE AMAZING and you LOOK FANTASTIC

  11. You look fantastic! So happy I found your blog :)


  12. This is a great post!! I love that you have all the links- I've already read 6 of them!!!! You are incredible and should be so super proud!! Gorgeous girl!!

  13. yay! I loved following your progress to the big day! it was so much fun! you are such an inspiration! (:

  14. I absolutely take the time to celebrate/think about all the little accomplishments I make along the way of ANY journey. :) You did such a great job and you, friend, look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Hot, really. :) Congrats. <3

  15. Love the wrap up! It's been so amazing watching your journey! I am so inspired by your dedication!

  16. The wrap up is a great idea. Such a journey!

    I frequently forget to stop and appreciate my progress. But I think I'm getting better at it. Slowly.

  17. You really are amazing Kierston. You take on challenges & always with such a wonderful attitude AND you appreciate life along the way! I always get caught up in the process & forget to still enjoy life. You really have a fantastic perspective on life & all it has to offer!

  18. What a great journey! You're an inspiration!

  19. I really need to look back and see how far I've come in my fitness (and life) journey. It really does make you appreciate the success!

  20. You are beautiful and unique and special and it was a pleasure following your journey.
    Thank you for sharing!


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