Monday, November 26, 2012


Good morning everyone and...

Happy Monday! (I know I may have conFUsed you with the title of this post but trust me, it's Monday! lol)

Alrighty so today...

I'm going to share with you a weekly tradition that I'm starting here on *CaNdYFiT*!


tradition that will call for all things yummm!

Let's begin...

If you're like me then...

You love trying out new ways to spice up your meals and...

Healthify them while you're at it!

In addition to this...

You love trying out new kitchen tools and gadgets on top of...

Testing out the newest and tastiest thing around! (Who doesn't love a mouthFUl of goodness?!)

As you may have guessed by now....

This weekly tradition will include all things food, gadgets and product reviews, which, ladies and gentleman, will be called...

So here's the 411!

Every Friday...

I'm going to share with you a recipe!

It will be...

A favorite recipe of the week that I hope you will enjoy too!
By doing this...

It will keep me creative in the kitchen and it will allow me to share with you what I've been making and loving! (It will also include things I've tested out via numerous food ideas I've come across and drooled over on a weekly basis - whereby credit will be given to of course!)

These recipes will include a variety of things from breakfast, to lunch, to snacks, to dinner to, yessss, healthy desserts too! (I love adding a healthy twist to the foods I make!)
And knowing me...

These recipes will be simple....


Very, very...

Simple! (I like to keep things as easy as possible on the kitchen front! lol)


On top of this recipe sharing...

Some weeks I will include a review of either a food item I just discovered or an awesome gadget I've come to use in my meal preparations! (As mentioned earlier!)

These things will be featured through....


And that not it!

The best part of #RECIPEFRIDAY is...

Where you come in!

Yes YOU!

If you have a favorite recipe you want to share...


Join the club! (It's simple!)

Here's how:

1. Every Friday, post your favorite recipe of the week;
2. Grab this #RECIPEFRIDAY button (you have a choice of two!) and plug it into your blog post (this will help spread the word and allow others to join in the goodness too);


3.Add your link to each of my #RECIPEFRIDAY posts so that we can come together and get the recipe sharing train going! (If you don't have a blog, feel free to post a pic and recipe on my facebook page!)

Oh and don't forget...

Be sure to checkout the...

#RECIPEFRIDAY page for weekly roundups of the recipes submitted! (Here you may find something you will be craving to make or simply get caught up on what you may have missed out on!)
All that being said...

I sure hope you will join in on the food FUn!

Because together..

We can share the food love! (Near & far, no matter where you are!)


It's time to get cooking! :)

I look forward to seeing what your favorite recipe of the week will be in this week's edition of...


Questions FU You...

1. Is this something you'd like to take part in?
2. What meals do you like preparing the most?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT* 


  1. What a fun idea I love seeing what everyone else is eating, especially the creative clean eats. I have to keep it interesting in order to stay on the wagon.

  2. **skips off to see if she possesses ANY PALATABLE recipes :-) **

  3. LOVE this & I LIKE SIMPLE!!!!! I am not a cook or a baker so I will just collect all the great and SIMPLE recipes. If they have too many ingredients I am turning off, ;)

    Can't wait to see more & already booking marking this one even though I think I pinned all the recipes here! ;)

  4. sounds like a great idea! love it!

  5. I'm usually a recipe flunker, but will try of I come up with a genius plan!

  6. I like your recipes so will be sure to check in! Should be FUn!

  7. So much fun! I have a great soup recipe from this past weekend that I'd love to share!

  8. Great idea!! I always get so caught up in trying to make recipes appeal to others and be creative, that I always forget how much I love simple food. I'm looking forward to checking yours out!

  9. Simple is best!!! I love getting ideas for new eats from others. I'll join in when I can!

  10. this looks like fun!! i want to join! please remind me!

  11. Awesome!!!! Can't wait :)


  12. Awesome idea! I'm not a good cook so I won't be contributing but I can't wait to discover all the new recipes...and give them to my hubby to cook!!! ;-)

  13. This is a great idea!! I love seeing other people's good, simple eats - they inspire me to try new things and eat better. I will try to join when I can!

  14. Greta idea - I LOVE your recipes - and it might inspire me to get back into the kitchen. I used to love it, but I've been really slack lately.

  15. Sounds like a great idea :D I'm excited... (New reader here) :)

  16. Ok those pictures just made me SO HUNGRY! Good thing I am going out to brunch in about 45 minutes!!! Bring on the sexy omelette!!!!


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