Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Speechless: The OPA Ottawa Championships!

What can I say....

I mean...

I don't even know what to say as I'm totally overcome by the utter thrill & excitement over what transpired this past weekend at the...

OPA Ottawa Championships!

As you all know (and if not, now you will lol)...

I competed in my third Fitness competition (in a row) this past Saturday and...

The outcome of it wasn't anything I would've ever dreamed of! (I mean, my only goal was to do it and enjoy what the experience had to offer!)

After finishing off my last week of prep in Vancouver...

I came home rushing to get things together! (I ended up with 2 hours sleep so I am sure was running on pure adrenaline the day of the show! lol)

Can you tell I can barely keep my eyes open?! ;) lol

I gotta say...

I was super grateful that 007 came over at 530am to do my hair...

Sporting our new Girls of FFA Natural Athletes Tank!


That SuperFit woke up extra early to tan me up!

He was ready for me! ;)

Let the games begin...

Once tanned and suited up...

I zipped my suitcase closed and...

We headed over to the competition venue where I would be reunited with some of my FFA Teammates!

Go Team FFA!
Iron Moe, Me and Jo!
Jenny from FFA and PiNK PUMPS
helped us backstage with our tan, glaze and bikini bite!
She was also a blast to have with us!
Love this girl!!!

Once settled in...

We took a look at the line up and made sure we pumped and FUelled according to the schedule! (SuperFit was also backstage so he helped in keeping us focused and on track with what we needed to do!)

I would be competing in two categories.
Bikini Medium and Figure Medium/Tall.

**I should note: The last two competitions I participated in I signed up for the Bikini/Athletic categories. Although, this time around, we decided I would also register for the Figure category. I was a little nervous for it but, we went for it anyway...Plus, I had gotten my suit adjusted ~thank Joan!!!~ to meet the requirements for this category (it requires a criss cross strap at the back). Either way, I was excited and at the end of the day, it was about having FUn and doing my very best...no matter the outcome!**

Once the show got started and things got rockin' & rollin' (quickly)...

We all started warming up! (Good thing too because it was freezing in the backstage area!)

SuperFit helped us get warmed up!

Now before I get into what happened next...

I'd like to mention that the OPA Ottawa Championships was one of the biggest regional events with over 165 competitors registered!

It was definitely jammed packed with amazing and strong Athletes! (I'd never been to or participated in an event this big!)

I must say...

The OPA, the organizers, volunteers and sponsors did an incredible job in putting this show together! (Wow and thank you!!!)

Moving on...

When it came time for our FFA team to step on stage (each in our own respective categories)...

I was excited to see the Girls and John rock it out in the bright lights!

Iron Moe.

When it came time for me to step on stage...

I was filled with butterflies in my stomach!

Waiting to get called out among the other ladies in my category!
I snuck in a smile from the stage ;)

I have to say...

I had a great time on stage (even if I almost fell flat on my face in a back pose lol) and...

I was happy with everything I presented! (In my head, I kept thinking of all the tips and things I had learned along the way from my great mentors! They were with me the whole time, whether there in person or not!)

When the morning/afternoon pre-judging was done...

We went back home and chilled for a while!

I ran into my sister at the corner store on our way back to the house!
It was a lovely surprise!

A few hours later...

It was time for the night show and the presentation of the awards!

At this point...

It was okay for us to indulge as the judging was done!

So you better believe...

I helped myself to a few goodies!

Mmmm Mmmm!
Jujubes and chocolate :)

As we waited for our categories to get called out...

We hung out backstage and snapped a few shots!

Familiar and friendly faces :)

Once it came time to get on stage...

We all anxiously awaited the results!


I'm happy to report that...

Marie-Pierre came in 4th in her category...

John took home 1st place in his...

I took 2nd place in Bikini...(yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)

I was super happy!

And Chantal and Mel...

Looked phenomenal in a line up of 23 ladies! (It was the biggest category I had ever seen in my whole entire life!)

Following these results came the intermission so...

I took this time to text my parents and update them on the news!

We also celebrated each other's achievements backstage :)

Woo Hoo!

As the Figure and Physique results would come after the break...

We had time to walk over to main area to see some great friends who came out to cheer us and everyone else on!

Nicole and...
FFA Teammate Sue!

As soon as the intermission came to a wrap...

We got ready for the next round of results!

Iron Moe, SuperFit, Jo, Jenny and I kept close together!

I'm happy to report that...

Iron Moe took 3rd and 4th in her categories...

Jo stood strong and beautiFUl in hers...

And I...

I was next to SuperFit with no expectations whatsoever for what was going to come next!

Once I got called out onto the stage to do my routine...

They started announcing the top 5!


As I stood there in the line up thinking about how much FUn this whole experience had been...

They called out my number (143) and my name.

I could hear SuperFit going wild backstage when I quickly clued in that...

Both of these things put together were me!


Me being the person who ended up taking 1st place in the Figure Medium/Tall Category!

I was in pure shock!

I screamed. SuperFit and Jenny were still screaming and...

I just couldn't believe it!

I thought I was dreaming  but...
The touch of this man's hand reaffirmed me that I wasn't...
As did the touch of the Trophy...
And that of the hands of these amazing ladies!
The whole thing was real!
Came in 1st FUreakin' place!!!

As I was standing there with my trophy up in the air (and not on my head)....

The feeling inside me was beyond anything I could ever possibly describe and...

All I wanted to do was run to SuperFit! (Which I did...I think I jumped too while getting off stage!)

He was shaking he was so happy! :)
As was I!  lol

I was thrilled and in complete disbelief!


After 7 intense months of pre-contest dieting and training...

The past three weeks of competition have left me completely speechless! (But not wordless lol)

3rd Place at Physique Canada.
3rd Place at IDFA.
2nd Place Bikini at OPA.
1st Place Figure at OPA!!!

I think it goes without saying...

This journey to the stage has been nothing but amazing (and not because I came home with something in hand) but because of...

The personal growth I have been able to make! (Both inside and out) 

I am so, SO grateFUl for every single little thing this experience has taught me as well as...

What I've been able to discover about myself along the way!

Each lesson was a welcoming surprise :)

I am proud of the accomplishments I have made and I couldn't be happier!

Congratulations to Team Florida Fitness Aylmer and to all Athletes!



I want to...

Thank you for the support and encouragement you have given me through it all and...

I want to thank my family, friends, networks, Florida Fitness Aylmer and SuperFit for always believing me! (I can't express how much it has meant to me to have each and everyone one of you by my side!)

It's been one heck of a ride and now...

It's time to rest up the machine! (I'm taking a few days off from the gym to recharge my batteries!)

Love you all!


Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT* 

**Thank you Chris Kiez, Gord Weber and Muscle Insider for capturing these memories that will last me a lifetime! xo**


  1. congrats girl! that is AMAZING!!!! was so excited when i saw this on instagram over the weekend!

  2. I am so excited for you! Like crazy smiling reading this post from the other side of the world!

    Congratulations you incredible woman. You look amazing, and I hope you enjoy that post-comp food so you can go back to normal amazing Fu as well :-D

  3. You are so inspiring!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  4. wow wow wow!! i am so proud! all that hard work and the mindset paid off. And may i say, you did it with such grace. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations! You must be thrilled!

  6. I am SO FU'in happy for you!!! Totally deserved - you have such a bangin' physique. It's obvious how hard you worked. Are you going to stick to Figure now?

    P.S. That Marie-Pierre is adorable! Love her suit.

  7. Héhéhéhéh! BAM!xoxo

  8. GO KIERSTON!!!! This is incredible. I can't imagine the utter shock and pure joy you must have felt up on that stage. CONGRATS!!! :D

  9. Girl - so proud of you!!! You're hard work and dedication has more than paid off clearly.

  10. WOW!!! CONGRATS!!! So FUreakin' happy for you! You look phenomenal! I loved following all your hard work over the months. You deserve every single award! Take time to enjoy your rest and soak in all that you've achieved!

  11. It's been so great following your journey! What a great surprise it must have been for you, Congratulations 1000X over!

  12. Weeeeeee!!!! Yay! You go girl!!! So proud of you! You worked hard, you were healthy, and you had fun! You earned this!!

    I love the pic of you hearing your name called! You can feel your excitement! So happy for you and so proud!!

  13. So so proud of you! Huge congratulations for everything you have accomplished! What an amazing inspiration!

  14. CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome!! You've worked so hard...soak in the success!!

  15. Woohoo Kierston!!!! Congratulations girl!!!! How awesome!!! Sooo proud of you girl!!!

  16. No words - JUST SO FRIGGIN AMAZING & you looked amazing!!!!!! So deserved & having competed, I know how hard it is. HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Congrats!! You look freaking amazing!! I am so happy for you. You worked so hard for this and definitely deserve it. So awesome.

  18. woohoo!!!!!! that's so amazing girl! You look awesome :)

  19. oh WOW!
    i just squealed out loud and scared my little 4 month old,lol!!!!
    congrats on a job well done and a prep well executed!!!
    the hardware is just icing on the cake chica because with or without the titles/trophies,YOU ROCK!!!!!

  20. I felt like I was right there with you! You worked so hard and you did it!! you did it!! My eyes are filled with tears of joy for you. I wish I were there in the person to have cheered you on. Congratulations to all of the FFA girls for an amazing job. LOVE ya Fu! SO dang happy for you! xoxo HUGE hug

  21. WAY TO GO GIRL! You more than deserve the win! You are absolutely gorgeous, and you can see the hard work you've put in! Seriously, SO happy for you! I hope there are a lot more celebratory Reese's in the near future for you :)

  22. How amazing - congratulations!! And what a great recap, even for someone who hasn't been to one of these competitions it was easy to picture! :)

  23. How wonderful! I am so happy for you and all the hard work and effort you put in! Can't wait to see what's next for your after a much deserved REST and some great eats!

  24. congratulations!!! not just on the win, but really on the entire journey and the confidence and the friendships you have built. what an amazing way to top it all off!

  25. Congrats! So happy and proud of you!!!

  26. Yay! That' awesome. Great job girl! :)

  27. You are just killing all these shows!! I'm not surprised though. And the time kill between prejudging and show is so excruciating. How aewsome you have such a great crew to chill with then.

  28. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. Not surprised, though. With all your hard work and dedication, you deserve all of it.

  29. Congrats on this awesome 3rd WIN!! I know you are a hard hard worker and huge motivator who deserves this! xo

  30. Sooooo amazing. Your hard work has paid off!

  31. Congrats girl!!! so awesome and you look amazing! such hard work has a great outcome!!

  32. You are phenomenal!! I'm sooooooo happy all your hard work paid off, you totally deserve this!!

  33. Oh congrats!!! You must be feeling very FitF(l)Uential!

  34. Congratulations again! I finally got a chance to read your full recap and am soooo happy for you. You worked your butt off and it showed. Congratulations!!!


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