Friday, November 23, 2012

FUriday Things...

Good morning everyone and..

Happy FUriday!

Already the day has started off well because...

I get to go home after being away for six days! (YabadabaFUuuuuuuuu!)

I would give two thumbs up if I had three hands.

This past week has gone well in terms of my keeping on track as...

I did manage to eat well given that I was away from home! (It may have helped that I really enjoying eating...and I won't deny, I did enjoy a couple of goodies along the way too!)

I had this every day:)

In all of this...

I also completed my training program for the week! (The gym was okay....I was just happy I had free weights to play with!)

In terms of this coming weekend...

I've got loads to look forward to!


Helping The Masta with his Taekwon-Do competition...


Going out for dinner with my #GirlsofFFA Teammates...

And finally...

Relaxing in the comforts of my own home with SuperFit and the puppies....

There's no denying...

I look forward to letting myself unwind!

Now before I go...

Did I mention...

I'll be on holidays next week?!


I have another staycation ahead of me and I'm totally pumped for it!

I have nothing planned other than...

The day at the spa I organized for my FU self! (I cannot wait!!!)

I also look forward to...

My training dates with SuperFit!

Alrighty well...

I have to get going (I mean, I do want to get home and all) so...

I wish you all a great weekend :)

Questions FU You...

1. What are you up to this weekend?
2. Have you ever been a spectator or competed in a Martial Arts competition?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. SO SO CUTE!! I love your fit FU family! Tres Adorable! Enjoy your staycation!! xox

  2. Yay! Fully enjoy your staycation - you deserve it!

    This weekend = my usual schedule = pilates, dance practice, tons of homework/presentation prep for school.

  3. I have really been enjoying seeing your eats on IG !! Have a great weekend sweetie :)

  4. Hubs used to do martial arts but not me! Would be super fun though!

  5. My husband I go on run dates and have the best time! Have a great and very relaxing weekend!

  6. Have a wonderful staycation!! Those really are the best. I'm getting a little alone time this weekend - yay!!

  7. Mmmmmm. That veggie egg white omelette looks divine! Have fun unwinding, you definitely deserve it!

  8. Glad you you're heading home for your staycation! Enjoy the spa! That sounds heavenly. :)

  9. Your posts always make me smile Kierston!!!! Love the pic of you, superfit & Teddy & the FURiends!!!! Enjoy your staycation!

    Me, I will be cleaning & decluttering this weekend AND next week in anticipation of sis visit!

  10. Your pictures always make me smile.

  11. I love a good staycation (Staycation all I ever wanter, Staycation have to get away...)!

    This weekend we are celebrating American Thanksgiving! My hubby is from the US and we always have two turkey days!

    That means housecleaning first, which I hate...

  12. Happy Friday! Enjoy that staycation. Your blog is so good that there are days when I read and think 'wanna swap lives today?'.

    Yeah, I admitted that.

  13. I LOVE me some little fu.
    Mine has taken martial arts since she was 3 (preschool)
    Im hoping at least SOME OF IT has sunk in :0)


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