Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIAW: Post-Fitness Competition Goodies!

Good morning everyone and...

Happy Wednesday!

First off...

I can't believe how quickly my fitness competition has come and gone! (Thanks for all the congratulatory messages!!!)

I felt like a million bucks in my personally designed
Daydreams Fitness Wear Bikini!
Thanks Joan'z'!

I mean..

Is it already over?!

Has it already been four days since the show?!


Perhaps it's not over, over as I do have a little something to share with you all real soon! (But I'll save that for later as I have to fine tune some details first!)

So without leaving you hanging...

Let's move along into the weekly tradition of What I Ate Wednesday thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons...

And trust me my friends...

I have loads goodies to share with you all today!


Team FFA knows how to celebrate with our favourite foods!

I'd been wanting Cheesies for the longest time!
Prior to this prep, I never once thought of cheesies lol

What's FUn about these celebratory potlucks is...

It gives us a chance to spend more time with each other (which is a treat in itself)...

Our first potluck was at Jenny's right after the competition ended.
Then at Nikki's the following afternoon!


It gives us the opportunity to...

Share our competition experiences with one another!

Looking at pictures from the competition!

It also gives us time to...

Talk about the 'what now' factor of it all (life plans, goals, keeping FIT and healthy etc...!)...

Remembering that we were and are beautiFUl before we started working towards the stage!

All while we...

Enjoy some of our favourite eats we bought or made...

SuperFit knows what's up ;)
Chicken, salads, pastas, salmon, quiche.
My plate :
Quinoa Salad, Egg thing, Lasagna and Quinoa Salad.
I also went up for some Salmon after finishing this up :)

Which does...

Include yummy desserts!

The famous Peanut Butter Pie to the left.
I brought cakepops from Isobel's Cupcakes!
My plate:
PB Balls and a piece of PB Pie I shared with SuperFit.
I also had a cakepop and a few little *CaNdIeS*


After having had our FILL of different foods and flavours...

And keeping with the 'popping the champagne bottle' tradition...

There was non-alcoholic champagne :)

Many (if not all of us) were excited to get back to the gym and continue on with our healthy eating! (Which includes more variation and balance than in our strict competition regimes of course!)

**I should mention that for some, another prep would start on the Monday for something coming up soon... hint hint!)**

All in all...

We definitely enjoyed our post-competition eats but...

I think what we loved first and foremost was...

Being with each other!


I think that's sweet :)

Questions FU You....

What's your favourite dish to bring to a potluck?
Do you celebrate with your family, friends, teammates after an event?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. love all the good wine, sweets, and carbs! LOL!

    1. LOL...oh yes baby! (I enjoyed the non-alcholic beverages) :)

  2. Looks like SO much fun...and again, congrats on everything! Can't wait to hear what's coming up next...

  3. Holy yum! I was jealous of that carb-o plate, but then I was the peanut butter pie. Will someone share THAT recipe??? and the chammy! I knew my competition was getting close when my trainer asked me what kind of booze I wanted post-comp, and we decided on a food for post- show. our team is going for Mexican!

    1. I'm working on getting that recipe!

      Mmmm Fajitas and Nachos!

  4. Aww this looks like it was SO much fun! Are you competing again?!?

  5. What a great post-competition celebration! Nothing beats celebrating with friends and family.

  6. What a fun post competition celebration! Can't wait to hear about what you have coming up in the future!

  7. What a fun thing to do! Definitely a great way to commiserate the events.

  8. Well earned celebration! Those photos look like a LOT of fun. And that sweet stuff - Yum!

    I take cake to pot-luck - and whatever I feel like cooking.

  9. Love the fun & the celebration!!!!!!!!!! You really do rock happiness! :-)

  10. OMG, chowing down post-competition must be the best feeling! What's next for you??

    1. Oh it was sooooo good! Will share what's next soon! :)

  11. I'd be chanting "CARBS CARBS CARBS CARBS!!!"

  12. I bed those desserts tasted amazing!! Such a fun way to celebrate afterward together.

  13. My goodness you women sure do know how to cook and eat! Yummers. Looks like a great time, FUn!

  14. Damn you know how to eat and have fun!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake pops. And those are gorgeous. My favorite thing to bring to a potluck -Buffalo Chicken dip. So fatty, so hot and spicy - incredibly yummy!

    1. I'd never had a cakepop b4 Sunday! Amazing! :) I love hot and spicy!

  15. Wow- you guys know how to party! Love that you are able to achieve your fitness goals and still be able to enjoy and celebrate after!

  16. Oh congrats!!! I've been out of the bloogy loop this week...glad you got to have a great celebration with your girls. Yay carbs!!!!!!

  17. You have an amazing body!

    Those cakes look so good. Cake is my weakness.

    1. Thanks Nikki!

      The cakes were good! :)

  18. yum yum yum! definitely well deserved! I want that entire dessert table!

  19. i hope you ate everything that you were missing! I know I would've just ate dessert! (:

  20. That's awesome that you have a get together...

    congrats, congrats, congrats on the success.

  21. Isn't celebration always a must after any event???

  22. I LOVE your fitness IS the best part of competition.


  23. You did a really good job at moderating yourself after the competition. Haha. I've seen some people completely gorge... And then get sick. But, it sounds like you may be training for another one?? Excited to hear the details!


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