Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIAW: Fitness Competition Eats - Second Edition!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Happy it's Wednesday :)

As we're now halfway through the week...

It's time for me to share with you a glimpse into what I've been eating over the past few days with another edition of...

What I Ate Wednesday! (Thanks Jenn for this FUn way to share our eats!)

As you all know...

I'm getting ready for two fitness competitions taking place on the same day so...

What I'm putting into my tummy are all the things required to get stage ready!

I have to say...

The excitement is definitely there and I'm beyond pumped for the show date! (Only 10 more sleeps!)

I got my suit last night!
It's at home with me! :) :) :)
I FUreakin' love it!

And just so you know (as the days are winding down)...

We're tracking how my body is changing a little more closely to ensure everything is going as it should! (And tweaking certain things if and when necessary! Crunch time my friends! Crunch time! Yeeee!)

So are you ready for me to stop talking and get to sharing?



I put up a recipe for my mini protein bites!

Love these!

They have been such a delight to eat on my carb days! (Honestly so fun to crunch and munch on! Especially when they are nice and warm right out of the oven!)

Mmmm Mmmmm.

Other things I've been eating (and drinking as per usual) are...

Egg Whites :)
and coffee of course lol
I love egg whites and will definitely continue eating them post-comp!
I sprinkled on some Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle spice blend.
Flax Seeds Bowls
Chicken and Veggies Bowls with some Mrs. Dash Garlic Herb goodness.
Chicken and Spinach

And something I made as of late...

Pan fried Dill Halibut!

Recipe Ingredients:

  1. Season your fish
  2. Gently place the Halibut in a Olive Oil PAM sprayed fry pan and cook over medium low heat
  3. Cook one side for about 2 minutes and the other for another 2 or 3 minutes (I like mine browned)

Squeeze some lemon over top and enjoy!

If you're wanting to know what SuperFit has been eating...

Here's a little something I made for him...

Chicken and Broccoli.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 Diced Chicken Breast
  • 1 cup Broccoli
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 1 handFUl of dried Cranberries
  • 1 T of Char Crust Seasoning (I used Roasted Garlic Peppercorn) 

  1. Over medium low heat, spray your pan with Olive Oil and add your Broccoli and water
  2. Once Broccoli has slightly softened, add your Chicken
  3. Sprinkle on your Chart Crust Seasoning
  4. Let cook (stirring around every so often)
  5. Add Cranberries
  6. As soon your Chicken  has thoroughly cooked...
  7. Serve and Enjoy!

Oh and one last thing before I leave you today...

Given that we celebrated Thanksgiving weekend just a few days ago...

I thought I've FUel fill you in on some of the goods that were served! (Not for my eating though lol)

Mr. FUntastic was given a new title of Master Turkey Cutter.

If you're wondering what I ate...

Here's my plate!

Turkey and Lettuce :)
It was yummy!

Now (I have to admit)...

Sometimes it's hard to be surrounded by a whole bunch of mouthwatering foods and...

To reFUse everything being passed in your direction but...

Not for one second did I feel like I was missing out on anything!

I have a goal to reach and no succulent dish of any kind is going to lead me astray or...

Get in the way of accomplishing what I set out to achieve! (Nuh unh!)

Not even my sister Kiki's birthday cake...

Kiki's birthday is on Thursday!
Compliments of Isobel's Cupcakes!
I hear it was just amazing!

All in all...

Competing in a Fitness Show is a goal I set out to achieve so....

If I were to cheat, I'd only be cheating myself! (So by keeping myself focused and on track, I know I will have given 110% of myself!)

To be honest...

I'm extremely thankFUl to have an amazing support system that allow me to reach my goals, always!

I'm definitely so very grateFUl and appreciative of that! (Because I know it can be difficult if the support isn't there!)

I must admit, talking about all of this has left me...

Hungrier than ever in reaching this goal I have set before me!

Question FU You...

1. What are your favourite spices to use when cooking?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Ooh, that Halibut looks yummy!!!

    I put chipotle powder on just about everything. Love the stuff.

    Way to keep up the good work. I can't wait to see how it goes.

  2. Great eats and great job being "strong" and sticking to your meal plan. All the hard work will pay off so soon!

  3. Good luck on the rest of your training!! Your meals sound good!! I'm going to have to check out the recipe for those mini protein bites. I'm always looking for a little extra protein!

  4. Way to keep up the good work & stick to your training girl. I can't imagine not being able to partake in all those delicious dishes @ Thanksgiving. Bless your heart. I know all your hardwork will be off though :)

  5. Good for you, way to stick with your goal! Having a support group is great, even if they don't fully understand the whys of it all, knowing that someone believes in you is awesome. :)I love making chicken and broccoli (or whatever sturdy green thing we have in the fridge.) I'll have to try adding cranberries next time, it sounds good! I love using tamari or white miso w/ fresh lemon juice as a marinade & seasoning, better than just salt. Happy WIAW! :)

  6. Everything from the egg whites to that halibut look delicious. Awesome job sticking to your goal--you will do great! Must try your protein bites this weekend!

  7. Luckily, sometimes being vegetarian has its advantages at big feasts like that. My options are very very limited so it makes it incredibly easy to resist just going overboard. Kudos to you for sticking to your goals!!! Can't believe the comp is coming up so fast.

  8. I need you to revamp my entire kitchen. In my opinion most fitness food looks gross and does not look good in photos and yet every time I open your blog, the food looks like it came from a five star restaurant .

  9. You amaze me. You're such a strong person. When you set a goal, you dominate it!

  10. YOU ARE SO AMAZING! You are going to rock your competition! I can't wait to hear all about it! Plus I am dying to see your swimsuit!!

  11. That chicken and brocoli looks SOOOO good. I need to stop by so you can cook for me. You are going to rock that competition!

  12. Your halibut is how I've been making my salmon (last week eating salmon... wahhhh!). Love the dill!

    Way to go avoiding temptation on Thanksgiving. It's so hard some times! THanks for being a great inspiration. :)

  13. Girl my mouth is watering after reading this post and seeing all those yummy food pics!!! I am so inspired by you! I would NOT have had the willpower to not eat some of that yummy food! I love how you are focused on your goal! You are going to ROCK that competition! And I can't WAIT to see your suit...hope you're sharing that soon...hint, hint! ;-)

  14. You're so committed and strong! I'm impressed... it will definitely pay off. Happy birthday to your adorable sister, too!

  15. mmmm you could cook for me any day girl! (: I'm loving your eats!

  16. You show incredible amounts of restraint. I applaud you. But at least your foods are tasty. You are going to be amazing! Wait, you already are amazing!

  17. Love all your healthy meals! You are such an inspiration with how determined you are with this competition! You are going to do awesome!

  18. Thanks for sharing your eats! Its interesting to see what people eat in the days leading up to their comps. Good luck!!!

  19. I'm a fellow Mrs. Dash lover when it comes to spices :) Have you tried the fiesta lime? SO good!

    And way to stick to your goals and be willing to do what it takes! You are going to rock those shows!

  20. Only 10 more sleeps!! Ahhh!!! That halibut looks delicious!! I love using all kind of fresh herbs in my cooking!

  21. I love it! Haha.. Ten more sleeps. Such a good way to look at it :)

    Great job in resisting all of those yummy looking desserts! It'll be worth it.

    So jealous of your Thanksgiving turkey... Ours isn't for another month or so!! :(

  22. You have the strength of ten men to be able to say no to cake.

  23. Your food always looks delicious! I love cumin and coriander most - with some garlic too (ooh, and paprika). Spices make everything amazing!

  24. a whole turkey! That's FU-licious!

    Happy birthday tiny warrior.

  25. I love Mrs. Dash Chiptole spice too. I put it on everything! You're getting so close!

  26. that's some deliciousness right there. clean, healthy, and perfect FUel for you! Thanksgiving turkey and all

  27. Im back to steal the recipes :-)

  28. I loveee egg whites- savory or sweet, they're an awesome and super easy source of protein! Two of my favorite spices are cinnamon and red pepper flakes :) but Mrs. Dash makes a daily appearance too!


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