Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIAW: Competition Day Eats and Tasty Balls!

Happy Wednesday Halloween!

Would this count as a costume?
I'm a Peanut Butter Junkie ;)

In case you didn't already know...

Today is Halloween and...

It's also Hump day! (This means I'm that much closer to coming home!)

In keeping with tradition...

Today calls for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Last week...

I shared with you the FFA Team celebratory potluck goodies we had after the SAF and Physique Canada competitions...

FFA Peanut Butter Cupcakes.
(Not the actual colour of them!)

So this week...

Since I added the IDFA competition to my list (at the last minute)...

I have yet another celebratory meal to share with you all! (And will no doubt have another after my third competition this coming weekend with OPA! lol)

As you may already know...

I had Chip and Salsa as well Fajitas from Lone Star immediately following the show!

Mini FU did too ;)

But before that (meaning the hours before my show and while I was pumping up backstage)...

I had some the following:

Egg Oats in a bowl.
Baked Egg Oats on a plate.
(Minus the coffee)
Shots of maple syrup before stepping on stage.
Nuts at intermission
An Oatmeal Carob Chip Protein Bar.


Do you wanna know what I was most excited to pop into my mouth post-comp?!

Linday's Healthy Bites I had ordered just a few weeks back! (They arrived just in time!)

I swear...

These balls were everything I had imagined they would be...


I got an assortment of flavours and they were all amazing!
I saved some for this weekend  no doubt! :)

Oh and...

I also had my very first taste of a Starbucks Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte! (I finally got to enjoy one while waiting for my flight this past Sunday! My pre-comp diet didn't start again 'til Monday so, I made sure to slip one into my daily must-haves!)

Mmmmm Mmmm!


I think that's enough food for one day but, before I go...

Check out some of these posts on keeping healthy and groovy throughout this SpOoKy day!
  1. Carla over at MizFitOnline shares her genius approach to Halloween with Getting Into Character For A Healthy Halloween 
  2. Danielle over at Clean Food Creative Fitness offers us her Halloween Survival Guide
  3. Charissa from Colourful Palate shares with us her Beetiful Blood Juice recipe
  4. Amanda over at Happy Mother Runner rounds up a list of FUn and creative Healthy Halloween Treats; and
  5. Pavement Runner encourages us to get up and dance to these howling Halloween songs!
Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Questions FU You...

Do you get tempted by all the miniature Halloween goodies?
Any tips for keeping healthy on this sweet & spooky day?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Now Lindsay's Healthy Bites are my kind of sweet treat. I'm not a candy eater so I'm that minority that's not tempted - thank goodness!

  2. Those balls look yummy! ;)

    1. Oh they are my friend! They are!

  3. Lindsay's ball look so tasty... I wish I'd thought ahead enough to order some post-competition!

    I'm not a candy person, but give me baked goods any day!

    1. Her balls are incredible!

      I'd go for a cookie right about now ;)

  4. Lololol!!!!! Love the pb costume!!! I'm such an addict!!!! You are a true warrior! Keep inspiring! Xo

  5. Great eats! I still need to try Lindsay's Healthy Bites balls - they seriously look and sound AMAZING!

    Happy Halloween!!! :)))

  6. I had a sample pack from Lindsay this past week too that I won from her giveaway... LOVE! I'm now going through Healthy Bites withdrawal.

    1. I feel I will be going through the same withdrawal once I finish them off!

  7. OK - loved this post BUT my fav line - tasty balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I must check on those!!!

    You rock Kierston!

  8. I MUST order some of those tasty balls!!!! ;-)

    1. Absolutely, you must! You will want balls all the time!

  9. Yum!!! I love your post-comp eats - but somehow you make your pre-comp eats look just as great

    1. Thanks Kate! I love food....period.

  10. Those balls do look amazing!

    1. They are! I can't decide which flavour I like best!

  11. Love Lindsay and her Healthy Bites!! Yum Yum!

    Can I ask why you have to do shots of maple syrup? And is there a legit reason why I might have to do that too?! Haha


    1. Isn't she and aren't they amazing?!

      I take a few shots of maple syrup after I pump up to better, well, pump up my muscles! (They say it helps with getting your 'veins' to pop, which sounds gross but for those looking for vascularity, it helps!).

      I think we also do it for the sake of tradition :)

      That being said, I think you should take a shot of maple syrup with me on Saturday before I step on stage again! Yes? A virtual cheers!

  12. Love those Healthy Bites and great idea to get that whole assortment.

    I had no idea about the maple syrup, glad someone asked that one, very interesting. :)

  13. I'm going to remember that costume for next year! ;-)

    Not a candy lover but baked goods are my thing. I still have to try Lindsay's bites!

  14. I'm pretty sure I am becoming a Healthy Bites addict. They are SO good! And I should not be reading this post at lunchtime b/c now I am starving!

  15. you ate my balls! LOL! thank you for supporting! i hope they support you through your last show! YEA! So proud and inspired FUr YOU!

    1. I got my first order of HB's last week and think they are SO AWESOME! Immediately as I opened the box my hubby says "Do I smell cookie dough?!" :P I said yes, shared them with him, and told them they’re called “Healthy Bites” and he said he needed 5 more if they’re so healthy haha!

  16. I think I need to order me some Healthy Bites! I don't get too tempted by Halloween stuff because most of it is not vegan, and I long ago got over those temptations. If someone made me a vegan peanut butter cup, though, it would all be over.

    Question for you? What is the purpose of the maple syrup before walking on stage?

  17. yes, so tempted! It's so easy to just pop something small into your mouth!

  18. Mmm, Healthy Bites are the BEST! Definitely my kind of "treat"! I'm not usually tempted by Halloween candy since chocolate's not really my thing, but I'm a total sucker for all the themed cookies and bars and such!

    You are too cute! Love that first pic! Lol

  19. Okay, your review has me really wanting to order Lindsay's Health Bites. Since she send them to Quebec, I'm assuming that they'll travel to BC too?

    Best wishes this weekend! I'd love to be there and see you, but I have a sick kid at home and had to juggle clients for the rest of the week :(

    1. Yes absolutely she does! They are so delish! You must try them!

      Thanks for the good luck wishes! Next time we will meet :) xo

  20. those balls look so gooood! And way to go on the pumpkin spice latte! You deserved it! (:

    1. Thanks! Balls were was the latte :)


    #thatisall :-)

  22. So jealous of those Healthy Bite balls! I'd definitely be in love with the cookie dough flavor :)

    Good luck with your third competition! I'm sure it will be just as great as the rest!

  23. Yum - pies! I'm such a sucker for a beautiful pie!

    I avoided bringing candy into my house. I let myself eat it when I'm out, but it's not aloud to pass through my door!!

  24. Those healthy bites look amazing!


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