Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Scale: 2 Things To Keep In Mind Before Stepping On!

Aaahhh yes....

The scale!

The infamous 'S' word we so often use to measure our success and progress!


In all honesty...

The scale is a thing of sorts I've had a love/hate relationship with for quite some time now, well...

Until I stopped taking what it was telling me so literally!

In the past two and a half years of my journey into Health and Fitness...

I've come to realize that the scale is nothing more but a mere illusion of what's really going on with my weight loss, weight gains and maintenance goals!

Perhaps even a greater illusion that the Master Illusionist himself ;)
Vegas Trip 2011

The numbers which appear on the scale (whether they be electronic or by the powers of a literal balancing act)...

Do not tell it all!

Sorry to burst your bubble but they don't ;)

There is far more beyond those numbers that meet the eye! (Than what it leads us on to believe, in other words!)

For a long time...

I took the scale for that it was worth (which I thought was a lot) and accepted (with either happiness or utter FUreakin' frustration) what it was telling me. (Not a good thing!)

Damn scale.

After setting very specific numerical goals for myself (in the beginning)...

Take for example:

"I want to lose 10lbs"

As opposed to setting a goal like...

"I want to feel and look good both inside and out as a result of following a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle!"

My mind became fixed on the progress generated by a number that would appear on whatever machine I would end up standing on.

More often than not...
I didn't want to see what the scale had to say.

The mistake I allowed myself to make (unknowingly yet so often) was, again...

To let myself be led astray by those scary 'scaled' numbers!

And I shouldn't have.


As I'm currently preparing for the two Fitness Competitions (both taking place on the same day)...


I've been jumping on the scale once a week (or at the end of my diet cycles) to...

See how my body is reacting to the plans I'm following week in and week out! (In addition to taking my body fat measurements.)

To be quite honest, it took months before....

My metabolism kicked into gear and got moving.

Having said that though...

I always kept my eye on the goal (even if I was discouraged at times) because I knew...

I simply had to let my body move at its own pace!

I had to be patient with myself.

Because I knew that eventually...

Things would end up FALLing into place! (Both SuperFit and I expected it would take some time to get things going because, like I've mentioned to you on countless occasions, my metabolism is extremely stubborn and works in the strangest of ways!)

And they did, and for that reason alone...

I am soooo much more appreciative of my progress based on what I've been able to achieve! (I learned a lot about myself and that in itself is priceless!)


This year (in just a few weeks)...

I'll be competing at a heavier weight (in comparison to my first show) but yet....

I'll be at roughly the same body fat percentage! (Weight gain doesn't necessarily mean fat gain but yet, muscle gain! This is a good thing lol)

And to me (given my understanding on how to better read my results)...

This is nothing but good news! (It means all my workouts, trainings and healthy eating paid off in building more lean muscle mass! YaFUuuu!)

All to say...

The numbers on the scale have no real value (to me) unless I look at them from different angles to determine their actual worth.


Getting my body fat measured (through a skin fold measuring test, to account for muscle gains/loss, fat loss, etc...) 

Having said that...

What I find to be the most important of all when measuring your own progress it's these 2 things:
  1. How you look and feel both inside and out given the changes introduced into your eating plan and exercise program; and
  2. How your clothes FIT! (This is MY key in telling me how I'm doing! From a tight FIT to a lose FIT or vice versa, the way my clothes FIT definitely tell me what's going on!)

So please, before getting on that scale...

Think about how you feel before letting those numbers do that for you!

Don't take the scale so literally or get discouraged by what is says...

Learn what the numbers actually mean because that way...

You will be in a better position to 'math' things out while generating the results you are looking to achieve!

The scale doesn't leave you feeling and looking your best...

How you take care of your body (with the food you eat and exercise you do) does!

Damn right!

Questions FU You...

1. Do you let the scale determine your progress?
2. How do you measure your progress?
3. Do you even get on the scale?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

**I should note that off-season, I don't get measured and I very, very seldom get on the scale. I simply go on how I look and feel. But, if you are looking for numbers and want to keep track of your progress as you go along, I would suggest getting measured by a skilled professional. To each their own when it comes to measuring results :)**


  1. I weigh once a year at the doctors.
    needed or not :-)
    but I am all about the clothes. I really focus on just taking it all as information---but when they're tight tight tight I know I need to uh focus a little more on the information and what Im doing or slacking on...

  2. Great post. I stopped weighing myself after my personal trainer this spring kept telling me it wasn't worth it. I know my clothes fit or don't fit I know I like or don't like the roundess in my face and everything else is just a number the doctors can worry about and I've seen enough of 'em this year and no one has "yelled" at me yet!

  3. i weigh once a week but do realize it is just a number and so many factors determine it. i also measure myself - i like those numbers better! happy tuesday and spa love!

  4. Love this!! I do weigh myself, but I don't like the idea of allowing a number to define you. And I have also found that when I started exercise for health and to reach goals (like races) vs achieving a number has made a huge difference in my motivation and consistency. Plus as an added bonus the number on the scale has gone down too!

  5. very wise words, beautiful!! youre so right!! spa love and happy tuesday!!

  6. Great post, great message!!! I think it's far too easy for people to get "stuck on the scale" and measure their progress [or lack there of] by a number- your story of progress from last year to this year is an inspiring example! Best of luck with your 2 competitions :)

  7. Thanks Kierston! I really needed this today! I felt so grumpy after getting on the scale today and I am feeling a little better now :)

  8. This is a message I CONSTANTLY need to hear and I love your approach. Progress, health, fitness is determined by how you feel, not a number, I, too often, depend on that scale number. I need to back away and analyze what's really going on. How do I feel daily? Am I making good health and wellness choices?

    1. You go that right! We are not defined by a number!

  9. I love this Candy! I feel the same way about the scale. I definitely measure more by my clothes. :)

  10. Thanks you for this great post!!!! I just love this, so true =)

  11. Great reminder - it can be so easy to fall into a numbers trap. And a lower weight doesn't mean healthier or more fit either.

  12. I have a post somewhat like this in the making. I used to allow the scale to determine my progress. It was a serious issue I had. Trying not to allow that relapse to occur =/

  13. I don't even own a scale. I let how I feel and how my clothes fit remind me of where I am fitness and health wise!

    1. And it's a great thing to go by!

  14. Amazing post!!! I love this! I have had my own battles with the scale and in the end I think I need to adopt your way of viewing it! It really is just a number but it is amazing how much it can alter our thinking for an entire day, week, months, lifetime!

  15. Great points! I actually just realized I've forgotten to weight myself for a while... it just doesn't cross my mind. I do it when I think about it out of sheer curiosity. What matters more to me is how my muscles are developing and how my jeans fit.

    1. Yep! We can see and feel the changes...we don't need a scale to tell us otherwise! (Unless necessary!)

  16. i don't get why still use that thing. It says and means nothing, unless you need it for rehydration sources.
    It's about how YOU feel, how you THRIVE, how you LIVE!
    not numbers

  17. I stopped looking at the scale a long time ago. It's all about how my clothes are fitting. A little tight - cut back, ramp up the workouts.

  18. I don't let the #s on the scale determine me at all. Actually, I hardly ever weigh myself anymore. I usually just go by how I feel in my clothes. That's my indicator.

  19. Love this post and totally needed to hear that! I've noticed a change in my body composition, but the numbers on the scale keep increasing or remaining the same. You're totally right. Thank for reminding me :)

  20. It took me quite a while to realize all you describe above, but I'm finally there! I occasionally step on the scale, but don't take it nearly as seriously as I used to. Now, it's all about muscle mass, how clothes fit, and just how I physically (and mentally) feel! And I am so much happier because of it. People forget too, some skinny folks might weigh less, but have no strength and aren't as internally healthy as people larger than them.

  21. I weigh myself every other week, but use how my clothes fit as my health indicator most of the time. Great post!

  22. Love this post! I don't measure my goals by the scale OR my clothes - I try to go with feeling fit and seeing how far or fast I can go.

    I haven't weighed myself for 2 years, and my clothes fit or don;t fit depending on the activities I'm doing. I just try really hard to accept that.

  23. Glad you posted this. I rarely step on the scale (still out of fear, though, not gonna lie) but I judge my state of health and fitness by how my clothes fit, how I feel, and how capable I am during exercising. If I find that I'm not as strong or flexible as I used to be then I adjust. It's such a long process to start listening to your body and keeping in tune with it and being patient. Thank you for sharing this!

  24. Such a great post!!!!! I weigh every day BUT I know how fickle it can be! I also know I am heavier due to muscle. My weight has always gone up & down within 3 pounds a day from morn to night - I know that. With age, I have to really keep tabs on all BUTT how my clothes fit is the most important..... that says it ALTHOUGH as we age, same weight - higher body fat - it is what it is.... even though I work so hard with weights, cardio & food....

    Really Kierston - GREAT!!!! We need to just be healthy & feel good about what we are & what we have accomplished...

    1. I'm heavier due to muscle too and I'm proud of it! :)

      You look great btw!!!

  25. Great post! I rarely step on the scale. It's just way too easy to get sucked in by the numbers. I measure progress by, like you said, how my clothes fit and how I feel.


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