Friday, October 26, 2012

I #SweatPink!

If you've visited my blog over the past couple of months...

You may have noticed a new badge on my page! (On the right column! Just a scroll down a little, a little more, okay you're there! lol)

A little while ago...

I was selected to become a #SweatPink Ambassador through Fit Approach!

I was definitely super excited when receiving the news and...

There's no doubt how thrilled I am to have joined another amazing community of Fitness Enthusiasts alike!

If this is the first time you've heard of #SweatPink...

We are a community of women who follow the Fit Approach mission every day, which is:

"Sweat Heard, Play Hard, and Inspire those around {us} to achieve their best selves." ---> One Pink Shoe Lace at a time!

Needless to say...

Sharing my passion in a lifestyle FUelled by Health, Fitness and Balance is something I love doing!

Throughout my journey to healthy living, I've learned...

Never to doubt your true potential!

And that...

Change is possible if you simply believe in yourself!

If getting healthy and/or starting to exercise has been on your mind...

Take that first step and start working towards a healthier YOU today!


Want to win a pair of #SweatPink shoelaces to show your support and to join the movement? I've got two pairs to give away!

All you gotta do is...

Leave a comment below telling me how you like to get your 'sweat on'!


For an additional entry, tweet the following "I want to win a pair of #SweatPink Shoelaces via @CaNdYFiT! Sweat Hard, Play Hard and Inspire!" then come back telling me you tweeted!

One last thing...

If you're interested in becoming a #SweatPink Ambassador...

Apply here today!

Thank you Fit Approach for welcoming me into the Ambassador Program!


Questions FU You...

Have you heard of #sweatpink before?
How are you staying FIT this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. What a PINKPERFECT fit.


  2. Vicki WeisslfugOctober 26, 2012

    I want to get my sweat on with running and weight training with tone it up videos!

  3. Oh yay :-). Feeling the sweat pink love all over this page!

  4. congrats and welcome! spa love!

  5. Congrats Sweat Pink Sister! (don't enter me! I have my own pink laces already!)

  6. I like to get my sweat on through dance practice, tabata style training, and pilates.

  7. Congrats! I love your blog!...lots of fun energy about it. I like to get my sweat on by going to a solid morning run! SPA love!

  8. yay! welcome to the sweat pink sisterhood!

  9. Yay! So happy to be part of something so great with you!!! You're such an inspiration! Spa <3

  10. Merci C.
    My fav way to get my sweat every Monday giving a Sweaty Spin class!!!! BAM!

  11. I have some purple sneaks that would look pretty fab with pink laces...

    And get my sweat on? Lifting, of course :D

  12. Congrats!! I so want to be a sweatpink ambassador too ;)

  13. Congrats I'm a sweatpink ambassador too! I met Jamie when she was in NYC about a month ago, she is a very sweet girl. Her and her cousin have lots in store for Fit Approach so you should be excited!

  14. I currently only get my sweat on through running. I need to find something else here in our new town. I recently bought a Living Social deal for Bikram Yoga...that will get my sweat on!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. My first comment didn't appear to post so I did another one. That is what I deleted.

    I tweeted! :-)

  17. Congrats! I don't know much about Sweat Pink, but I see it everywhere.

  18. Like Laura, I've been seeing SPA everywhere. Congrats- sounds like a really fun community!

  19. How do I get my sweat on - cardio, weightlifting, core/abs, stretching!! I do it all & add in fun too! :)

  20. Welcome to the SPAs! (I've got pink laces already)

  21. Welcome! You are the perfect Ambassador for fitness! (I've got laces already too.) I run, ride my bike, do yoga, and lift weights to get my sweat on.

  22. Congratulations! I love to sweat pink by running and working out... I always look for the pink shoelaces when I attend an event... would love some!

  23. And I tweeted! Have a great sweaty pink weekend!


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