Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Not Done...

Let me elaborate a little more...

I'm not done with competing!


I am not! (Which is what I've been hinting at throughout my posts last week!)


I had planned on doing the Ontario Physique Association show after the October 20 show (in a decision made after the competition along with 7 other of my FFA Teammates)...


In a spur of the moment decision...

I also decided to register for the International Drug Free Athletics Ottawa/Gatineau Classic which took place...hmmm...

Ready for it...

Saturday night!!! (For those who weren't already aware!)


Let's rewind a little bit shall we?!...

At first...

I wasn't sure if I even wanted to do another show based on the fact I'd be away during the last week of prep (for the OPA competition) and second of all...

I wanted to be certain I was in the right frame of mind before committing to anything!

Although I knew I was committed to a Cappuccino the morning after the show!

Since I had a blast at my first competition of the season (dating back 9 days now)...

The thought of extending my prep by just a couple of weeks didn't bother me! (I've been following my program for quite some time now so prolonging it didn't sound like too much to ask for...for me at least!)


I really, really wanted to wear my suit again! (That Joan from Daydreams Fitness Wear made just for me!)

Thanks Joan'z'!

All that being said...

I bounced back from the competition (and potlucks) really well (it took my body no time to get back on track)...

My first workout post-comp!
It felt great :)
And so...

In a random idea proposed to SuperFit...

I officially registered for the IDFA competition Saturday morning! (I'll have you know, I wasn't following the typical 5 days out prep because we thought I'd only be doing OPA on November 3. Having said that, everything seemed to be in the right place for the IDFA show so we thought... why not?! lol)

Let's just say...

I got all my stuff together at lightening speed...

My competition suitcase I never really unpacked! lol


I got ready to step on stage in the Open (one level up from Novice) Fitness Category with less than 24 hours to prepare!

Thanks 007 for doing my hair!!!
J'chtaime gros!
My makeup and lashes!

There's no denying....

There was definitely a thrill in doing this on such short notice! 

Yeeee haw!


Do you want to know what I was most excited about?!

Well, the fact that...

SuperFit and I ended up making special date night of out my competing with IDFA! (Yes, we sure did!)

I can't hide how much...

I looked forward to this experience with him and...

How special it felt to have my boyfriend backstage with me! (And not having him in a backstage manager role, which is totally different!)

I mean...

I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the idea! (It made me really giddy inside lol!)

Love you

And to top it all off...

We had FUn throughout the night doing something so spontaneous!

Pumping up...
Fooling around :)

We even saw familiar faces and...

Made new friends along the way!

By the end of the night...

I came in 3rd place in the IDFA Open Fitness Category! (WoO Hoo!)

Right before stepping on stage!

And to celebrate...

We enjoyed some late night nachos and fajitas!

Lone Star...
You did not disappoint!

All in all...

I had an awesome date night with my man and I loved every moment of it! (I'm really happy I decided to add IDFA to my list!)


I've got 2 competitions down and...

1 more to go!

Question FU You...

Have you ever registered for an event at the very last minute?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

**IDFA wasn't anywhere on my radar until the other day! I was a bit nervous given that everything was so last minute but, it made it really FUn and exciting! It was all in good times and I had no expectations! I was just happy I got to do this with my man by my side! xo**


  1. Kierston, since I saw that instagram pic, I've been waiting for this post! (No, I'm not creepily refreshing, I happened to see it when I was less creepily refreshing my fb page). Congratulations! And how much fun :-D. Such a great spur of the moment choice, and it looks like it paid off - particularly for your enjoyment!

    The last comp I entered last minute was at athletics, years ago. Every now and then I would enter a 4x400 relay if the team was short. Oh it hurt!

    1. Thank you!!!

      And, totally not creepy! :)

  2. I'm so proud of you!

    1. I brought out my inner diva. YOU!

  3. as I said to you on the twitter :-)
    you CARPE every day.

    1. Thanks Miz! You don't know how much your words mean to me! xo

  4. I cannot get over how adorable you & the boy are. Seriously, the pictures of you two together put the biggest smile on my face xo

    && congratulations on placing 3rd. You rock!

  5. That's so cool you just jumped in and did it! Congrats on your placement! I love your suit -I'd want to compete every weekend just to wear it. :)

    1. Thanks! I love the suit! I want to sleep in it! lol

  6. You are just so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! FUn all the time! :) HUGE CONGRATS! You really look so wonderful!!!!

    1. I had a blast! Thanks for always being so supportive!

  7. oh i love it! looks like you are still having fun too!!! And a great support team

  8. You are amazing!!!! That is so awesome that you are able to tackle 3 competitions in 1 month! I've said it before and I'll say it again! Simply inspiring!

  9. I think it's totally awesome how you hit the stage last minute. I've never really signed up for anything last minute because I'm a huge planner. Maybe I'll have to try it someday....and congrats on 3rd place!!

    1. I'm a huge planner to and this was totally unplanned yet so much FUn! xo

  10. I've run races at the last minute, but never a competition like this! You're so confident and you should be! That takes guts and so proud of how well you did girl!

  11. you are rocking it girl! totally love this! I don't think I've ever registered for something last minute. I'm a planner- but totally think it's great to be spontaneous! :)

    1. I'm a planner too yet this felt so right to do on such short notice! It was super FUn!

  12. That's awesome! Congrats! Why not compete more since you've done all the hard work. What's a few more weeks? Can't wait to hear about your next show!

  13. What a fun night! And you did so well, too. Congratulations...again! :)

  14. Wow, if I knew that fitness competitions included nachos afterwards I woulda done it too! Just kidding, but huge congrats on such a successful last minute decision. I don't know much about fitness comp so I'm enjoying reading all about it on your blog. (I once signed up for a half marathon as a last minute decision the night before...)

    1. LOL Celebratory dinners call for anything I want...NACHOS and ALL! ;)

      Thanks for the congratulatory words!

      Half-marathon at the last minute, awesome!

  15. Love your spontaneity! I'm a planner and can see how freeing it might be to just get up and GO!

  16.'re awesome!! Congrats on placing as well!! Might as well get as much run out of that awesome bod as you can, right?

    You go girl!


  17. Ahh I saw your picture on IG and have been waiting to hear about this! So awesome and spontaneous! Congrats!

  18. You are such a rockstar! And hilarious and gorgeous!!

  19. SO awesome!! Congrats on the win! Love how it all worked out for you, and of course, date night!

    1. Date night was so awesome! Loved every minute of it :) Thanks!

  20. Great job Kierston! Might as well rock it while you in the 'got it' and prep mode. You and your man are so cute together.

    1. Thanks Christine! He makes me happy :)

  21. I love that you decided to do this spontaneously! Congratulations!! So amazing and awesome.

  22. I was there cheering for a friend last Saturday and when I saw you, I was completly surprised! I was star struck hihi. You looked great! Keep it up

    1. Yeeeee!!! Hopefully next time you can say hi! :)

      And, thanks xo

  23. Congrats girly, that's AWESOME!!! Your suit looks absolutely fabulous, love the colors! I always get a rush when I do something on a whim, but I can't imagine signing up for a competition on a whim... You rock!


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