Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Competition Day: Team FFA Rocks!

I can't even begin to tell you how much FUn I had at the...

SAF and Physique Canada Competitions!

From 330am (I couldn't sleep I was so excited) to 12am (post-comp potluck!)....

The excitement...

The smiles...

The laughs...

And best of all...

The friendships made and those that strengthened was beyond anything I could have ever asked for or imagined!

This entire journey to the stage was like no other and...

The experience itself will forever live in my memories! (And, in my pictures lol)

On our way to the competition venue!
Getting set up backstage!
Having FUn :)
Making sure to snap a few photos...
Little M and I cheesing for the camera!
Saying Hi to my Dad at intermission!
My Spartan Beast Partners Super Sly and Nookie!
My friend Nicole I met through my blog!
Having a great time backstage...
Can you tell I'm almost done ;)
The very first taste of our Nougat bar we bought together :)

I am so proud of myself for having accomplished this goal and....

I loved the package we brought forward!

Not for one second do I wish I presented something different because...

I worked my FUreakin' butt off to get on that stage and this was my time to show it off! (Like I've said before, competing has never been about winning for me. It's always been about the experience, the personal growth, the development of friendships and special bonds! It's also been about dedicating myself to something I am so passionate about and, living it to the absolute FUllest!)

I felt amazing, I felt FIT and really...

I felt exactly like I wanted to feel...

Like me! 

I brought it backstage...
On stage...

I'll be honest in telling you that...

I was a wee bit nervous about forgetting my routine, falling flat on my face or that...

The vaseline I so generously applied on my teeth would dry out (which would result in me not being able to close my mouth <--- speaking from experience) but...

None of these things happened! (ThankFUlly! lol)

About to step on stage!

I had such a great time and...

I am beyond thrilled with my...

3rd place finish with Physique Canada! (I was top 8 ~not sure exactly where in placing~ out of 16 in the SAF Fitness category)

In all the FUn that took place over the course of the day (which includes the insane toe cramping I got before stepping on stage which, I had to roll out with a dumbbell <--- talk about painFUl)...

The best parts about this experience (for me) was...

Being able to hang out with my Teammates and meeting all the other Athletes competing as well!

In prepping myself (and helping others) backstage to the quick bikini changes (I had a theme suit for the SAF Fitness division), to pumping up my muscles to actually getting on stage and doing my routine/poses for the comparisons...

I just truly enjoyed being out in those bright lights!

There's no denying...

I had lotsa FUn!


I'd like to say...

How proud I am of my Florida Fitness Aylmer Teammates and how lucky I am to be part of such an amazing Team!!!

They were (are) all so beautiful and their sportsmanship towards all Athletes was and is everything we represent as a Team!

BAM! ;)

I'd also like to say...

Thank you to SuperFit! (I can't even begin to tell you how incredible you are!)

You are definitely...

One 'Bad A$* Trainer and Coach'! (As well as my best friend and love of my life!)

Congrats on winning, for a second time...
The Top Trainer Award in both Federations!!!

All in all...

It was truly an incredible day and I'm happy to report that...

Our Team brought home a total of...

16 Trophies/Medals!!!!!!!!


We definitely rocked tha house!!!


As for another competition...

You can bet there will be another in my FUture! (Stay tuned!)

But in the meantime...

I'll be enjoying my *CaNdY*

I'll be posting a whole bunch of pics on my facebook page to better highlight all of the day's events!!! (Later on today so be sure to check back soon!)

Once again...

Congratulations to all Athletes who competed this past weekend and...

Thank you all so much for the good luck wishes, words of encouragement and never-ending support!


I am one happy girl!

Stay Tuned FU Our Post-Competition Parties On *CaNdY FiT! 


  1. way to work the FU Face! and i'm so proud. YOU DID THIS the RIGHT WAY!

  2. MAJOR congratulations!!!!! Sounds like a lot of fun and all the hard work paid off!!

  3. Congratulations! You worked so hard and you look awesome. LOVE your attitude!

  4. WOW GIRL! I'm so impressed by you. Your dedication, your hard work....it all paid off! Way to be! You make me kind of want to attempt something like this. Way to go!

  5. CONGRATS!!! On your placement & for this accomplishment! You have worked so hard for this!

  6. You look AMAZING!!! I love the suit and whoa - your hind end is rockin'. And your abs! I need to learn your ways! Congratulations!!!

  7. Woohoo - Congrats girl!!! You look fantastic! Hard work most certainly pays off.

  8. Amazing!!! Congratulations! I know that exact feeling of working so hard for something and then having it all pay off. So proud of you! HUGE hug!

  9. Oh I'm so so happy for you K! So are you part Asian like me? Are we Canada/US semi sisters?! ;)

    1. Yes! I'm half Chinese and half French Canadian :)

  10. Way to go!!! Such hard work and you rocked it!!

  11. Way to rock it! You look INCREDIBLE. Fantastic recap, and a great message about living life the the 'FUllest'!

    You have so much dedication and a great attitude to round it all out xx

  12. So so proud of you!!!!!! So much dedication went into this and I am so happy for you! you are such an inspiration!

  13. Wow--those are some rockin bodies, including yours! Congrats to you--it was a long journey and it clearly paid off!

  14. Congrats to you! That sounds like an awesome day and you presented so well. Seeing all the pictures of you with others makes me sad that I'm doing most of my journey on my own. It's a lonely biz, training for a fitness comp. :(

    If I do this again, I'm going to seek out some local buddies to suffer along with me hee hee.

    1. Being surrounded by my Teammates was a blessing! So grateful!

  15. Congrats! You rocked that stage and looked GREAT! You deserve all sorts of post-comp candy ;D Love the great camaraderie/fun you and all the girls had--You may have been competing, but it didn't mean you couldn't all be friends!

  16. Congratulations. It all looks so busy and hectic and FUn.

  17. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I AM SO Freaking Proud of you!! You have worked so hard, you look fierce, and your worked it! LOVE everything about this post!

  18. you look fantastic! way to rock the stage! Congrats...and enjoy the candy...errr, I mean trophies ;)

  19. Congratulations! Looks like it was a FUntastic time!

  20. Woohoo girl!!!! Congrats on an amazing finish! You looked gorgeous!!! And I could tell you were having so much FUn!!!! Love it!!!

  21. HUGE high five to you! Congrats, congrats. Well deserved. And I LOVE your suit. Perfect!!

  22. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I know first hand how hard this is so YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! Loved your suits!!! :)

  23. awwww great job! this is so exciting! loved reading your progress along the way!

  24. Look at chuu working your FU face! You are so adorable!! I'm so excited for all you awesome, kick a$$ and beautiful ladies! :) Now go eat some candy, and be proud of yourself for such an awesome accomplishment <3

  25. YOU ARE SO VERY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  26. Amazing amazing!! 3rd place is fantastic. So glad you had such an awesome time throughout the process as well. You look fantastic, way to earn it!

  27. Congrats again, 3rd place is amazing, and you looked like you were enjoying every minute :)

  28. CONGRATS on 3rd place! That is awesome! You looked great and I love your attitude about being happy regardless because you know you gave it your all. The group looked like a fun group to compete with. I always loved that about show day...everyone always got along and had so much FUN!

  29. Congrats! You look beautiful and I love that you always have so much fun!

  30. Thank you all so so much for the kind words and congratulatory messages!!!! It was truly an amazing day! xoxo

  31. Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment!!

  32. Congrats lady! Your worked your butt off and you deserve it! :)

  33. Ahhh now that is what it's all about ! The memories of all the hard work ,fun , goofing around , a bit of butterflies in our tummies ! We did it again Fu calisse xxx

  34. Congrats!!! Looks like so much fun, you should be so proud, you look amazing!!!

  35. Wow. Great job! I also have your WIAW in a tab, but I had to come check out how you did first. Congrats!!!

  36. Congrats! Congrats!! You look so freaking amazing and strong. Seriously, I love your positive attitude and you so deserve this.

  37. Google is a jerk and signed me into the wrong account when I was commenting. So let me say it again. Congrats!!! You look freaking amazing and beautiful and strong. I'm so happy for you!!


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