Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Weeks Out: Ready to Roll!

The past week in my Fitness Competition prep has been filled with...

Goodness all around!

Yep Yep!

First off...

It started with a ride....

A motorcycle ride that is!

Let me explain...


Having had his motorcycle license for quite a while now...

Was given a bike to borrow for a couple of weeks! (Awesome friend!)

Riding with the boys for the first time in a long time!
(And by boys I don't mean his Abs lol)

Well, needless to say...

We took FUll advantage of it!



We ended up riding in and around the Gatineau Park...

Enjoyed some nice scenery!


We 'hit' up the Westboro Village area for some afternoon FUel ;)

Cappuccino for him.
An amazing Americano for me!

I will tell you one thing though (despite the amazing rush!)...

The rides did leave me with a really sore neck!


I got me a massage to fix that! (On top of treating my body to a well deserved tuning of sorts!)

I was RENU'd alright ;)

By the end of my 60 minute sports massage...

My RMT left me not one, but two bags of Epsom Salt! (She figured I would need it! Hmm yes, yes indeed!)

If you haven't tried Epsom Salt in your bath...
So, SO relaxing!

In addition to this FUn...

I also got to spend some time with Family...

My cousin's bday!



My very good friend CM
Nikki and Little M

I also got to...

Practice my posing and routine with a bunch of amazing ladies at Florida Fitness Aylmer! (That is, before we hit the Serious About Fitness and Physique Canada stage in about 4 weeks now!)

SuperFit and Jenny did (and do) a great job with the competition simulation exercises! (And it's so very helpFUl for all of us!!!)

SuperFit and Jenny from PiNK PUMPS
Break time!

I'm happy to report that given all this practice time...

I'm getting more and more comfortable in my 5' heels! (Practice definitely has been helping!!!)

As do band-aids!

In terms of my workouts and progress....

Things are going as they should be! (Everything is in line with one another - my body, my mind, everything! I feel good!)

I have to admit though...

I was a little tired this week, so...

I made sure to include some rest into the mix! (Like a FUll day's rest without any exercise! It felt good to give my body a break!)

Sure did!


Did I mention the promo I wrote for my gym came out in our local paper?!


Click on photo to enlarge ;)

And, for a double OH (Oh, Oh!)...

This is the weekend I run my very first half-marathon!!!!!


I'm just two sleeps away from running the Army Run! (I'm picking up my race kit today!)

I think it goes without saying...

I am super duper excited (and a little nervous)! (I'll be writing a separate post to talk about everything leading up to this day, so stay tuned!)

Did I mention that they are calling for rain?!

They sure are!

One of my best runs ever was in the rain!

Having said that...

I'll still be wearing my blinged out race shirt no matter what!


Nikki, Nookie and I will all have matching T-shirts! (I can't wait for you to see them! lol)


Okay well, that's it that's all folks, so until next time... 

Have a great FUriday!

Questions FU You...

1. Do you have any races/events coming up?
2. What's on deck for the weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. best of luck at your race!!! im sure you will do awesome! the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy!!! spa love!

  2. I have my first 1/2 marathon coming up on October 8th. I'm so excited. I hoping to get in a long run this weekend. Good luck with your race and happy Friday! :)

    1. Yeeee! Thanks!

      Have a great run this weekend!

  3. Yay for your race day being SO close! You are going to do great & have a ton of fun! Can't wait to hear about it. As for me, I am counting down to the Nike Women's Half on 10/14!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm getting really excited!

      Good luck with your training!

  4. Face: I have never taken an epsom bath. Seriously. Am I really missing out on something?

    Good luck on your 1st half. You're going to do amazing! Can't wait to hear about it and see your shirts =)

    1. Yes, yes you are Heidi! Try it, your muscles and body will thank you!

      Thanks for the good luck wishes!

  5. I love using epsom salt in baths. It's supposed to really detox the body as well as relax sore achy muscles. I can't wait to hear about your half. So exciting!!!

    1. It sure does! I love epsom salt.

      I'm excited!

  6. my next race isn't till mid October. This weekend we are going to visit my family!

  7. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! We cans suffer through the rain together! I know you are going to rock your half!

    1. Thank you!!! I'll be thinking of you! :)

  8. Good luck girl! Shirts are looking good!

  9. Some much awesome in one post! Good luck this weekend. i can't wait to see that race shirt.

    This weekend I have a smoothie demo at my gym and then posing practice... where my trainer informed me I had to wear a bikini. The only one I have is some crappy Billabong thing. i'm going to look like a wanna be little kid in mommy's stripper heels. LOL!

    1. hahaha! Awesome ;)

      LOL...enjoy the heels!

  10. Good luck!!! I know you'll have a blast. Next weekend is my next 1/2.

  11. On deck for the I'm in need of some office basics!!! I'm actually not looking forward to this. haha. Anyway, so envious of that massage!

  12. yea! so excited FU YU! You're gonna rock it. !!

  13. GOOD LUCK!!! No matter what, you are wonderful & special & a winner!!!!! :-)

    LOVE your pics always!!!

  14. I am SO excited for your half! I think you know what was up to ;-). I pumped out a 32km. Holy wow.

    I need to see all the pictures, and the shirts, and how you feel.... Best of luck!


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