Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheesy Egg Mmm-Muffins!

Mornin' everyone!

I hope you're all hungry and ready to get your bake on as I have...

Two quick & easy 20 minute recipes for you to try out!

As promised in one of my posts last week...

I've got a something new that's coming right out of the oven for you!

What is it?

Just a little twist of creativeness taken from my Baked Oatmeal Protein Muffin Tops! (Nothing like keeping things interesting in the kitchen!)


I know Teddy is!

First off...

This is what you're going to need to make these...

Cheesy Oatmeal Egg Mmm-Muffins!



  1. Pre-heat your oven to bake at 350F.
  2. While the oven is heating, mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl with the exception of the cheese.
  3. In an oven-safe muffin top pan (or muffin pan), pour in the mixture into each empty hole.
  4. Be sure to spray a little olive oil before filling them up.
  5. Top each muffin top with a slice of cheese.
  6. Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes (until the cheese has slightly browned)

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you wait....

Once ready...

Remove from the oven and let cool for a minute or so.

Proceed to plate...



They were a little hot lol

Easy right?!

Right. (Hope you like them!)

And because I'm so excited about these yummy little things...

I've got a no-carb option for you too!

Here's the ingredients to make:

Cheesy Egg Mmm-Muffins!

Optional Ingredients:

Any vegetable you like (peppers, spinach, mushroom etc..)

**Instructions are the same as those listed above**

Oh and one more thing...

If you haven't do so already, be sure to enter my Avena Only Oats giveaway! Last date for entries is today, September 10, 2012, so click here to enter now!

Question FU You...

What are you having for breakfast this morning?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. YUM! So delicious! You give us yet another wonderful,healthy and easy recipe

  2. whoah! what a cool idea! i never thought of doing oats in with little egg cakes. thats so cool!! definitely trying these!

  3. Love it, FU...can't wait to try! Thanx :)

  4. ohmygosh that looks DELICIOUS!! I love eggs and I love oats. What a great combination!

  5. Looks tasty. I always have Kashi cereal for breakfast in the morning. I'm a creature of habit.

  6. I'm so uncreative with breakfast. It's pretty much always oatmeal with protein powder, PB, blueberries and cinnamon apples

  7. Seriously - these are delicious. Yum! BTW - I ordered Xanthan gum, and it's totally your fault! I want a protein bowl.

  8. Oh do those look fantastic! And you look like you are enjoying them, too! Thanks for sharing.

  9. YUM!! I had one of my homemade protein bars & a piece of whole grain toast with natural PB(chia & flax mixed in the PB). Love the pics - Did Teddy eat?? ;-)

  10. You're the only one that can pull off the FU face!!(For obvious reasons. lol) I'll add these to my to-try list, because I'm in desperate need of a reboot.

  11. These look good, you had me at cheese!!!

  12. I LOVE eggs! Your recipe is perfect for me!

  13. I love love love eggs - gotta make these!

  14. Yum yum yum!!!! Pinning!!!

  15. I know what I'm having tomorrow morning! Yum! :)

  16. How have I never put masala spice in my eggs?! I'm a huge fan of Indian spices... you just inspired my breakfast!

  17. Teddy is like the 2nd cutest dog ever. (ya, Mika is number one).

    I had a muffin for breakfast. But not your healthy, make me strong and look cool kind like you eat. Mine was a huge, blueberry one with a billion calories and goodness. So what, I ran 20 over the weekend. :)

  18. we LOOOOVE THOSE here too, SisterinIron ;-)

  19. THese look absolutely delish! I am going to have to try and make them for sure!

    I do have a favour to ask. can you vote for me to be the fashion blogger for place D'orleans?

    Thank you!


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