Friday, September 14, 2012

6 Weeks Out: Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Hey everyone!

It's FUriday!!! (Wee hoo!)

I hope you all had a great week!

I know I've been keeping busy!

Just to give you a little update...

I'm not at home.


I've be away since Tuesday! (I'm flying back today!)

I fell asleep on a 45 minute flight on the way here.

I have to say...

This week has been quite busy in more ways than one!

Coffee has been by my side this whole week.

Having said that...

I've been taking and making the time to...

Breathe in and out so as to re-focus myself accordingly!

I mean nothing works better for me than to...

Stop. Breathe. Relax. Reflect and Move (lift weights, run, do yoga) in order to...

Start back up again and begin moving forward with a clear mind.

Clear? Clear.

Like I've said before...

Life isn't always going to throw sunshine your way!


There will be clouds, rain, maybe even a thunderstorm but, in all of this...

rainbow will eventually appear which will bring forward a newer, even brighter day :)

Teddy agrees ;)

Speaking of Teddy...

He gave us quite the scare not long ago as he ate something he shouldn't have! (We try to hide everything from him but he always seems to get into something without us seeing! He's a sneaky puppy!)

Without going into too much detail...

I had to bring him to the Vets for an emergency visit! (Thank you Dr. V for seeing my poor little guy on such short notice!)

Just before arriving to the clinic...

Teddy pooped passed a sock!

And, as a result of his 'stomach relief'...

The doctor told me that Ted was lucky the sock didn't cause an obstruction!

He also said...

Teddy would be okay but to monitor his symptoms just in case! (He did add that my baby was a BIG baby because he was hugging me (was in my arms) the entire visit lol)

All of that being said, I'm happy to report that Teddy is now...

Back to his old self! (FUew!)

Moving on...

As I've been on the road for the past several days...

I did make sure to bring some food with me!

Take my BBQ Chicken for example!

I love those grill marks!

I mean common...

I can't leave the house without my chicken! (Sheesh! lol)


Ordering it for that matter....

In terms of my fitness...

I made sure to exercise the moment I could spare an hour or so!

I did cardio and Biceps on this particular day.

And because I was away from home....

I jumped started my week at the gym! (Starting my program on Sunday)

That way...

I would avoid having to play catch ups in the event I couldn't train while away! (Planning ahead is never a bad thing! I'm focused on my prep and I will ensure I get things done as I get closer and closer to the competition stage!)

In completely unrelated news but simply for pure FUn...

I also made sure to work on my Big Fat Hair (0 calories) since I'm working on rocking the #CotterFroChallenge!

The bigger the better!

Onwards and upwards...

When it comes to my half-marathon training...

I went for a great long run with Nookie over the weekend!

The weather was perfect as was the company and conversation!

I can't believe I'm almost a week away from the big event!!!  (Yeee!)

In taking about excitement and happiness...

I had the pleasure and opportunity to witness the union of a beautiFUl couple last weekend!

It was a FUntastic wedding and we all had a great time!

$15 dress.
Boat tour.
My lovely and amazing girlfriends.
Apparently these chips were to die for.
I took that picture!
It was the day Ally told me she got engaged!
Z gorgeous bride!
My handsome SuperFit!
The first dance.
The crazy dancers....
We had blast!
As did everyone!
After dinner cupcakes!
Two different flavour creations made by the bride and groom from
The Marble Slab Creamery!
This was the Skore Crumbler of sorts made by Ally!
SuperFit gave it an A+
As did Moosey and her fiancee!

And no...

I didn't have a yummy, oh so delicious looking Marble Slab Ice Cream cupcake!

Ah well!
I'm not about to let temptation sabotage my progress! :)

All in all...

It's been quite the eventFUl week and...

I can only imagine what the next few will bring as I get closer and closer to my upcoming events!

I'm focused. I'm ready and I'm excited!

Until next time...

Have a FUntastic weekend!


I have a puppy to get back to ;)

Questions FU You....

1. When life gets hectic, what do you do or how do you keep/get yourself focused?
2. What are you up to this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Sorry it hasn't been the best week :-(. I just try to sit tight and look forward to chilling out!

    Teddy is adorable. Poor thing - I hope the sock was worth it :-P

    1. He's been searching for another one since!

      My rainbow came through :)

  2. Poor Teddy! I'm glad he's feeling better. One of my dogs did that exact thing TWICE--not pretty.
    You on the other hand are adorable! Have a great weekend!
    Pretty Muddy for me!

  3. I think it's their jobs (our furbabies) to give us scares like that. We had to stop with any stuffy toy b/c Maddie destroyed then ate them. We'd find pink/blue/purple fabricpoop all over the yard. I love that dress on you. Perfect~

    1. Oh they love anything they shouldn't be eating! Keeps me on my toes that's for sure!

      And thanks :) $15 went a long way lol

  4. Way to stay on track while traveling! One week away from the return of cupcakes. :)

    Can't wait to hear all about the show. You are going to rock it!!!

    1. Thanks Laura!

      I'm excited for my half-marathon next week! Yeee!

  5. Oh Teddy. So glad he passed it and had no complications. That can be scary!

  6. So happy to hear Teddy is better!!!! I am looking forward to just relaxing this weekend and catching up on everything I've fallen behind on!

    1. Me too! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Good job not having a cupcake during a wedding. I'm pretty sure I would've devoured them. Your dress is so adorable! You're gonna do so well at your competition!

    1. Thanks so much Kate! :)

      The cupcakes looked amazing!

  8. What a silly Teddy. I can't believe he got that out! Silly puppy!

    I have a dreaded long run this weekend. Long, slow, painful, boring. But I'm gonna crush it and be happy I did, just like every other training week! Boom!!

  9. Oh, that Teddy! Can't believe you are only 6 weeks away!!! Wow! And you look GORGEOUS at the wedding. Love the black dress! Rock it girl!

    1. THank you so much Katie :)

      I know, I can't believe how fast the countdown has being going!

  10. I absolutely love Teddy and I'm glad he's okay. Happy the sock passed. I had a friend who's do at a pair of her panties which didn't pass and the doctor had to go in after them. Don't remember the details, the dog was okay, but is cost a couple thousand dollars for the panty recovery.

  11. You look great girl! I love your energy and excitement always...and you are right, remember to breathe!

  12. My Coop ate a rug before. Not pretty! Glad Teddy's ok!

  13. Poor Teddy!! But I'm glad that he's feeling better and that it wasn't more serious. Life is hectic now and I'm not doing such a great job of focusing. Maybe I should remember to breathe in and breathe out too?

    6 weeks!

    1. Sometimes catching our breath is all we need to refocus ourselves.

  14. you always have the most fun... and you should have totally kicked the cupcake out of his hand and did an evil laugh. Not nice SuperFit. Not nice.

    1. You know I have mad kicking skills right ;)

      He's on guard for next time hehe

  15. Nice party pics... you look gorgeous! And so glad Teddy is all right... what an awful scare!

    1. It really was a scare....I don't want to be scared like that ever again!

  16. Kierston, all I have to say is... You are so darn cute!

  17. late to the party but still chiming in how FLIPPING CUTE YOU ARE, how alike we are and how AWESOME you look in yer LBD!

    1. It took me 30 seconds to figure out what lbd was lol

      I hope one day we meet Miz. I really do.


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