Friday, September 28, 2012

4 Weeks to Competition: 5 Things to Get Done!

Is it FUriday already?!

Sure is my FUriends ;)


I can't believe how fast my fitness competition prep has gone by now that I'm approaching the last 3 weeks (as of tomorrow) before stepping foot on both the Serious About Fitness and Physique Canada stage!

Although I must admit...

Running a 1/2 marathon (you can check out my recap here in case you missed it!)...


My birthday (I love my bday!)...

May have had a little something something to do with the past 7 days going by so fast!


It's been an amazing week!

Did I mention I got some goodies in the mail too?

Check out...
My new #fitlfuential sweat activated tank top!
Love it!
I wore it the day it arrived! :)

Moving forward...

After a great weekend filled with celebrations and goal achieved...

It was right back to the playing field for me!

The only real change being that...

Running would no longer be found in my routine until post-competition! (This was the plan all along! Although I didn't lose any muscle while training for and doing the half, we just want to take out anything that may compromise maintaining my muscle mass from now until the show! Let's just say, we've been ubber careFUl throughout this whole process by keeping a close eye on my measurements and weight! Now, we can take out that worry and continue on! Don't worry, I'll get back to running by Halloween! lol)

In terms of my workouts...

They've been great!

SuperFit trained me on my Birthday!
I had a great Birthday Back Workout!

My legs are a wee bit sore from the race, but not enough to complain about them! (I mean, I did do a spin class after running 21K  (not the same day lol) so, they can't be that bad!)

That being said...

I'll give props to Swiss Natural's Microlactin for helping in my post-run recovery! (I've been taking Microlactin once a day since trying it out and I've been loving the my results!)

I'll also give credit to my new pillow (thanks SuperFit!) and the rest day I took in getting myself re-energized! (I'm not the Energizer Bunny, so I can't keep going and going and going lol I need to step back and rest in order to give my body the break it needs!)

Beats my $3 pillow lol

In terms of my pre-comp diet...

Both SuperFit and I have been really happy with how my body is reacting to it! (It took a little while for things to shift into gear **as we had expected**, but, we got there! lol WoO HOo!)


I feel good too!

And not because I decided to wear heels one day! ;)

Although I won't deny, just like anybody else...

I do have my days! (We're all human! I just have to remember to breathe, take a deep breath and take everything one day, one hour, one minute and one second at a time!)

If there's one thing (well many things) I'm reminded of during this competition prep it's this...


Patience with myself and my body.

Honestly, I don't think I would have appreciated my progress as much if...

It hadn't taken me the time to get me to where I am today.

I've really been able to reflect on a lot of things during this preparation to the stage!
Every moment and every day is an opportunity to learn and grow both inside and out.

Moving into the last 3 weeks....

I'm excited to see what the last few weeks will bring!

I know I'll definitely need to start getting my competition stuff together, like...

1. Getting my hair did;
2. Getting my nails done (Thanks Oli for the gift certificate!);
3. ReFUeling on some makeup and tanning product;
4. Packing up my competition suitcase (we all bring a little suitcase with everything we need for that day); and (not limited to)
5. Getting a massage (I'm in need of another!) to loosen up body (and my brain lol).

But most importantly...

Going in for another bikini fitting at Day Dreams Fitness Wear!

I can't wait to see what Joan has in store for me!

Yeee!!! (So FUreakin' exciting!!!)

With all of that said and done...

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!

Questions FU You...

1. Do you make a list of things you need to get done when preparing for an upcoming event?
2. What's good this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I love and live by lists! If it's not on a list there is a good chance it's not going to get done. Following your journey to competition is exciting! What's good this weekend? My husband is running his first 100k!

    1. WOW!!!! Good luck to you husband!

  2. I have to say - I LOVE your grouch shirts. So cute. You've had quite the week and have tons to do. You'll get them done because you are amazing.

    1. hehehe! They are super comfy too!

      You're too sweet, thanks you :)

  3. i am a huuuge list maker!!! i'd be lost without them! hahaha. the countdown is on for you, and you're going to do great!!!! spa love!

  4. Have a great weekend!!!! I love seeing your progress along to your competition! Your dedication is inspiring!

  5. Time flies whether we're having fun or it's best to have fun, right?! Still so excited to see your bikini!

    1. Time sure does fly my friend!

      I get to see it today...yehhoo!

  6. Ahhh, good luck with your competition! You will rock it :D Your bday cake(s) look so fun!

  7. Sounds to me like you are right on track to rock it! And you've got a list to follow, so nothing can go wrong.

    Love your dress in that one picture!

  8. Good luck with the prep! I definitely make a list - everything is so much more manageable!

    Have a lovely weekend :-)

    1. Thanks Kate! I've got my massage and hair appointments booked! WoOo!

  9. SUCH a huge accomplishment girl, you go! SPA <3

  10. Lists are what get me through the day!

  11. I always make lists and then end up adding more and more to them. They become novels by the end of the day! I cannot wait to see your bikini!

  12. I can't believe it's in 3 weeks!!! Yay!!! Can't wait to see your bikini! You just amaze me girl!!!! :-)

  13. Oops...I meant 4 weeks lol!

    1. It's 3 as of today lol! This post was the past week in prep :)

  14. You've had so much excitement already! Good luck over these last few weeks. I can't wait to see pics/hear all about it!

    1. Thanks Laura!!! I'm getting ubber excited!!!

  15. Oh man, 4 weeks!! I'm really very excited for you. Seriously, I love your attitude about preparing for competition and frankly, about life in general. Coming here always puts a big smile on my face. You are going to be fabulous. I have no doubt. Have an awesome weekend!

    1. You are so sweet Christine!!! Thank you :) xoxo

      HOpe you have a fabulous weekend!

  16. All the best for your competition! Nice to see your progress and dedication.


  17. This is my first time reading [linked from HFF] and such an awesome first post! Congrats on all of your accomplishments and birthday :D My birthday was Thursday and I got married earlier this month, so I'm a bit biased, but September is the best month :D Keep up all of the hard work!!!

  18. Loved this post! This is my first time reading (linked from Chrisitne at Oatmeal Toppings). I am a list junkie!

    I'm excited to follow the rest of your journey to the competition!



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