Thursday, August 2, 2012

With Negativity Comes Strength!

Okay so...

I debated writing this post because I didn't know if the topic itself really deserved or was worth the attention I would give it!

But after giving it some thought...

I decided to touch on the subject at hand.

Why? Because...

I came across a certain negativity just a few days ago and it made me reflect on how I perceive and handle things like this in my own life today! (I got something out of it in the end! That being a greater understanding of myself!)

**Overtime, I've learned that you have the option as well as the control of letting negativity consume you or not. I have chosen the latter! I like turning the negative into positive!**

Let me explain in FUrther detail...

I got, as some people would call, 'hate' on a picture I recently posted on on facebook.

I had just come back from a great workout and felt awesome! (I'm sure you know the feeling!)

After uploading a picture and going about my dinner business...

A Troll (as Miz would call him/her), headed on over to my space and decided to leave an 'unfriendly' comment! (Hey, I put myself out there so I'm bound to get some unloving comments from time to time!)


What I noticed immediately was my internal reaction to what I read, which was...

Nothing. (Okay fine, I laughed!)

I laughed then questioned why someone would take the time to leave a comment that would add nothing to the topic itself and offer no contribution whatsoever (in any way, shape or form) no matter how I tried to interpret it. (Don't worry, I didn't spend much time trying to figure it out! If any! lol)

So was I hurt?!

Absolutely not.

Was I going to let it bother me?


What it his/her intention to hurt my feelings?


Am I completely appreciative and thankFUl for all the amazing messages I received?

No words can describe how grateFUl I feel! (Thank you!)

What I've come to realize in the years I've lived (and perhaps this may be simple common sense to many, but I had to learn it by experience!) is that sometimes...

People say (in this case write) things that have the potential to hurt others, whether or not it was ever their intention to do so.

And what I've learned is that...

You can't take things personally because more often than not, negativity springs out of someone's own insecurities and has no reflection on you, as a person.


You really just have to let it slide, brush it off and roll with the sucker punches! (Don't let it bring you down, let it make you stronger as an individual, learn from it!)


Negativity itself can be very contagious (if we let it in) and...

Words can hurt (no doubt), but...

I've chosen to practice and do my best to rise above that type of negativity and continue to live my life in a positive fashion! (I've chosen to learn from these things as opposed to letting them consume and hurt me!)

In the end...

I choose to be positive with the words I use and...

I choose to do good with the language(s) I speak.

What about you?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

FitFluential Love


  1. Thanks for sharing this! it is crazy how much negative is out there. Thanks for the reminder to make it into something great.

  2. oh GIRL I wonder if it IS my troll.


  3. oh man, those trolls are waste of energy. I love your perspective. Keep it high and flying and soar right over them!

  4. GOOD FOR YOU! you have an awesome attitude, and it's great to see such inspiration coming from you in midst of negativity! SPA love!!

  5. Sometimes you have just have to accept some people are twats and move on. Looks like you have the right attitude.

  6. LOVE the use of the word troll! It suits this individual. Your thoughts and understanding of the greater perspective on this event are refreshing. Your dedication to fitness and nutrition speak for itself and it's unfortunate that not everyone fuels your success--some try to do away with it. Glad these trolls aren't stopping you! You're nothing short of AWESOME!

  7. People who don't understand the level of awesomeness that you possess just need to get with the program. You are incredible and always will be! :)

    1. You're sweet! Thank you Britt! xo

  8. Great post! I don't understand why people take the time to go out of their way to TRY to hurt someone else. It just makes no sense. Talk about having no life right? I usually try to remember that - they must have some serious problems of their own to feel the need to tear others down. I love love love your positivity!

    1. Thank you Heather!

      I don't get it and I'm not going to worry about it either. It's their issue, not mine :)

  9. Yep, and more often than not, other people's negativity (online, on the streets, wherever) is less about you and more about them. Their issues, their problems, their bad day. We just gotta shrug it off and move forward, like you did!

  10. trolls suck
    negativity sucks
    which is why the best thing to do is like you said, roll with it, ignore it, don't let it affect you!
    you ROCK!!!!

  11. I saw that & responded with how great you looked. I was tempted to call her out but honestly, I was not sure it was someone you knew & she was ribbing you.

    I love how you handled it Kierston! I have gotten the same thing thru the years... yes, it hurts at times but then I know that I am better for being fit & healthy. Hey, let them come talk to me when they are my age - they are gonna wish they pushed some weights! :-)

    F the trolls!!! :-)

    1. Thank you Jody! Definitely don't know who it is lol

      FU the trolls hahah ;)

  12. So sorry! I had a nasty blog comment the other day, like truly hateful, and not gonna lie at first it hurt my feelings, but then I realized how sad and pathetic the person who wrote it must be then I was able to laugh about it!

    1. What matters most is that we rise above it! Do what you love, always! :)

  13. Good for you to put such a positive spin on this. I just don't get why people would bother leaving negative/mean comments. Jealous? Probably that is it cause you obviously work very hard and have amazing results and enjoy your life and your friends/fam/pets and your surroundings.

    I applaud you and am glad you took the time to write this post... love the POW pic! :)

    Tweeting - everyone should read this post.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Elle :) xo

  14. I love this post! I def. get nervous that I am going to get mean comments on what I post. Especially doing VLOGS. You look great girl and it is a post every blogger should be reading!!

    1. Thank you so much!

      People who are mean aren't worth your time a day :)

      Keep doing what you love and V(b)LOG on!

  15. Good for you for turning such a negative into a positive. You can't let the trolls get you down, because then they win.

  16. Love!!

    Far too often I get caught up in someone's remarks, whether intended to hurt/mock or not. I have to remember that it's never stopped me from getting my Boom-Pow on and it never will. Glad you wrote about this!

  17. I love this and if you want me to kick their ass, I could totally do it.

  18. Yes, yes, yes! Haters gonna hate. Right? Rise about it!

  19. Good for you <3 ya girl! I always try to remember that haters are probably unhappy with something about themselves.

  20. So true - negativity can be so contagious and honestly, so not worth the time, energy and emotion. Love your perspective and attitude!


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