Monday, August 20, 2012

Staycation: FUn, Fitness, Food!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a FUbulous weekend!

I know I did! :)

As for me...

It's still the weekend as I'm officially on holidays for the next week! (WoO HoO!)

We (SuperFit and I) don't have any real plans aside from chillin' and relaxin', so in other words...

We are having ourselves a nice staycation! (We may take a couple of day trips but our plan is really to chillax and find ourselves some FUn activities to do in and around town!)

And so far...

It's been pretty awesome!

First off...

My neck (shoulder pain) is doing much, much better! (The only real issue I have is in my sleep, where it's a touch painFUl to change positions.)

And like I mentioned before...

It hasn't stopped me from working out! (I've been extra careFUl and have been icing it post-workout!)

Oh and I should point out...

I'm making my way up in terms of my Chin Up Challenge!

I went from 4 to 5! (YaY!)

If you haven't joined the #chinupwithfu challenge, get on board!

My goal is 10 by the end of the year!

Little M just signed on and is working her way to 3!

In addition to the great workouts...

We had some friends over for a spontaneous dinner and movie night!

**Nikki took me to Costco for the first time in a long time! How could I have forgotten about this place?!**

What was FUn about this spur of the moment dinner was the fact we prepared a pre-competition dinner for all of us! (Little M, Nikki and I are getting ready for our competition in October!)

We also showed Little M that putting a little love into her food makes all the difference!

Pre-contest eats don't have to be boring! (I've said before and I'll say it again!)

Getting my BBQ Veggies ready!
Nikki's stuffed Portobello Mushroom Caps!
Recipes for all of this will be up on the blog soon!

Little M was sold on the
L.O.V.E into your cooking idea! :)

All in all...

We had a great and tasty time!

Post-dinner #FUFACE

As did...


Nothing like a Teddy Bear hug!

Needless to say...

We had an awesome night (and weekend)! (Even the movie, which I can't remember the title of, was okay lol)


Alrighty well...

I just got back from my workout (it was Chest day) so...

I need to freshen up now!

I'll be sure to update you, here and there, as we continue on with our Staycation!

Until then...

Have a great day!

Questions FU You...

1. What did you get up to this weekend?
2. Costco, do you love it?
3. Have you joined the #chinupwithfu challenge? Where you at? 
**Be sure to post pics and updates on my facebook page!**

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Love the humor in your posts so much!!! The BBQ veggies look awesome. I can't wait til u post these recipes!! I was off in deep creek, md for the weekend. It was s nice lil break away! Have a happy Monday! Spalove!

    1. Thanks! Posted the recipe yesterday!
      Have a great day :)

  2. Nice! Looks like a great weekend! Glad to hear you are feeling better girlie! And those mushroom caps look divine!

    1. Merci Krysten! I'm happy it's feeling better too!

  3. I have GOT to get mushrooms...those caps look delicious. I'm thinking about making a healthy pizza out of them. I see so many great recipes and inspiration ideas. Have a great week!

    1. Oh yes! Sounds like a fabulous idea! :)

  4. Oh the veggies and mushrooms look fantastic! I have some portobellos too.....hmmm......I hope you have a wonderful staycation!

    1. Thanks Heather! So far so GREAT! :)

  5. I want a chin up! I think I need to join the challenge! I've been working towards one forever and am determined to get one by the end of the year!!

    1. YES! Join it! You got this! :)

  6. I love your pictures, especially the dogs!!! More dog pictures!!!

    Hope you enjoy your staycation! I'm back at work today after my one week off, also mostly at home with a couple trips to the beach and a visit with the grandsons. Perfect!

    Those veggies look goooooood!

    1. Just posted some new puppy pics yesterday! Love them :)

  7. Had to stop by in case there were pics of Teddy! Thanks for that.

    You and your friends always have such a great time together. So nice to see.

    1. Love my Teddy Bear :)

      Thanks Elle!

  8. Chin ups are tough! I work on them in CrossFit using bands and I've gotten stronger, but still have a long way to go. That meal looks super delish, can't wait to see the recipe!

    1. Join the challenge! :)

      Recipe posted yesterday!

  9. Can't get over how cute your teddy bear of a doggie is. Or how good that meal looks. The fish? The veg? The portabella? Om nom! And great job on those chin ups. Good that you have a goal!

    1. Love my litte (BIG)Teddy Bear!

      Thanks Cait! Working on it :)

  10. We found a lake and went swimming in the WARM water. Woohoo. Never been to a Costco =( I have not joined your challenge since I have no access to a chin up bar...but I need to.

    My random question: Is that your kitchen with the red cabinets? I am in love! Are they Ikea? I ask because I saw something like that their and fell in love with them!

    1. Yup, our kitchen! :)

      Not IKEA but I have seen those Ikea cabinets!

      I'm in love with the kichen too!

  11. Staycation looks like the perfect holiday! The food even looks edible :-P.

    I haven't been to Costco...yet. And I DID work this weekend (mostly!).

    1. Edible it is hahahah!

      Go to Costco!!! I felt like I was in a Food Wonderland.

      Glad you got some work done ;)

  12. You have so much fun & your pics show that!!! Glad you are getting better! You are looking great! Teddy - too friggin cute!!!!

    A couple years back I decided I wanted to do free weight chins & pull-ups again (did when I was younger). I got so big just getting there - my back is an easy gainer for me, that I decided to just stop & do my regular back workouts! ;-)

  13. Oh I love love love Costco. :D They're salmon there beats everywhere else... I don't know why haha!

  14. Our equivalent to Costco is BJ's. I love it! So many mega boxes of things that we can stock up on. ;)

    I'm drooling over the mushroom caps - yum!

    1. MEGA is definitely the word for it!

      Stop drooling, I put up the recipe yesterday ;)

  15. I love that you say pre-contest eating doesn't have to be boring. That is what I'm aiming to prove on my journey! Clean eating can be FUN!

  16. oh man, love that portabella pizza idea. Can i steal it? enjoy your week. Go to costco again!


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