Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Part II ~ FFA Girls Talk Body, Mind and Goals!

Last week...

The Girls of FFA talked about their experience preparing for and competing in a Fitness Competition.


We continue our Q&A where the Girls open up about what they've been up to, how they've been doing and what new and exciting things they've been working on since the big day!

Ready? Let's go!

1. Now that the competition is over, how do you feel both mentally and physically?

Chantal: Right after the competition, I was prepared to return to the gym and resume my workouts but I soon realized that I was exhausted. I took my time to rest and just sleep. For some reason, I was sore everywhere.

Meaghan: After the competition, it was tough not to workout for a week and have a specific diet plan to follow. Your body changes fast and that was hard to accept mentally, well for me it was anyways. You go from looking like a fitness model, the body you (I) always dreamed of having, to having to put on 'x' amount of body fat for maintenance and growth. After talking with my trainer Ken (SuperFit), he explained to me how it wasn't healthy to stay that way. He made sure I left his office with my mind in the right place (and that I did!)! I felt so much better after that! 

Nikki: Some days are good, some days are a bit tougher! Staying at 7% body fat is not healthy nor is it realistic! Learning to accept and love myself at 12 or 14% is challenging but its growing on me!

Nikki and Nookie!

Rose: The physique that is brought to stage is empowering! It feels great to be so lean and muscular at once. It's really intriguing to see the process to get to your competition physique and then get back to our post-competition look. After indulging a little too much (okay a lot lol) the day after the competition, my muscles felt fuller which was great, although I was definitely bloated. I did feel bad for eating so many sweets, but I decided to let my body have what it was craving for in order to be able to get back on track. I have gained 7 lbs. since competition but I have found a good balance. I am very conscious of what I'm fueling my body with in order to develop more muscle, stay healthy and fit. I now practice balance and moderation when it comes indulging.

2. Is the transition from a competition day physique to a post-competition physique difficult?

Chantal: I guess it would be normal to say that I have gained some of the weight back but, I was expecting that. I have decided to go back to the maintenance diet that I was using some time ago provided to me by Ken. I find this diet easy to stick to. I eat 6 times a day, with a protein of some sort each time. I knew that the competition body would be for that one day, I am happy with how I look now.

Meaghan: As you get ready for a competition, every day you look better than the day before! lol I won't lie, it's a good feeling! That being said, your body is going to change post competition whether you like it or not! After taking a week's rest, it really made me feel so much better and re-energized! I was ready to charge after another goal which, I think is important because that way you don't lose that balance in life.

Little M discovering the world of cycling!

Nikki: I think this journey is just as difficult as the preparation! But as the weeks go by it's all good! One step at a time!

7. Do you think it's important to meet with your Trainer for guidance and direction when it comes to the next steps post-competition? Why?

Chantal: I think it is important to meet with your Trainer post competition. Ken has the experience and knowledge and I trust him. He knows his stuff, even though he made me eat more fish than I really would have liked to...but my cat loved it.

Meaghan: Oh yes! I think it's very important to talk about where you go from here with your trainer. If I did not have the guidance that Ken gave me, I'd probably still be doing a pre-contest diet to stay the way I was! I believe it's so important to have that trusting relationship with your trainer! I think I can speak for the FFA Team when I say we are soooo lucky to have Kenny by our side! =D

Enjoying some downtime :)

Nikki: This is soooooooooooooooooo important to me! I need some structure and I like to weigh in! It keeps me on track and helps me from going back to bad habits! Let’s face it, you lose the weight but the hardest part is keeping it off! Now, it's the summer time and I love to let loose. Beer and wine are soooo good on a hot day! :)

Rick and Nikki

Rose: The follow up with Ken is an important part of the process. Not only does he ensure that we are back on track physically but emotionally as well. Transforming our physiques through diet and exercise has to be done in a safe and healthy manner. As women, there are emotional aspects that also go with that! He reminds us that the physical changes are normal and necessary.

8. What is your plan now? Any new goals, summer vacation? Tell me what's up!

Chantal: I'm currently training for the 5K Army Run this September! I am not much of a runner but love doing this one; it is just so inspiring to see and be a part of this event.

I will be taking a vacation in the Fall after my next competition (yes, I'll be doing another one in October!). My husband and I went to Mexico during my last pre-contest preparations so I had to stick to the diet (which was hard to do but I got through it!). This time around, I plan to let loose! I also plan on being on a patio enjoying a glass of wine with my wonderful husband.

Chantal and John <3

Meaghan: I am getting ready for the SAF Fall Spectacular where I'll be competing in the Elites category. I'm also getting ready to compete in the Tier 2 Athletic Physique category with Physique Canada! Wow, just typing that made me nervous lol! I had so much fun competing in both organizations so, how could I not compete again?! Oh, did I mention I was also getting ready for a photoshoot  in Toronto with Paul Buceta in the Fall?! It's part of the prize package I won from placing first place with SAF! (He's an amazing photographer who has shot covers and editorials for Oxygen and Inside Fitness Magazine, just to name a couple!).

Nikki: I have been a running machine since competition has been over! I might run a half or do a triathlon! We will see! Running is my way to relax...the further the better!

Rose: My goals are to participate in Zumba classes given by Gina at the Marina, rollerblade, run, enjoy nature and of course, the sunshine. I'm also excited that I will be Grandma in September, so exciting! I will hopefully convince my son to compete too. Now, I'm working on building my muscle mass and I'm continuing to learn from these experiences and embracing the journey.

9. Is there anything else you would like to share at this time? Special thanks?

Chantal: I have a list of people that I need to thank, so here goes....I want to thank my husband and my kids; they had to put up with me through all of this. I want to thank Ken for just being the best Trainer, he really is. The ladies of FFA, you guys really rock!!!! My co-workers, they were really supportive. I am really lucky they did not try to sabotage my diet. I also want to thank *CaNdY FiT* for allowing me to be part of this wonderful blog.

Meaghan: I want to thank my trainer SuperFit =p! I couldn't have done it without him! I'd like to thank the FFA Team for all of their advice and support, you guys are like my second family! Also, my family, they have been incredibly supportive and motivational throughout my journey! They're the best and I couldn't have ask for more! Most of all, I would like to thank my Mom, she is amazing! She was so patient, understanding, supportive, loving, caring and really, just the most perfect mom! Thanks to everyone and you, FU,  you're just freaking awesome for doing this!! =D 

 Nikki: I would like to thank everyone who has made comments on this blog! Your support and comments are extremely appreciated! I would like to thank the volunteers, you know who you are, you really made this day special! Thank you to the girls backstage and in the change rooms, I can’t even explain the kindness of strangers...the smiles, compliments and just the overall sportsmanship. Thanks to my Coach, Ken, for always going above and beyond! Thanks to my friend FU for this blog, it’s been a cool way to express myself and get some pretty cool words of encouragement from strangers! Also, I am truly so so lucky to have the most amazing husband, family and friends! Their support in the last year has truly been a gift ! Thank you Maaaaaaa!

Rose: I want to thank my family and friends for encouraging me throughout the journey, for understanding that even though it requires a lot of my time they always held a special place in my heart and thoughts. My Son Jeff for spotting and always giving me his constructive criticism! Thank you to my Trainer Ken for making each training session fun and unique! Also, thank you for encouraging me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of with every training session we had. Lastly, a special thank you to you FU for taking the time to include me in your blog.

"While fulfilling your passion, you always feel emotion, sometimes joy, sometimes defeat, but always alive" 


Thank you Ladies for taking the time to share with us your journey and experience!

Like you...

I have learned so much not only from preparing for and competing in a competition, but the journey that has followed there after!

The personal growth is truly like no other!

Enjoy the rest your summers and see you at the gym! ;)


As this (almost) concludes The Girls of FFA Competition Series...

Here's a recap in case you missed anything up until this point!

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Competition Day:

The Girls of FFA Compete!


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The Journey to the Stage!


Until next time...

Thank you to everyone for the amazing support, comments and on-going encouragement you have given the girls and me throughout our journeys!


Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. This is such an important post! It really balances out so much about the figure competitions. The idea that it's amazing to get to that size and fitness level, but that it's not that healthy to stay there must be incredibly difficult once you finish, even if it's critical!

    It sounds like you have an amazing man in your life :-D

  2. I could never do that, yall are all so awesome and so disciplined!

  3. I ditto what Kate said! I have been there. IT really made me feel great that I did it - bodybuilding - and what I accomplished but it is so much more. Understanding that the bod just can't be this way 24/7 is important but all the hard work is amazing!

    Thx for sharing!

  4. WOW! These girls are amazing!!! I'm so glad that they are ok with the changes their body will make after competition. I can tell that they are all focused on being healthy and I love that!

  5. Wow, it looks like you're definitely surrounded by women who lift you up, build you up and encourage. What a great support system!

  6. What an interesting post! I think there is so much focus on what goes into leading up to a competition that there is not much attention placed on the after effect! Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Love this post! I learned its just as important to meet with your trainer after competition, too. I can understand it would be difficult to adjust post-competition in regards to adding weight back on.

  8. great post, awesome balance and dedication to the lifestyle.

  9. is it weird how funny I think that ass grab picture is? I kinda love it. The dedication of the pro fit body community is astounding. I simply cannot wrap my head around it.

  10. WOWzer! These are some hard working drop dead gorgeous girls. I am a runner but feel so inspired by your hard work, dedication and commitment. Nice work ladies!

  11. This is awesome! Love these type of blog posts :) Thanks for sharing!

    I needed this.


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