Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Part I ~ The Girls of Florida Fitness Aylmer: Post-Competition


Rose, MeaghanChantal and Nikki, from Florida Fitness Aylmer, will be talking to us about their Fitness Competition experience from this past June where they competed in both Serious About Fitness and Physique Canada Federations!

Rose, Meaghan, Chantal and Nookie in one of the line-ups.

After opening up and sharing what I learned from my experience in my last post...

I wanted to give these amazing ladies the opportunity to discuss what preparing for and competing in a competition felt like and what they learned from it! (This was a first for many of them!)

I think it's important to highlight and recognize, from all perspectives, the realities of Fitness Competitions and what it all entails!

So without FUrther ado...

The Girls of Florida Fitness Aylmer!

1. Tell me about your competition experience, was it everything you thought and hoped it would be?

Chantal: All I can say is WOW, I really did not think I would make it to the end; the journey at times seemed overwhelming. When we were led out to the stage I came to the sudden realization that I was in this competition as a participant. Up until that point, it just did not seem real even though I had talked about this for so long. I was most definitely nervous. I was concerned that I would forget my routine. However, I realized that it really did not matter if I forgot because no one really knew what I was supposed to be doing. So I gave myself a pep talk, yeah I know I talk to myself just to get through things, but it helps a lot. I told myself to just go with it and things would be fine. I am shy and this was the most difficult thing for me. I was not comfortable but knew I had to make it through. I made a promise and I was going to keep it.

Being backstage was amazing. The group of ladies at FFA are wonderful. We have the best team spirit around. We help each other where we can; whether it be applying Jan Tana or just sharing a few laughs. I have to say the backstage experience was the best for me.

Meaghan: When we first lined up backstage and our division was called out, that was when I started realizing "I'm actually doing this!". Thoughts like "omg what if I fall flat on my face" and "what if I forget my routine?!" were racing through my mind. After taking that first step on stage, those thoughts quickly disappeared, especially after hearing my family cheering me on in the audience! Although, I was definitely still nervous! I mean, I even screwed up my routine at one point but I kept my cool and everything went perfect! That feeling of being on stage, I can't even describe! It's an amazing feeling especially when you know you worked soooo hard to get there! Let's just say, I was so ready for round 2! =)

Nikki: Wow! This day was amazing from start to finish! Nookie and I could not sleep the night before the competition (we had a sleepover)! We actually woke up at 4am and played Checkers on her iPhone! Once we actually got up, I noticed I had two big hand prints on my legs! I had mistakenly slept with my hands on my thighs and it left a mark as a result of the tanning product we had applied at our "Tanning Party". Also, both Nookie and I laughed when putting our on makeup because neither of us wear much to begin with! I felt like a little girl getting ready for prom night! Come the preparations at the event location, I was so nervous! I did my best to hold back the tears so that my makeup wouldn't run! I couldn't believe I was actually going to get on stage in 5 inch heels in an itsy bitsy suit! But, the moment I was with the girls backstage, everything turned out to be completely amazing! And, once I stepped onto that stage, man, was that ever an awesome feeling! No words can describe!

Rose: I was so proud and confident to compete on June 16th. I know I improved and transformed my physique a lot in the past two years and I'm proud to say my lips did not quiver as they usually do when I'm on stage. In terms of my emotions, they were all over the place. I'm very competitive by nature and have high expectations of myself. As this was my 4th competition, I really wanted to place top 3 at least in the 40+ and 45+ categories and. I did not want to let down the FFA Team. Unfortunately, I did not win. I felt disappointed and let down. Although after much reflection, I realized that I had lost track of my own philosophy which is, I want to be my personal best and that in the end, it's in the judges hands. 

I truly enjoyed  the backstage experience! I felt like I was preparing for a Miss Universe pageant. I cannot describe the bonding and excitement that was felt amongst the FFA Team. We all supported and encouraged one another throughout our preparations, but on this day, we were able to all come together in one place! We also had amazing support and help from the volunteers, many who were from FFA. The sportsmanship among all competitors was like no other!

2. What was your most memorable moment?

Chantal: My most memorable moment was the small pep talk Ken (SuperFit) gave each of us before we headed on stage. He made me feel better about the thousands of butterflies that decided to set up shop in my stomach. When I found out Nikki, Anouk, Marie-France and Little M had won, I was so thrilled for them. I know they worked so hard to get there and I was so proud. 

Meaghan: The whole day was a memorable one, especially when I was awarded first place in the Serious About Fitness Open Fitness Model category and in the Tier 3 Athletic Physique category with Physique Canada! I got all teary-eyed (and for me, I typically never get emotional!)! I have to say though, my most memorable moment was when Nikki and I crossed each other's path when making my way to the backstage. We had just won our categories. I got this immediate flashback of Nikki and me in her car singing to music and being totally pumped about competing in our first competition! I was more excited about her win than my own! =)

Nikki: Of course it was exciting to win two first places in the Masters and Tier 3 Most Muscular categories with Physique Canada, but I think the moment I enjoyed and remember the most was in the change room, backstage, with all those amazing women! They were all totally supportive and full of smiles. Some of the fun memories I have are getting pumped up before hitting the stage, getting bikini 'bited' and having five people oil me up because I had less than 5 minutes to get on stage!

Rose: My most memorable moments were when members of the FFA team won trophies in several of their categories and, of course, when Ken (SuperFit) won the Top Training award in both Serious About Fitness and Physique Canada Federations!

3. What have you learned in preparing for and competing in a Fitness Competition?

Chantal: I came away from that experience with a great sense of accomplishment. I made it up on stage and looked the part. I learned a great deal about myself. I am proud of myself and have no regrets at all.

Meaghan: I have learned so much through this whole experience! Not only did I learn about how to eat healthy and how to properly execute my exercises but, I learned that dedication, motivation and always looking forward (never backwards) will get you far in life! I also learned to be organized, like it or not,  you have to be if you want to be able to succeed in this kind of sport! 

Nikki: I have learned that I love it! I wish I would have found the self-confidence to do it before! If I can say one thing it's, try everything you dream of doing! It's never too late!

Rose: Creating the perfect figure physique is a blend of genetics, intense weight training, cardio and a nutrition plan to fit your body and needs. Hats off to Ken for helping us find the perfect recipe! He definitely had his work cut out for him!

4. Do you plan on competing again? Why or why not?

Chantal: I guess you could say I have been bitten by the competition bug and will compete again; hopefully in the Fall. I decided initially to compete as a promise to my brother, but this time around I want to do it for me.

Meaghan: Most definitely! I love the sport! Getting ready for a competition is quite the journey but getting on stage is the best feeling in the world! It's your day and you worked your booty off to get there! It's your time to shine!

Nikki: 100% yes! October Physique Canada here I come!

Rose: Although I almost thought I wouldn't compete again, I had to reflect and remember why I decided to in the first place. After the memorable brunch held at Nikki's place, that's when it all came back to me. The bonding, excitement, the fun and the celebrations of all of our accomplishments and victories was truly something I loved about this whole experience. 

Also, once I saw the competition pictures that Chantal's husband took of us, I realized I did pose very well and the confidence I possessed did shine through! I was reminded that I do belong on stage! I'd like to say thank you to Sue for the pep talk, encouragement and hug!

Question FU You....

What is one of your most memorable moments from a race, event and/competition?

Stay Tuned FU Part II On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I love love these posts. They inspire me.

  2. very cool to hear all of these hard working ladies thoughts! my most memorable moment from a race was when i thought that i had run 5 miles but i had actually already run 7. i was so excited! hahaha SPA LOVE

  3. I'll be honest, I've NEVER been interested in competitions like this...nothing wrong with it, just not for me. But your posts inspire me! These ladies (and you) are so hard working and so amazing!

  4. What a brilliant idea! It's great to hear these things from a number of point of views. Thanks for the post and thanks to these lovely ladies for answering these questions! :)

  5. I love your post FU! everybody stories are SO INSPIRING! to respond to your question I would say to see the finishing line at Chicago marathon last October and realizing that I had qualifying for Boston after working so hard for 4 years to reach that goal. When I think back I also realised hoe much I had learn from not hitting my goal during those for years. We tend to forget about the journey and everything it fill us with. Since Chicago I have taken a year off of marathon training but it has also been very challenging to find a balance. sonia la gazelle

  6. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing all this insight into the life of a competitor!

  7. I have memorable moments for each and every competition I've done...the best parts for me are the road trips, in which you have took part in a few... :-P


  8. Amazing, AMAZING women in this post! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow! Great post in showing how much dedication these ladies have to the sport! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wonderful post! This makes me even more excited to compete. Congrats to all of you ladies on your accomplishments!!!

  11. Love that you share this so others that want to compete hear it all.. I have been there & done that - we are all different but great insights!

  12. amazing group of girls! thanks for sharing this.
    it brings back memories, as our two older sisters did a little bodybuilding years ago!

  13. Wow, all these girl look amazing. Respect for the dedication and will power to compete.

  14. You ladies definitely had a presence at this competition. You all looked so amazing and definitely inspired so many others! Keep it up ladies, you're all superstars!!!


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  16. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really like learning more about fitness competitions because it's something that I don't know about. These women are amazing and so incredibly dedicated but you can also feel their enthusiasm and passion come off the page.


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