Friday, August 31, 2012

Part II ~ 8 Weeks Out: Being The Best Me!

In yesterday's post, I spoke about what this past week in prep has taught me, so today...

I'll be touching on my training as I work towards the SAF and Physique Canada stage as well as my upcoming half-marathon!

When it comes to my running...

Things have been going pretty well since overcoming my calf/ankle injury.

I've been getting in some good runs and that makes me really happy! (And confident! I'm not as worried as I was before that's for sure!)

This was one hot and sweaty run!

So far...

The distance runs have been okay, so...

I'm keeping positive (and hopeFUl) that things will remain as such!


If there's one thing I've learned over the past year in running (aside from loving the challenge it has brought into my life in more ways than one lol!)...

An injury can happen at any time and any place, whether you're having a great running day or not.


Be mindFUl of your body with every stride and...

Push yourself past those mental barriers! (When your brain tells you you can't!)



If there's one thing I've come to realize in my running journey it's that...

My goal isn't about setting new PRs (although it's awesome when you do) but yet...

It's truly about enjoying and finding pleasure in what it is I'm doing!

I want to remain carefree when it comes to this sport and simply love it for all it has to offer me! (I find if I get too caught up in times, pace and distance that the pleasure of running itself escapes me because I get too focused on numbers! I simply like putting on my runners and running.)

All in all (and like I said before)...

I just want to do and be my best because that's what matters to me most! (I have nothing to prove. What I have is the continuous learning experience I get to take away from it all! It's my goal, my challenge.)

I've learned that I sweat more than what I ever thought possible for my body.

Moving on...

When it comes to my preparations to compete...

Everything has been going well and I'm on track! (We are playing around with my diet so it's been interesting to see how my body has been reacting to it all, which has all been positive thus far!)

As I mentioned in my WIAW post...

The food part of my prep has been plain and simple over the past few days! (I can't say my regular eats are too far off from what I'm eating now as the seasoning I do use regularly are pretty scarce but tasty nonetheless! But don't get me wrong, I do love me some spice!)


The progress is coming along and I'm feeling great! :)

In terms of the training itself...

I haven't lost any strength and to be quite honest,

I feel stronger than ever!

All I can do now is...

Continue doing what I'm doing and bring it with everything I've got and then some!


I want to be the best that I can be knowing I gave it 110% of myself!


Oh and...

Did I mention I received my Physique Canada membership card in the mail the other day?!!

This makes competing even more official! (Eeeeee!!!)

So, as of tomorrow...

I will be almost 3 weeks away to my half and 7 weeks out to my competition! (YaFUuuuu!!!)

Happy FUriday everyone!

Questions FU You...

1. What do you love most about your training?
2. What's up this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Hpw exciting! My favorite thing about training is how balanced it makes me feel. I'm not me without it!

  2. I love that you're not trying to PR on your half. :) People get too consumed with numbers. I'll be the first to admit that I am one of these people! Good luck! I can't wait to see you succeed in BOTH of these events. :)

  3. That's awesome! I am way too focussed on numbers - I have a lot to learn from you ;-). Running for the joy of running can't be beaten.

    You look amazing!

  4. I love your advice on running! I have started to go "full circle" with my runs, from grueling training plans, where I put a lot of demands on myself to just having fun. You are so awesome!

  5. Fantastic post! I love my training because of the way it makes me feel and how it puts a positive spin on my mood no matter what! I think sometimes I get too focused on the numbers or pushing myself when really I just need to let go of that mental focus and see what I am capable judgement just move!

  6. Yes! ---> "My goal isn't about setting new PRs (although it's awesome when you do) but yet...
    It's truly about enjoying and finding pleasure in what it is I'm doing!" I'm ALL about that. Glad to hear you're making progress and seeing great results. I have no doubt you're going to make this happen!

  7. Love your running reflections. It's always nice to hear how others respond to or think about running. I love that carefree feeling too.

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling good - you look fantastic!

    I remember the day I realize I had started running for fun. It's such a freeing feeling!

  9. I completely agree that running should remain FUN and not always about PRs! I'm still trying to learn to listen to my body to avoid running injuries (which is why I'm NOT running a race tomorrow even though a bunch of my running friends are) and just stay healthy ;)

  10. Awesome post!!! Running should definitely be about having fun and enjoying it! You're doing great!!!

  11. I love your attitude- you're so right that it should be about loving the experience, not worrying about time and new prs. Your facial expressions always crack me up! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. I love that you want to simply love what you're doing. That's most important. Don't make things too complicated, love simply! I'm house/dog sitting this weekend...kind of having a mini "staycation" of sorts and looking forward to it!

  13. Good for you, sounds like you're going to do great and enjoy yourself!! Best of luck :)

  14. i'll be camping this weekend with some family for labor day! super excited!! thanks for being so positive and inspiring!! spa love!

  15. I'm trying to get into that same frame of mind with running. I have a 1/2 coming up at the end of September. Since I'm coming off an injury, I know I won't set any PRs. I just want to run and not think about pace. It's hard to actually do since I get a little competitive when I'm in a race. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Hope you really enjoy your half. I think you attitude is so great.. balanced and realistic. Have a ball!

  17. You look awesome! I totally agree, it's not about PRs I always want to enjoy my workouts, and while I have some bad runs or workouts where I think I shouldve pushed myself harder, at the end of the day I am enjoying what I am doing to be healthy!

  18. As I always say - you are amazing!!! Your attitude is amazing! Like you - I sweat like no tomorrow! :-)

    I have found as I get older that even though I push myself big time, I also am aware that I have been doing that for many many many years so there are times I just say NO to something I don't really want to do... like your running - you do to enjoy. I have chosen not to do certain challenges out there in blog world cause I just want to enjoy what I really want to do & want to push at - selfish but I am going to be 55 soon so I have pushed more years than many! :-)

    Can't wait to hear more of your journey!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I think it's amazing that you're training for two such very different events at the same time!
    I always thought that long distance running and muscle-building couldn't be done at the same time, but YOU LADY are proving me wrong!

  20. Glad things are working for you in your training. It's always scary (I think) to be training for something. Keeping fit is great and if there's a hiccup then you work around it, but when in training for something and there's an injury of a bad training day suddenly it's all "How does this calculate out in the future, will I miss my goal?" So much more stressful. Have a great weekend

  21. I just found your great blog and excited to follow your training and journey. I'm also running the Army Half, maybe I will see you there!

  22. In a totally serious vein I need to use your word MINDFUL when Im being careful.
    Lately Ive slippped into thinking of it as "im getting old. I need to be cautious"


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