Friday, August 17, 2012

10 Weeks Out: A Pain in the Neck!

The beginning of my 10th week in competion prep was...

A pain in the neck! (Literally)


I woke up with a stiff and sore neck...

Making it difficult and painFUl to move.

I hadn't done anything strenuous the day before (all I did was the elliptical) so...

I must have slept the wrong way! (Although I think it was a result of the new chair I've been sitting on!)

Let's just say...

The ice pack and me became best friends!

Although, ice or no ice...

The pain was still there, localized in the middle of my neck, transferring into my shoulders. (It felt like a pinched nerve, which I used to get as a kid!)

Since I had a Bikram Yoga Date with Little M...

I thought (and hoped) the heat and stretching would do it some good, but...

Long story short...

I had to walk out the moment we hit the floor poses! (Getting out of corpse pose was a sight in itself! lol)

So for the next two days...

I couldn't train because of the severity of the pain, but..

I won't complain because....

I took this 'opportunity' to relax (as best I could), spend some time with family...

We took my sister to the movies!
(Talk about temptation! I love movie popcorn!)


Chill at home! (Literally I guess...given the ice pack! lol)

They kept me busy and entertained!
Yogi Bear, Teddy Bear and Zippy Bear :)

Fast forwarding to today...

I still have some slight discomfort but not enough to complain about it! (I've been training since Monday and every day the pain has been diminishing. I'm definitely being extra careFUl....just don't ask me to bop my head or anything lol)

Moving on...

In terms of my overall prep...

Everything has been going as it should!

You can check out one of my leg workouts here

Although I will admit...

I did have a couple of days that were a bit tough. (And not only in my prep, but it's all good.)


My metabolism has and continues to be a tricky thing to figure out (it's like an unsolved mystery but I guess that's what keeps things interesting right?! lol) and...

Sometimes it gets a touch frustrating! (Sure does, which I've mentioned before!)

Having said that...

I know patience and appreciation of the little things are key in my journey (whether or not I be competing), so...

I remind myself of these two key things as I continue moving forward! (You better believe it! I mean, it's so easy to get discouraged when nothing is budging or things don't come as fast as we'd hope but, everything takes time and things will come...we just need to hang in there!*:)*)

**Note: I feel great and my energy levels are through the roof (even with my carb cycling!). As I continue along in life and as I continue working towards my goals, my dreams and aspirations, I'm learning to really appreciate the NOW because if I don't then I'll miss out on everything that's going on in the PRESENT!**

So what I'm trying to say is...

Love and be patient with yourself and your body every step of the way.

You will get there! (Whether or not it takes that extra time and effort to make it!)

"No one ever said it was going to be easy. They said it would be worth it"


It is! (It's worth the extra work, trust me!) :)


Questions FU You...

1. Knowing that some things just take time, do you still find yourself getting impatient here there when working towards a goal and/or looking for progress?
2. Have you ever had a pinched nerve or neck pains as a result of a chair?
3. What's going on this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. story of my life, patience. Healing, resting. It's all worth it though.

  2. Oh no! Hope the ice has been helping. I haven't had one recently, but a doctor friend of mine told my boyfriend that a neck you can only move in one direction without pain can be cured with some prescription anti-inflammatories in a day - otherwise it just keeps going. Not sure if that's you though (read: lawyer, not doctor!).

    I'm always impatient! You seem a hell of a lot calmer than me :-)

    1. The ice does help in masking the pain. Today, I'd say I'm about 90% healed up. FUew!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I definitely struggle with injuries and just resting and letting them heal but it is so necessary! You just have to listen to your body! Heal quick girl!

  4. having a stiff neck is never fun!! but glad you took some time to relax :)

    you are so right about patience. I am having to learn that as my body heals (imbalanced hormones). Taking one day at a time

    1. Nope, no FUn! I'm almost healed :)

      Take good care Michelle xo

  5. Ugh! Sorry about the stiff neck! Hope it's better! I'm ok with things taking time as long as I can detect small snippets of progress. It is a challenge though.

    1. Thank you! I'm almost there...being extra careful with it!

  6. I'm trying to practice patience right now. It's so difficult but the end result will be worth it!

    I've had stiff neck issues my whole adult life. Right now I have a knot that won't disappear. Glad yours is dissapating.

    1. I know not running your marathon was a big decision for you, but like you said, in the end, it WILL be worth it! :)

  7. Ouch - yes have had a pinched "thing" going on recently. I think it was a combo of stress and weird sleeping. And yes, patience and appreciating the little things are sooooo very important. They can really help keep you on track during those rough patches. Feel better soon!

    1. Ya, I don't like the pinched things at all! I never knew there was a right way of sleeping (if that was the cause! lol)

      And thanks! :)

  8. Nothing ever pinched, but hip issues have plagued me this summer with running.

    This weekend is just a little something called an olympic distance triathlon :) Freaking out a little bit about the lake, confident in my ability just skeeved out about weeds and critters!

    1. Oh no :( Running pains, I'm learning all about them.

      Good luck this weekend! I'll be thinking of ya! WooOOOO HOoOO! Don't freak out, you are going to rock it Tanya!

      p.s. If it were me, I'd be freaked out about the critters! lol

  9. Love the message. Yes, love your body every step of the way. It may be a slow - and painful - process, but each step should be viewed as a step closer to achieving your goal. Inch by inch, you're moving toward it. Go get it girl!

    1. Love that message Katie! Thank you :) xo

  10. I'm toying with a competition. Yes, no?! You go!

  11. Oh yes, I'm so impatient. So sorry about your weird neck pain- but sounds like you're mostly back to normal now. Your competition is coming up quickly!!

  12. Oh no!! I hope that your neck feels better. That's the worst kind of pain. I'm super impatient too when I'm working towards the goal but then, just as I'm about to lose it and get so frustrated, I start to see progress. Life's mean trick? Maybe.

    1. Life is a FUnny things sometimes isn't it? ;)

      And thanks, the ice has been good to me :)

  13. Yikes. Hope you feel better SOOOOON. I get impatient, but when I have a training schedule in front of me I take a look at it as a WHOLE and know that it's a building process.

    Pinned and G+ because you are that FUreaking awesome!

  14. Glad your neck is getting better! I've had neck pains that lasted two weeks from sleeping on it the wrong way...ugh! I feel your pain! :-)

  15. Yes yes yes I am so impatient! I love this post. I hope your neck pain subsides! :)

  16. So sorry about your neck. Glad you are being smart and taking the time to let it rest. I've been dealing with a pinched nerve in my shoulder. It doesn't hurt, but causes my arm to get tingly and numb in certain positions. Seems to be getting better, but it is annoying.

    I LOVE your dogs! I want to grab them and kiss them :-)

  17. Oh ouch!!!! I hate it when I get those pains and it slows me down. You are a beast for still training! Rock it, girl!

    1. & I tagged you in today's post!

  18. Wow, I'm sorry about your neck, that sounds terrible. I hate getting injuries or pulled muscles, it's so annoying. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. how are you now??
    how you be? wheres our update?? :-)


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