Monday, July 30, 2012

The WonderFUl World of Egg Whites and Oats!

When it comes to my Oats...

I honestly crave them be it in whatever and whichever form they come!

Be it in a bowl, on plate, in a ramekin dish, on the floor (kidding!)...

I just really, truly enjoy my Oats and OatFUlly you do to! (Good play on words, yes, no?! It made me laugh, which probably means someone out there is shaking there head. cough cough, SuperFit! lol)

A simple Oatmeal Bowl of Goodness.

When it comes to my Egg Whites...

Not a day goes by that I go without them!

I absolutely love them!

I like my Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Simply Egg Whites!

They start my day, they meet me in the middle of the day and they simply make my day! (Well, they make me happy and keep me totally satisfied! lol)

There are just so many ways I can make use of them!

On a day to day basis...

You're definitely bound to hear me say...

Pass me the Egg Whites! (At least once! lol)

I've got plenty to go around!

So where am I going with this?! Well...

I've decided I'm going to share with you some of my favorite recipes using Egg Whites and Oats! (If not alone then together! They make the perfect couple!)

Okay, so let the sharing begin!

Let's start with the simple stuff like...

A bowl of scrambled Egg Whites!


Add a few veggies into the mix and you get...


  • Naturegg Simply Egg Whites
  • 1 T Ground Flax Seeds
  • 1 large handFUl of Spinach
  • Sliced Cherry Tomatoes
  • Minced Ginger
  • Chili Peppers or Hot Sauce

Next we have one of my favorites...

Low Carb Protein Pancakes...

  1. Naturegg Simply Egg Whites 
  2. 1 scoop of Revolution Whey Chocolate Protein Powder (brand and flavor of choice)
  3. 2 T Ground Flax Seeds
  4. 2 Packets of  NOW Vanilla Stevia.
  1. Pour mixture into a heated fry pan;
  2. Make the pancakes as big or as small as you like! (If you like to make the bite-size ones like me, have some pouring patience lol)
**FYI: I always throw all the cooked pancakes back into the pan to make them crispy (I wouldn't though if they were bigger!) I then sprinkle some cocoacinnamon or another packet of Vanilla Stevia for some added tastiness.**

Switch up the ingredients a little bit, add some oats and you get...

Gluten-Free Oatmeal Protein Pancakes!

  • Naturegg Simply Egg Whites
  • 1/2 Cup Uncooked Gluten-Free Avena Only Oats (I just discovered these oats and my tummy absolutely loves them!)
  • 2 T Ground Flax Seeds
  • 2 Packets of NOW Vanilla Stevia
  • Sprinkle a little Cinnamon to top! (And maybe some extra Stevia if you're feeling a little sweeter!) 

Instructions are same as the ones listed above.
Do you like baking?!
I just discovered that I sort of do! (I'm having FUn with it seeing that I'm very new to it!)
Here are some of my fave homemade baked goods!
Baked Banana Chocolate Protein Oats!

Mix together in a bowl:


Place mixture in 2 medium sized ramekin dishes and bake in the oven at 350F for about 15-20 minutes.

Soooo good!

More on the treat side of things I have...
(I'm going to link up these recipes to shorten the length of this post as I'm finding I've got a lot more to share in terms of goodness!)
Oatmeal Protein PB2 Cookies!
I added Carob Chips to a separate batch
(You can substitute Carob for Choco. Chips you wish)

Oatmeal Carob Chip Protein Cookies!

Mini Raspberry and Chocolate Protein Loafs! (I thought it would be cute to make smaller ones too)


Just as a side note...

Some of these recipes may be similar in the list of ingredients because...
I simply like to enjoy these baked goods in different forms!
Keep things interesting ya know!

In sum...
My goal was to show how much you can cook up and bake up using both Egg Whites and Oats, so...
HopeFUlly you'll try a recipe or two!
Mmm Mmm good!
Question FU you...
1. What's your favorite Egg Whites and/or Oats recipe? 
Feel free to link up your recipes in the comments section below!
Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Oh my goodness. This post was written for me, right?! I'm drooling. I'm book marking this right now because these recipes are too good to pass up. I can't wait to try, well, EVERYTHING! Thanks for sharing.

    These days it's all meal in a mug all the time :-)


  3. I need to check out the PB2 cookies. Love PB2. I actually really do enjoy baking but it's not something I really find myself doing much of anymore.

  4. All these recipes look AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to try those gluten-free pancakes!

  5. OatFUlly! I love it!! These recipes look awesome. Funny because I'm sitting here eating protein pancakes made with egg whites and oats. YUMMY! Will have to try out these other variations.

  6. So many awesome recipes! I'm really excited to try your baked banana chocolate protein oats, YUM! I love baking, too.

  7. I want to make everything on here!!! I love egg whites and oats too! Especially in mini pancake form! Those are the cutest!

  8. Those cookies look so so so good! I love my oats!

  9. Yummy! I'm pinning like crazy! :-)

  10. Some great ideas here..thanks! Tweeting this post so that more of my friends will find it. Thanks!

  11. All of the working out in the world will not change our body unless we change the way eat as well. These wonderful dishes look so good and good for you; plus if they allow my body to look like yours then, bring it!

  12. Thanks for all the great recipes!
    I too love oats and egg whites, although I never put egg whites in my oats!
    Do you live in Quebec? I noticed the French label on the egg white container...
    I'm in BC!

  13. OMG - LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I think one of yours may be a new fave! :-) I make protein bars & muffins & oats & egg whites are in there too! :-) Thx for all the great recipes!!!

  14. Dang girl! Whip out the recipes. Love it!

  15. i think you need to be the next oatmeal and egg white rep, the face of egg and oats.

  16. Tweeting! Love these recipes. I need to start baking...but in the summer time I just don't enjoy cooking/baking/cleaning.... ugh!

  17. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is a way to print your recipies


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