Thursday, July 12, 2012

High On Bikram Yoga: 5 Reasons to Love It!

The other day...

I attended a Bikram Yoga class at a new location!


I can't say I was nervous about being in an unfamiliar place because...

We are all new at some point in time no matter where it is we go or what it is we do.

Although I won't deny...

I have gotten intimidated many-a-times before simply because I didn't know anyone or anything at whatever it is I wanted to try out! (I remember my first time walking into the gym, boy was I nervous! That being said, I quickly got over it because I realized we all have to start somewhere. I mean, we don't all start off as 'knower's of all things' now do we?! lol We have to roll with it and get over our fears of the unknown! )

All to say...

I attended this Bikram Yoga class alone and was absolutely at ease with it!

It was my time.

My time I had cancelled hours before the class until...

I knocked some sense into me realized that my entire being would benefit from the 90 minutes I would be spending with myself!

I needed it.

Once the class got rolling...

I could feel my mind and body weren't present in that moment in time.

I actually felt a disconnect.

I needed to re-focus myself and remember why it is started Bikram in the first place.

~A little history~

Over the past few months...

I've been including Bikram Yoga into my schedule at least once a week.

My very first Yoga Mat.

After my first class...

I immediately fell in love with everything this practice had to offer both my body and mind! (That I  knew I could no longer do without!)


It brought me to a place I had never experienced before with myself.

I gave me a sense of calmness even throughout the number of postures I challenged myself to hit (to the best of my abilities).


It allowed me to shut out the outside world except for what was happening and what I was practising (presently) in those mere moments I had to myself, on my mat.

My space. 

~Back to the class~

After remembering my purpose as to why I chose to begin this practice in the first place...

My mind focused itself back on where it should be.

With me. On my mat. In line with my body.

I must admit to you...

This was one of my most challenging yet most powerFUl classes I had attended to date.

Both physically and mentally.

I worked really hard to re-focus my entire self to get to where it should be, in every way shape and form.

I needed to. 

What's amazing about Bikram Yoga is that no two people are at the same level in practice! (And nor does it matter!)

We are all practising at our own capabilities as well as challenging and pushing ourselves to our own limit. (Without over-exerting ourselves <--- keep in mind)

No one cares whether or not your pose is perfect. 

It's your time, your practice and no one can take that away from you. (Nor will they!)

It's a personal challenge and an experience only you can feel.

By the end of the class...

I left with my first Yoga high ever! (Like a Runner's high!)

Everything felt like it came into place.

I felt relaxed and at peace with myself.


I felt like I was walking on clouds.

I felt good. Real good.

You better believe...

I was happy I attended!

Can you tell?! ;)
I made sure to hydrate pre and post class!

With all of that being said...

Here are five reasons to love (I love) Bikram Yoga:

It gives and allows for....

1. Mental Clarity: In practice, you are able to focus and concentrate (on yourself) in the present moment. You are able to remove yourself from the outside world. It also gives you the opportunity to clear your mind from anything other than what you are practicising.
2. Detoxification: As Bikram Yoga is a form of Hot Yoga, it is said that the heat which immerses from the room, and the sweat you drip, can help flush out toxins from your skin.
3. Strength and Flexibility: Bikram has allowed me to build upon my strength from the inside out (and vice versa). I find it allows you to build upon your flexibility the more you practice it. It strengthens not only your bones and muscles, but it also strengthens your mind as you focus, concentrate and find yourself within your present state. The heat from the room also enables your muscles and ligaments to become more elastic, which help ease the transitions into the different postures.
4. Relaxation and De-Stress: The deep breathing involved in Bikram brings you into a meditative like state (I like this state). It's calming yet revitalizing at the same time. It allows you to be at peace with yourself.
5. MindFUlness: I strongly believe this practice allows you to channel yourself into the present moment. It helps you become more mindFUl of your body and mind (in greater depth) and, I believe it to be an essential ingredient to self-realization. (Ah ha moments!)

In addition to all of this:

"...The 90-minute program stimulates the organs, glands and nerves, moving fresh oxygenated blood to 100 percent of the body, restoring all systems to a healthy working order. It can also promote weight loss and limit the effects of aging. In addition, the Bikram series of postures combines skills of concentration, patience, determination and self-control, that increase mental clarity and reduce stress." source

Standing Bow Pose.
Camel Pose.

Questions FU You:

1. Have you tried Bikram or Hot Yoga before? If so, why do you love it?
2. What are some of the benefits you experienced?
3. Do you get intimidated or nervous when attending or trying out something new?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I love it and yet Ive been avoiding it like the proverbial PLAGUE lately.
    Bikram makes me get honest with myself.
    Bikram usually makes me cry.

    Im gonna go back.
    Next week---but not today.


    1. It literally brings everything out doesn't it?! :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    I started Hot Yoga last month and have been enjoying it! I was nervous (And still am, each time), but it's definitely challenging in a new way, which is great for balance and strength improvement. Also - my skin glows after!

    My first experience and tips for newbies are here:

    1. Thanks for sharing your post!

      Glad you've been enjoying hot yoga! There's definitely a glow afterwards :)

  3. I love the faces you make in photos, you crack me up!

  4. love love love it!
    and your blog posts always rock!!!

  5. Thank you for posting this... I've been INTENDING to do more yoga, but haven't gotten there yet... I think it's because it forces you to be quiet and in the moment, and I'm a Type A, always thinking about the next step type of person... Thank you for motivating me to get back to it!!! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad I could motivate you in getting back into it! I look forward to hearing all about it once you do! :)

  6. I've done hot yoga before and loved it. I need to actually go to a yoga class because my yoga practice has been lacking quite a bit trying to get it done at home.....there's always an interruption with those kids!!!

  7. Your yoga poses are amazing! Warrior pose is as advanced as I get.

    How many layers do you have on in that Yoga Mat purchase photo... i think I see the abominable snow man behind you buying gloves.

    1. It was 40 below lol I'd say 5 layers.

  8. I've avoided Bikrim or any hot yoga, simply because the idea of doing yoga in the heat has no attraction whatsoever for me. I get too hot in my 85 degree vinyasa class. I mean sweat pouring off my body hot, need a towel over my mat or I'll fall off it hot.

    That being said, every time I read about someone praising the benefits, I take a moment to s reconsider. Then I make the same choice.

  9. I HEART YOGA. especially bikram. nothing like leaving a yoga class sweating from heat to toe.

    have I mentioned recently how freaking adorable you are?! seriously. ;)

  10. I haven't tried Bikram yet; I do Hatha, Flow and Yin weekly. To be honest, I'm not sure how I'd handle the heat because I find my 75 degree studio (plus hot flashes) to be hot enough already!

    And yes, I love how yoga allows me to connect with ME!

    Your camel pose is beautiful!

  11. love love love this!! mindfulness, so true! and that is one of the most important!


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