Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day II in QC City: Ain't No Rain Gonna Pour On Our Parade!

Day II of our Québec City Trip!

After a great first day in Québec City...

We woke up to rain!

It was a little disappointing, but we weren't going to...

Let the showers rain on our parade vacation!

After walking to Le Cosmos restaurant for breakfast...

We FUelled up...

I left the homefries behind  :)

And got ready to shop! (We also continued enjoying some good coffee! There were lots of places to get caffeinated! lol)

We love our cappuccinos!

In no time...

Did we find ourselves playing around at a FUrniture store...

Which is about the time we got the bright idea to go see a movie...

With PoPcoRn!!!

We ended up seeing Spiderman in 3D!


It was really good! (And I don't just mean the popcorn!)

When we walked out of the theatre (and I continued to wipe the tears I cried during this movie, YES I cried! lol)...

The rain soon stopped and we went back around town for some more sightseeing! (Being a tourist is so FUn!)

But first...

We had lunch at Le Café-boulangerie Paillard! (We had wanted to get a croissant from here since our first visit at this café, but we never got to eating one, even this time around! I guess we'll just have to go back lol)

They make a great Americano!

Either way...

Our Hot Chipotle Chicken Sandwich was absolutely amazing! (I FUreakin' love bread and this bread my friends, was so yummy! lol)

Once we licked wiped our faces clean of any traces of crumbs we may have left behind as evidence...

We continued on with our touring!

We'll find ways to exercise no matter where we are!
"Smile FU!"
Like this?!
Our hotel is huge!

We soon came across a place on the boardwalk (just in front of our hotel), where if we climbed 310 steps...

We'd find ourselves at top of a hill with a panoramic view of the St-Lawrence River!

We'd also reach...

"The Battlefields Park is one of the most important historical parks...it was developed to honour the memory of both French and British Combatants" source

The site itself was enormous and it was definitely interesting to walk through it just knowing how much history was there, at our footsteps!

Should I mention I took this time to make the most of the free space in showing SuperFit how to do a round-off as well as showing off my ubber dancing skills?! You must watch this video to the end. #thatisall

I reminded myself of Ben Aaron's Dance Walking Fitness, except no one joined me! lol

Once SuperFit recovered from watching me A few hours later...

We stopped for burgers and fries at Les Trois Garçons!

We both got the B.L.T! (Except I picked out the bacon, does that defeat the purpose of a B.L.T?! lol)

The burger itself was pretty good (especially the caramelized pecans I crunched on in the last few bites) and the fries were too! (I didn't finish them, I just wanted a taste!)

On our way back to the hotel...

We watched some more street entertainment! (All the acts were pretty neat to watch!)


There was always something to see and do throughout the entire time we were there!

But the best part of it all (aside from being there with SuperFit) was...

Going Whale watching in Tadoussac! (Yep! Whales! I was pretty excited about it although, I was actually more excited for the beautiFUl ride into the city! I love me a scenic view!)

Questions FU You...

1. Do you think you can dance? What did you think of my dance moves?!
2. Have you ever been Whale watching?

Stay Tuned FU Day III of our Québec City Trip on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. ALAS IM A NO to the dance and a NO to the ever having been whale watching.

    and a big curious PLEASE? for the male part of your dynamic duo doing HIS VACAY POST! :-)

  2. Great moves girl! ;) I think I can dance but I'm sure others disagree. hehehe

    Been whale watching and LOVED it! So cool!

    1. Hahah thanks ;)I try...real hard lol

  3. LOVING all of your pictures! You make me want to go on vacation right now! I want to travel to a new city. Keep those photos coming!

    1. Thank you! We had such a great time!

  4. Lol I loved that video! That dance walk video was hilarious too ;) Another fun day for you it seems! :)

    1. Thanks girl lol

      Loads of FUn!

  5. caramelized pecans in the burger? I'm loving your recaps with all the photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Yes and they were delicious! :)

  6. whale watching sounds so fun! You always take the most fun photos!

    1. Oooh it was! You'll see in tomorrow's post :)

  7. I know I can't dance but I sure like to do it anyway! Cute vid!


  9. Love the pics of you in the oversized chairs - you are just too cute!

  10. You did a real good job with this nice story of your trip in Quebec City.


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