Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Whale of a Good Time! Now It's Time to Rock & Roll!

On the last day of our summer holiday in Québec City...

We went on a road trip to Tadoussac!

In addition to the beautiFUl drive there...

And the pit stops we made to eat...

The main purpose of our road trip was to see us some Whales!

1-888-WHALES (translation)

A couple of hours into our drive and a fairy ride later...

SuperFit was a wee bit excited lol
Me made sure to get out of the car on our fairy ride
once we were given the go ahead :)

We arrived in Tadoussac! (Only to be welcomed by rain! Boooo!)

Rain or shine...

We weren't going to go home without seeing exactly what we came for so...

We bought our tickets to go Whale watching on a Zodiac!

To our lovely surprise...

The sun came out as if it had never rained!

I told you I never saw my purse again after getting my MEC Bag!
It came with me everywhere!
So much for bringing my umbrella ;)


We toured around this quaint little town...


Enjoyed the scenery...

All before we got ready to...

"Get on the boat, ya, banana Zodiac boat!"

You better believe...

I made sure to take some Gravol before I got on because I get major motion sickness! (The non-drowsy kind since I didn't want to miss a thing! lol)

After a two hour Zodiac ride with 16 people on board...

We saw about a dozen Whales (and a Blue Whale too!)!

It was really neat! (No doubt!)

We weren't supposed to take pics on the boat :S

**I should note I was totally expecting a Free Willy moment, which didn't happen. Did I set too high of expectations?! lol**


Either way...

We had a whale of a good time!


Before getting ready to head back to our hotel...

We had dinner at a really cute looking café!

I ended up ordering a Chicken Burger topped with Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Red Onions, Peppers and a Pesto Mayo!

It was delish!

After we FUeled up on the goods...

We also got our caffeine fix before our 3 hour drive back to the hotel!

As this would be our last day before heading home...

We were definitely happy to have spent our time in Tadoussac!

It made for a great end to our holiday!

Would you agree SuperFit?! (Now here's where my man gets to chime in a little on what he thought of our vacation thanks to a great idea I received from Miz on yesterday's post!)

A special entrance for kids...
He's definitely a kid ;)
I thought this was so cool

We had the most amazing time filled with laughter, random dancing, food, walking, and oh ya, crying! (She didn't mention it, but I got all teary-eyed during the Spiderman movie too! Yep. lol)


I'm still positive she made up the round-off!

After 16 hours of total driving... 

And a few hill repeats on a old cobbled road...

The only thing we didn't do (and would have liked to have done) is visit Iles D'Orléans and the Mont-Montmorency Falls (which we did drive by, but that doesn't count!)!

Should I point out...

She didn't let me sleep in at all! (Bright eyed at 7am!)


I thought I was on vacation too! ;)

I definitely got us up and running at the break-o-dawn! You can thank me.....NOW! lol


All in all...

This was the perfect getaway for us and I'm so happy we decided to go back after our New Year's Eve trip!

I must admit...

I was starting to miss my Teddy Bear!

I was really looking forward to a big bear hug!

There's no denying...

We had a great time and it made for a great start to my competition prep!

I'm all loaded up now and...

I'm ready to rock & roll with my preparations towards the stage in October and my first half-marathon coming up in September!

I've got a lot on the go and...

I look forward to my journey ahead!

Question FU You...

Do you have any upcoming races/competitions you are working towards?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Confession - totally addicted to your blog! Turns out I'm chilling out while the US sleeps, so I get to comment first.

    Super jealous of your holiday - and the food! I'm excited that you're running a half - will it be your first?

    I am training for my first marathon - if my legs let me. I think I'll be running it around the same time as your half.

  2. Beautiful!!! Love it! As you know, training for my first marathon. Hoping it all works out!

    It's time to Rock n Roll baby! Woohoo!

    1. WoO HoO! Hoping that knee is feeling better today! #rocknroll

  3. um
    have you considered bringing me on as a sisterwife? :)

    loved the post.


  4. Love this. You guys look like you had a ton of fun. I love the way you embrace life and you show it so much in these photos! Continue Living it up! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just always love your posts & how fun they are - live it! :-)

  6. bahhaa love your free willy moment comment. I would have been the same way!

  7. I find your blog to be really helpful, I'll be competing in the SAF and Physique Canada competition with the FFA team :) Yup I'm one of the new girls! Met with Ken aka your "Super fit" and everything is on track! Looking forward to meeting all of you! I know a few of you but not everyone!

    1. Eeeeek! So exciting! I look forward to meeting you! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. K, One word... gorgeous! What an amazing time. The natural beauty is remarkable! I am glad you were able to see a few whales ans spend time away. Vacation just clears the head, yes? It looks like it was amazing. TB looks thrilled that you came home.. he is not a fan a whales and and next time would happy pretending to be a whale for you so that you do not go can put a boat in your living room and he will leap over it for you. ;)

    1. Thanks Lisa! We had such a great vacation! And that idea for TB, well, it's a fantastic one ;) It made me giggle! Thanks for the smile :)

  9. The scenery is gorgeous! And you saw a ton of whales - awesome!!! Best of luck with your training for competition and the half! As you know, I'm in the midst of marathon training. October seems so far away but it really isn't. Yikes!

    1. No it really isn't! It's coming up so fast! Next thing you know, it'll be tomorrow!

      Good luck with your training! :)

  10. Haha! There's no sleeping in on vacation!
    Glad you saw a ton of whales.
    And your chicken burger dinner looks amazing.

    Glad you had a wonderful time. the scenery looks awesome.

  11. So fun!! I love all the pictures of your adventure. I haven't been whale watching since junior high but it's such an incredible experience. Can't believe you saw so many whales!!

  12. Whale watching?! So jealous. That's definitely on my bucket list. Awesome.

  13. we used to whale watch when we lived in Hawaii. So fun!! And i love Quebec. I lived there for a summer.

    September is coming up fast! how fun!

    1. That's so cool that you used to live in Quebec! Which part?! Wait, you lived in Hawaii too?! Jealous!

  14. Hey,

    Awesome trip. Epic blogs you write.

    Me and Aurelie saw some whales in Hawaii not too long ago.

    Good luck.

  15. Beautiful pictures. I want to go whale watching now. I get excited when I see dolphins swimming by off shore. I'd love to see up close (even if they're not leaping over the boat). It looks like you had a lovely time.


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